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Part 97: Introductions

Update 6: Introductions

Well it was decided that our guild's name would be... Guild.

This will probably get horrifically confusing. Excellent.

So, that will be our guild name...

Pffft. I'm cracking up already.

As long as you have this with you, you will be able to buy items for Labyrinth exploration from the market. I bid you good luck on your search for the guardsman.

The townsfolk had one time lines for when Arianna joined the party. And like that time, they have one time lines for Bertrand and Chloe joining.

The two of them do come off as somewhat bizarre... but I can't bring myself to dislike them. I believe them trustworthy. Oho ho ho, of course, this is all an old man idly speculating. I'm sure you'll be a better judge of character, as fellow explorers.

Let's see what Dubois has to say normally.

We've barely scratched the Labyrinth's surface. For all our years here, there remains so much that is still unknown. If we are to live alongside the Labyrinth, we must learn more about it. We at the Grand Duchy send guard patrols in order to investigate the Labyrinth, but we are lacking in numbers as well as skill. That, you see, is why we are glad to welcome the representatives of Midgard, and aid in their efforts to explore the Labyrinth. I'm sure it will be difficult, but I wish the best of luck to you.

And now that we have our full Story Mode party, special audio conversations will play if we wait around long enough in places.

Lady Arianna, how goes your life as an explorer? I'd think it would be rather inconvenient.
Thank you for your consideration. It's true that it's been one surprise after another, but I'm enjoying my time this way quite a bit.
Heh heh heh. Caledonia's princess is resilient, indeed.

Now let's leave.

*giggle* How wonderful! We are now the guild Guild!

My head is spinning already.

...Was it that good?
Indeed! Do you... not like the name, Sir Knight?
Oh, but... were you alright with this, Sir Bertrand and Dame Chloe? I was not considering your feelings when we introduced you as our guild members...
It's fine. I was planing on joining you anyway.
Fine by me, too.
I mean, you're the princess of Caledonia. Ain't that right, kid? Hell, I could be set for life if I can get in the royal family's good books. It's all about who you know.
...That's low, old man.
Uh huh. Just being honest, kid.
Anyways, let's head to the bar! C'mon, let's go! We can have a little celebration for the founding of Guild!
The bar? But, Sir Flavio, surely we should wait until we are adults to partake of alcoholic beverages?

Wait, how old are you people? I can never tell with you anime types.

I won't be drinking. I mean, they serve more stuff than just booze, Arianna. Meals, snacks, all that stuff.
Huh? I'm not really hungry or anything.
I want to explore.

Hey, only I get to dumpster on Flavio.

C'mon, have pity on Flavio.
H-Hey, I didn't ask for your pity!

Like that, see?

Anyways, we still need to introduce ourselves! I mean, we all just met a little while ago!

......*sigh* That was... look, can't you guys at least try to be in sync? Or something...?
Who really cares? It's not like there's a prize.
Sync later. Order now.
*sigh*...Alright, alright.
Frog frittata for four. Extra thighs, but take out the breast meat. Also, roasted Claw Beetle. And deer meat steak. Rare. And finally, a meat pie.
What? I don't believe I can eat that much.

W-Wait, that whole thing was just for yourself!?
Hmmm. Maybe I should order a little more.
This old man will be fine with just a glass of water. Not any old water mind you. I want the finest, clearest water you can get in High Lagaard. You got that?
Oh, you're not eating, Sir Bertrand?
I'm not really a big eater. You kids eat your fill.
Well, nobody's gonna force you to eat. Don't mind if I do, though... Anyways, let's introduce ourselves properly then. Did we already tell you that we're members of the Midgard Library investigation team, and we're here as Arianna's bodyguards?
I didn't know. So Mr. Sword and Mr. Bow are library people. I'll remember now.
So Caledonia hired Midgard members to be bodyguards, eh? The local knights usually handle that kind of stuff, don't they?
Yes... I've heard that in the past, a knight was chosen to be the bodyguard, but this time the minister asked Midgard.
...I see. Well, guess it's our turn to introduce ourselves. Well, you guys can ask anything you want. I'll give you the best answer I got... if I actually have one, I mean.

Let's ask about Bertrand first.

We need to pick all the choices in order to proceed with the game.

Could you introduce yourself?
There's not really much to say about myself. It's not like I have some big fancy background like you Midgard guys.
Um... but Sir Bertrand, are you not a knight of some country?
That crest on your shield, sir... I believe it is a classical design that signifies a knightly status. I apologize for my lack of knowledge on family heraldry, but does it not mark you as a knight of some distinction...?
Oh, this shield? Someone pawned it off. Now it's mine. Sorry to disappoint you, kid.
That's it!? C'mon, there's gotta be more. Do you have any hobbies? What are you good at? Pastimes? Anything?
Trand's hobby is sleeping. He's very good at sleeping. He usually passes the time by staring out into space and sleeping.
...So he just... sleeps all day?
Hey, Chloe. Quit telling them these lies about me. They're going to get the wrong idea.
Not lying. It's the truth.
W-Well! Th-They do say growing boys need their sleep. I'm sure that's why Sir Bertrand has grown so large.
You know, that phrase only works up to a certain age... Oh, whatever.

Why were you searching Ginnungagap?
Like I said earlier, we were trying to make some quick money looking for treasure. But after all that searching, we end up empty-handed. And on top of that, we get attacked by some strange monster.
......You were the one who wanted to go, Trand.
Hey, don't pin this on me! You must be imagining things, Chloe.

This time, let's ask about Chloe.

Could you introduce yourself?
Introduce myself? I'm a war magus. I studied hard. Trand decided to go on a journey. So I followed him.
*sigh* I told her I didn't want a kid slowing me down, but she came anyway...
Followed him...? What do you mean?
Trand lived at my house since I was born. Trand and I are family. That's why I followed.
My! So does that mean... Sir Bertrand is your father, Dame Chloe?
Hell no!
More like... a distant relative. I've been just drifting around, living with different relatives. Chloe's place was just another stop on the road.
Family, huh... Kinda has a nice ring to it.
Heh, it's not really as nice as it sounds.

Why the interest in the transformation?

...W-Wait, that's it?
That's it.

You eat a lot.
That's not true.
You're kidding, right? You ordered enough to feed a small country...
This is just a snack. I have a separate stomach for meals.
What!? So are these pies and steaks all sweet?
Not sweets. But still snacks.
How perplexing...

And now that we asked every question, we can select “Nothing, really” to move on with the game.

That's enough about us, alright? Mutual understanding, the power of friendship, blah blah, the end. Now that that's done, let's go look for the guard that's supposed to be somewhere in the Labyrinth.
Yes, let's. We must hurry and find this guard so that we may be on our way to perform the ritual.
Guess so... We'll have to do some searching then. Let's go to the Labyrinth once we're ready, Knight.

And now we can talk to Cass for some new one time dialogue.

Nice to see you, too, old man. Pretty sure I've never neglected to pay my tab...
Heh, I can spot a bum when I see one. If yeh got a problem with it, then tell me! Yeh good for anything', then? Eh?
...Guess not.
Mr. Bartender's right.
Oh c'mon. You're not even gonna try to defend yourself...?

And here's an audio only conversation that can play here.

Ah, is that an ingredient for cooking? How do you intend to use it?
Eh, this is... Hey, what are you lot feeding this lass? Why would she confuse this for an ingredient?
Ah, we're as mystified as you.
Even I can't eat rocks.

And now that we have all 5 party members, we can take quests now. But for the most part, the dialogue for these tend to be the same as in Classic, so I won't be showing most of these off. Let's head to the inn, next.

Well, they do say having more people is always better when going into the Labyrinth, so it's reassuring. You lovelies better get along, now!

And here's an audio only conversation that you can hear here.

Hello there, Arianna? Is there anything troubling you? Do you need anything? Please do let me know right away.
Thank you for all your generosity, ma'am.
Oh, think nothing of it. I can't leave you be. You remind me so much of myself when I was young.
Ah. That must mean I'll be a wonderful mother like you, when I'm older.
You gotta admit kid, I'm impressed.

Phew. Getting a freaky arm, and a huge power boost sure was exhausting. I think I should take a nap.

As you sit there, you hear a knock at your door.

Who is it?

I opened one door and was startled to see a complete stranger.

I bet they were startled, too.
Yes. He was in the midst of changing clothes. An inexcusable gaffe on my part...

...Er, Sir Knight. About Ginnungagap... When you underwent your transformation, I suddenly remembered something. It is a memory from when I was young... A very important one, and yet one that I somehow forgot... Do you recall anything like that, Sir Knight?

Can't say I do.

Nothing comes to mind.
I... see. This memory was of my childhood... in it, I see a young Sir Knight.
We have met once before! When we were both children!

Yeah uh, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Maybe you're mistaken.
But even if you do not remember... I feel certain that it was you.
Now then, I ought to return to my room.
And Knight... I believe that one day you will remember, as I did.

Alone again in your room, you have only the silence for company. It is late, and you decide to rest in preparation for tomorrow...

Good morning, Knight! You promised to take me on an adventure through the woods, remember?

We need to choose all of these to proceed with the game.

...I don't remember that.

What? You said that you would yesterday. So let's go, Knight!

Where am I?

What are you saying...? This is the Midgard Library. You live here.

Who are you?

Have you forgotten...? I told you that my name is Arianna.

And after choosing all three options...

Now, let's be off, Knight! Flavio is waiting for us.

And then we wake up at the inn. So what happened just there only happens in Story Mode. Whenever you sleep at the inn, and the clock goes past 2 AM when you sleep, you'll get an inn scene. These are basically talks you can have with your party members. And they are missable. You get a new inn scene each time you reach a new floor, so if you want to see them all, you're only allowed to miss one floor per Stratum. Oh and a word of warning. If auto save is turned on, and you trigger an inn scene, the game will not save when you go to sleep. Some people have lost a lot of progress because of that. So be sure to save right after when you see one.

Abigail gives the spiel about Ariadne Threads. It's the same as it was in Classic. Here's what she says now that we have Bertrand and Chloe with us.

Hee hee. I haven't gone in myself, but they say the best number for exploring the Labyrinth is... five guild members. You must be relieved to have more allies now, right, Knight?

And here's an audio only conversation that takes place here.

Your hair is so beautiful, Ms. Arianna! How do you take care of it?
My hair? Well, I do use something special when in the bath. Let me see... Here it is!
*gasp* That's so cute!
Isn't it just?
It's started.
Once women get started like this, it never ends.

That said... it's up to you to judge whether they're trustworthy enough to be relied on in the heat of battle.

We'll be fine.
...I see. I suppose the only thing you can really do is trust your instincts. Well, that's all I have to say for now. Try to avoid any unnecessary risks.
...It would be great if you could wait until we're out of earshot before, you know, talking about us like that.

Another audio only conversation for the road.

When I came here, Dame Marion was the first person gracious enough to extend a hand. She did much to remedy my inexperience.
I cannot thank her enough for her kindness.
I was merely doing my duty. That's all.
Hey, after what she said. Doesn't it scare you to think of Arianna going on a journey alone?
That guildmaster taught all that to her one-on-one? Oh, she's got guts.
She's a very impressive person.

And let's head out!

The sight is familiar to you by now, but the black-robed girl halts and looks about her with sparkling eyes.

She's not listening to me at all...

In contrast to the black-robed girl, the protector seems to have no strong feelings toward the forest at all.

Let's hurry on ahead. We don't have time for slowpokes.

Deciding that there is no time to waste chatting, you leave the pair behind and move on in search of the guard.

And now that we have our full party, here's an audio only conversation that plays in this Stratum.

Oh, what's that you're gathering, Dame Chloe?
What are you gonna do with those? They're nothing but useless dead weight.
Not useless. They have different shapes. This one's a cat. This one's meat.
Oh. Now that you mention it...
Huh? Do they really look like that?
Just humor her, kid.

Hm? Is that... a hedgehog? Something's funny about this one.

As the young man astutely notices, the hedgehog seems to be stuck.

Wow, talk about a stupid monster.
Should we kill it? It would be easy.
But the poor thing seems to be in trouble. I feel sorry for it...

These monsters typically attack you on sight, and so taking its life would be the safer course. But Arianna has a point as well... The monster is defenseless before you. Though you would receive no reward for your aid—it is not hard to imagine that it may even turn on you for your troubles.

Well, you're the leader. Do whatever you want.

You consider all aspects of the situation carefully before making your decision.

Now while for dialogue options, I intend to pick the silly ones whenever possible, in the Labyrinth, I'll be choosing the best choices in events to make my life easier, for the most part. Everything is still trying to kill us here. So we're going to help the hedgehog.

You hate to leave the hedgehog in its predicament, so you step toward it, intending to lend a hand... But the hedgehog only reacts by squirming about even more frantically!

Let's stare at it.

You stare at the hedgehog that struggles mightily against the tree roots. It occurs to you that you have never before had an opportunity to stare at a hedgehog's exposed belly... ......It's surprisingly cute.

Our protagonist, ladies and gentlemen.

Sir Knight? Aren't you going to help it...?

While you were lost in your reverie, the hedgehog seems to have tired itself out, and is now still. Reminded of the task at hand, you work to pull the hedgehog clear from the tree. ......The hedgehog, exhausted by its wriggling, does not resist, and your task goes smoothly and without incident.

Thank goodness it was so docile, eh, Sir Knight?

You nod to the woman before gently letting the hedgehog go towards the brush.

Hmph. Kindness towards a monster.
Still... It was a nice thing to do.

You may end up fighting it someday, but for now, you have saved a life. Satisfied by that, you return to exploring.

Some events in Story Mode will play out differently than in Classic. For one thing, we managed to avoid taking damage there, while a Classic party can't avoid that.

Look, Sir Knight! What an adorable tree!

The woman's wistful gaze leads to a tree shorter than the others nearby, with many vibrant orange fruits growing from it.

Ooh, that smells nice. I think these fruits are ready to eat, too.
To eat...? Are you suggesting that we eat something growing in the forest?
No one'll mind. It's not like the forest belongs to anyone.
It looks sweet and delicious. I want one.

You are highly tempted to try eating one of the orange fruits...

Might as well give them a try, since mostly everyone seems to be okay with it.

Heh, everyone knows the ones closest to the sun taste the best!
Here, I got one for everyone!

Flavio picks enough for all of you and hands them out. The fruit has a thick skin, but a sweet citrus scent comes from inside. It looks absolutely mouth-watering... Arianna, however, seems perplexed by the fruit in her hands.

Er... How does one eat this?

Bite right into it.
V-Very well!

The woman takes you at your word and cautiously nibbles at the thick skin.

...Arianna, what're you doing? Why didn't you peel it first?
What? Is this not proper etiquette for forest dining...?
Uhrgh... It's bitter...

Oh crap, he's onto us!

You say in your defense that you didn't expect her to believe you, and then teach the woman how to eat it properly. Once this is done, you bite into your own fruit. The orange-colored fruit's perfect balance of sweet and sour drains all the exhaustion from you!

Mmm, delicious!
Huh... This could be useful. We should remember where to find this tree.
There could be others. I want more fruit.
Don't put everything you see in your mouth. The stuff that grows in the Labyrinth won't all be so delicious.

You nod at Bertrand's wisdom and look to the short tree with the fruits growing on it. Happily, there are still unripe fruits left on the branches. Over time, they will ripen and be ready to heal you once more.

So this is how it feels to eat while standing... I must remember the etiquette of the forest.

You nod vaguely at the woman's comment before resuming your exploration.

The young survivalist examines the map and checks his surroundings before continuing.

Unfortunately, I don't think the guard we're looking for is on this floor.

Well shoot. Better hope that he went back to town or something.

He may be back in town already.
Nah, I highly doubt that. The guard corps usually travels in pretty big squadrons, don't they? We should've heard them from a mile away, but it's been quiet all the way here.
Whoa, that's a pretty sharp observation from an old man.
What're you talking about? This old man's always on top of things.
What's that look for? Are you doubting me? Such rude children...
Well, anyway, enough talk. We should get moving.

You do as the protector suggests and resume your search for the guard.

Screw this, let's go back to town.

Indeed we are. And you are?
I am a member of the ducal guards. I have a message from the Minister to relay to you. There is something that the Minister would like you to do. If you could, please come to the Duke's Palace immediately.
Something that... he would like us to do?
He personally requested your assistance. I haven't been told the details, but it seemed he was very troubled about something. He would appreciate it even if you come merely to help him out... or so I'm told. I will be taking my leave now.
A personal summons from the Minister...!? Wh-What could he want? Oh god, we're in trouble, aren't we...?

Flavio did it.

Crap, did he find out...?
What!? Wh-What the hell did you do!? Look, I'll apologize with you, so just come clean!
Sounded like there was something he wanted us to do. I don't think he's accusing us of anything.
Oh, yeah, you're right...
Let's go to the Duke's Palace for now.

Aside from making Flavio soil his pants a little, not really.

Not at all, Minister Dubois. I believe you required our aid in some task... Is something the matter?
Yes I'm afraid something quite troubling has indeed occurred. I would like all of you of Guild to lend me your strength.

Sounds like too much work.

We refuse.
...Ah... I'm afraid that leaves me in quite an unfortunate position...
H-Hey, Knight, I think he really needs our help... We should be nice to our elders, you know? I mean, we can at least hear him out!
Yeah. And remember, it's never a bad thing to have powerful people in your debt.
Wh--geez, old man! That's just plain dirty!

Friggn fraggin non-choices.

How can we help?
Well... in accordance to High Lagaard's policies, we have decided to run a cafe that will serve special dishes.
Oh, how wonderful! But... I'm not certain as to what dishes would be considered special?
Ah, I am glad you asked. This will be no ordinary cafe. From this cafe, we will attempt to recreate the recipes of Lagaard's most prolific gourmet... Apicius himself!
Api... who? I... don't think I've ever heard that name before... What, is he supposed to be famous or something?
Oh, Apicius? That name rings a bell. Wasn't he the guy that was all about making Labyrinth cuisine?
Ah, indeed! It seems Bertrand is quite well-informed. High Lagaard has a rather harsh climate, limiting our agricultural efforts... and narrowing the variety of our cuisine. As a result, Apicius set his sights on the Labyrinth, and its exotic ingredients. The people delighted in the dishes he devised. His cooking had a curious effect on his diners, energizing them and sparking unprecedented progress in High Lagaard.
My! This Apicius must have been quite an admirable person.
Indeed, it was he that revolutionized the culinary industry of this country. ...Unfortunately, everything was lost upon his sudden passing. He was a secretive man, and he ensured all his recipes were hidden... Until recently, it was believed his recipes were lost to the ages.
I see... yeah, if you found a way to bring back something that good, people would be lining up for a taste!
Precisely! And with our recent discovery of one such recipe, this is our chance to give something back to High Lagaard! ...And that's where you all come in.
Ah, I understand where you are going with this. You require our cooking expertise! It may seem unlikely, but I assure you, my cooking skills are second to none! You may leave it in our hands!

I can peel the potatoes.
Ah, so you are confident in your cookery skills, as well? Perhaps you mean to declare yourself my rival!
Hold on! Think about this for a second. Why the hell would he ask us to do the cooking!?
I... apologize if I confused you. I did not wish to ask for you to cook, but to decode recipes and collect ingredients.
Huh. Well, collecting ingredients from the Labyrinth, that makes sense... but what're you talking about, “decode”?
You see... Apicius was a very secretive man. His secrecy was even reflected in his recipes... They're all encrypted. We were able to decode several of them... However, most of them remain shrouded in mystery.
So... you're saying you want us to decipher them?
Precisely! Knight and Flavio are members of the Midgard investigation team. They must be very scholarly.
...W-Wait, what...?
Not only that, but they have earned the trust of the princess of Caledonia. I'm certain I can entrust this matter to you.

You got a big responsibility, man.

Well! Good luck, Flavio.
Wh--Hey, why are you pushing this all on me!? And if I count as scholarly, then you definitely should be too!
Hohoho, you two make quite the duo. I'm quite pleased to have such a good team on the case. Regina, my granddaughter, will be in charge of this project. Please wait while I go call for her.

Well, it's the minister's granddaughter. Probably some fancy noble girl, if I had to guess.
Gah, more nobles...? This is already stressful enough for me as it is... I'm no good talking with them...
You worry too much, Mr. Bow.
Wh-Why are you the one telling me that!? All you've been doing is hiding behind the old man this whole time!
I don't like people I don't know. It can't be helped.
What is that even supposed to mean!?

Oh, er, uh, sorry about that! W-We haven't been waiting all that long!
Ah, that is a relief to hear. Now, then... Regina, you may enter.

Regina, what are you looking so cross for? Come now, introduce yourself.

Are you angry about something?
...This is just my resting face. I've heard about you. You sound like trustworthy explorers. ...I still have some preparations left for the cafe. You should come by the place once you're ready. I'll explain the rest there.
Huh? W-Wait, we... we still don't know where the cafe is.
*giggle* She's quite abrupt, isn't she?
...I must apologize for my granddaughter's behavior. What can she be so cross about? She's usually not like this, I assure you.
Well she's certainly, uh... hmm. Doesn't really take after you, does she?
Oh, do you think so? I often hear that she has my eyes. Well, allow me to give you directions to the cafe. I'll be entrusting the cafe and my granddaughter in your care, then.
Well then, Sir Knight. Shall we head to the cafe?

And now we can finally go to this place.

Wow... This is exquisite! Did you do all the decorating here yourself, Dame Regina?
Just “Regina” if fine. Don't think of me as the Minister's granddaughter.
Of course, Dame Regina. I look forward to a long and fruitful partnership!
Were you listening to me at all?
Hm? Yes, of course. Why, is something the matter?

Hey, you. What's with her? If she was listening, why doesn't she get it?

My apologies, Ms. Regina.

Just give in. You don't seem entirely happy with your status, but don't let a simple term of address get under your skin.
...That's not exactly it. I just want to make it clear to you that here, I'm nothing more than a chef.
Ms. Blondie's a chef? So... can you cook game? Poultry? Tasty meat?
Wh-Where's this coming from? I can do a lot more than meat dishes, and my skills aren't too shabby if I do say so myself.
...Excellent. I'll do my best to help you, Ms. Chef.
Uh, sure.
I will do my utmost as well! So... Dame Regina, what would you have us do first? I believe the Minister told us that our task is to obtain ingredients from the Labyrinth... and to decipher the recipes.
Yes, that's right. First, though, I'll give you a copy of the recipes that have already been deciphered.

I want you to go and obtain ingredients for me to make coffee.
Coffee, huh... Sounds good! I ended up drinking a ton of coffee when I had to study for exams. ...Huh? Wait, can coffee beans even grow in this kind of climate?
Afraid not. That's why Apicius created this recipe--to recreate the taste even in places like High Lagaard. I need two ingredients--Rye and Sugar Beet. I'd like you to find some for me from the Labyrinth. According to the recipe, blending these two ingredients together creates a drink that's identical to coffee in taste and scent...
To think that one can brew coffee without coffee beans...! I would like to try some, by all means!

I've heard that you can find Rye on the 1st floor, and Sugar Beets on the 2nd floor. I'll be counting on you. There's also one more thing that I should probably explain to you... From now on, I'll take responsibility for storing any ingredients you find in the Labyrinth, within the Ingredient Storage. Don't worry about it too much. Just stop by after you've gotten some ingredients.

You can use the ingredients there to work on new recipes for the cafe.

Oh, I almost forgot. I need you guys to think of a name for this place. I want something good. Memorable. It's going to be the first thing people see when they come to the cafe. You got it?

This is the last time we'll get to name something, so think hard about this. What will the name of the cafe be?