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Original Thread: 2-bit Punk to a 3D Hero - Let's Play Evoland



Evoland is an action/adventure RPG developed by Shiro Games, and released on Steam in 2013. Aside from being entertaining to play, it’s a showcase of gaming evolution from nostalgic 8-bit classics into modern 3D AAA titles. We'll be guiding an archetypal hero across a vast overworld and through dungeons filled with switches, traps, and monsters that are 95% gold drop by body mass. Starting our quest with no items and only the ability to move rightward, we’ll unlock new gameplay mechanics and audio/visual enhancements to improve our hero and maybe save the world.

This game was made in about thirty hours for the Ludum Dare developer’s competition, and if you're around that many years old you'll be able to get most of the references and have a little laugh. I'll be joined by SpookyTurtle, who has spent long hours searching for secret passages but never actually finished an RPG.

How the LP will run:


Part 1 - I Don't Talk to ChildrenYouTube Hosted
Part 2 - New DimensionYouTube Hosted
Part 3 - Shadows and BDSMYouTube Hosted
Part 4 - Explosives Fetch QuestYouTube Hosted
Part 5 - Light My FireYouTube Hosted
Part 5.5 - Dream QuestYouTube Hosted
Part 6 - Burden of DestinyYouTube Hosted
Part 7 - The Hero FallsYouTube Hosted
Part 8 - Kollection Part 1YouTube Hosted
Part 9 - Kollection Part 2YouTube Hosted
Part 10 - By The HornsYouTube Hosted

Minimal Run

Part 1 - Smooth ScrollingYouTube Hosted
Part 2 - Ghost SignsYouTube Hosted
Part 3 - Cid's One-Hit SongYouTube Hosted
Part 4 - The Plot Demands ItYouTube Hosted

Evoland Classic

Part 1 - Our Princess is in Another RPGYouTube Hosted

SpookyTurtle shows off MollyNew's skywriting skills

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