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Part 32: Update 028a – Stats and Equipment

Update 028a – Stats and Equipment

So it was brought to my attention that I haven't actually shown off peoples stats and equipment in an orderly fashion for some time. This post will rectify that.

“Damn it! I need to improve my reflexes, get better skill with my swords and start to pick up some Assassination tricks from Rook. I can stop strength training now.”

“I... actually don't mind that. Anything to make you more lethal. And besides, wielding two blades effectively does require a great deal of upper body strength.”

“Hmph. As for my equipment, I decided to let Ember keep the Frost Axe as she is better at using its internal magic, and it wasn't an upgrade over the Magic Axe. Other than that, I could seriously take this equipment into the finale of our little adventure. But there are a couple upgrades to come.”

“Much like Art, I have been neglecting my basic training. I should invest in everything that's already high, to keep up my focus. Perhaps a little bit of luck will help me when I officially move over to a two-handed sword instead of a Sword and Shield?”

“Aside from my sword, which is a relic of days long gone, my equipment is fairly up to date. Although having the Fang Necklace, the Blessed Circlet and the Mithril Plate, I can readily depend on being simply better at any given time.”

“I want to know why you have the Orb of Sight we got from that wrecked boat. It casts Magic Map, and that's my job!”

“You were simply loaded down with other items at the time. Here, have it.”

“Thank you.”

“Archery really drops off as a general purpose weapon as time goes by. I'm keeping the bow and specialized arrows though, for certain targets. I even used a few against the Lich just now. But I really need to improve my Assassination skills to teach Art, and by strength and dexterity also need boosting.”

“And for the love of all that's holy, ART!


“After we get trained up, we are going to head up to Fort Draco and buying Steel equipment for everyone who doesn't have it. Smite is awesome at kneecaping Giants, and I don't care about how close Karmas is or is not to getting the Demonslayer, we need better equipment.”

“We'll see what our budget is like. Steel is exensive.”

“At least you're getting good use out of that Shield we grabbed from the Slith storeroom in their temple.”

“Sure, but I don't want to use it for the healing yet.”

“As for me, I really need to work on my skill at Pole Arms to use this Halberd properly. I also need to invest heavily into Item Lore and a couple more points into Alchemy if I'm going to start whipping up important potions. Though I think I am good enough for the Greymold potion at this point.”


“Switching over to the Nimble Gloves while doing trap work certainly alleviates much of the need to invoke skill points in those areas of expertise.”

“I have been letting you deal with that, and I for one, am glad for your specialization.”

“Right, I keep forgetting about that too. Anyways, unlike Rook, I'm not complaining about my gear. I'm just keeping a hold of some of the Glowing Nettle before I whip up some energy potions for Peregrine.”

“Yes, and why am I holding the other two thirds of your ingredients?”

“Would you believe me if I said it was because they would go right back to you when I'm done with them?”

“No, you sullied ingrate!”



“Humph! As I was saying, I should focus a bit more on my spell casting abilities. I really should pick up a few more points in Mage Lore, as well as improving my intelligence and magic reserves. More knowledge of Priest spells is not required, as Art can handle all but the most powerful by now.”

“Oh, that's right. We picked up the Ravage Spirit spell as well, didn't we? I got to learn how to cast that too.”

“Once I dump the Nettle on Duncan, I can get the Orb of Sights, which will replace the Sapphire in my possession. I have also been using the Energy Potion, and would like to get some replacements for it during our next pass by the Tower of the Magi.”

“Me? I wanna get more lucky! And make sure I can cast more spells, because I don't like running out. Kill costs 6SP per casting, and that means I can only do it 5 times!”

“A regret to us all.”

“Thrown weapons are useless now, by the way, so maybe I should take some lessons from Art in using this nice new Axe she gave me?”

“Focus on your strengths first, Ember. Then pick up secondary skills later.”

“Anyways, there's nothing special about my gear. I really suspect though that people keep dumping stuff on me because everyone else has something better. And the Glowstone is half-empty. Can we get some more?”

“You have four rings! And no.”

“Looking at this stuff, we've found a use for the Iron, Bronze and Onyx keys. The Stone and Crystal Keys are still mysterious.”

“No, the Crystal Key was picked up at Solberg's tower, for use at the Tower of the Magi. He told us this, remember?”

“Moving on, we still have no idea what all these Brooches are for. We know they were used by the First Expedition to communicate, but I have no idea how they are supposed to work.”

“I thought those communication necklaces were in use by the Mayors to talk to each other?”

“Maybe. These still have Empire markings on them though, so we should keep them handy, just in case.”

“And we have two of the three parts of the Demonslayer Blade. Once we find the tip, we can reforge the blade. I suspect we will be needing it where we're going.”

“And lastly, this Crown Token just gets us in and out of the Castle. Which is annoying, because aren't we working for Micah directly? They should know us by now!”

“Don't remind me.”