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Original Thread: The Radscorpions are Waiting: Let's Play Fallout 2



Welcome everyone, to another LP. This time I'm going to be LPing an old favorite that I've replayed a number of times over the last fifteen years:

The Game

Fallout 2 is an unusual species of PC game, an open world RPG that's played out on in a 3D isometric perspective on a hex grid. The setting is post-apocalyptic, the combat is turn based, and you can pretty much go anywhere and do anything that the game engine will allow you to do. There are usually peaceful ways that you can solve just about any quest, and a sneak thief is just as valid a build as Rambo. For something produced in 1998 it was revolutionary, and it's still aged well enough to be entertaining today. I'm playing with the Mac version from Good Old Games, so that's going to produce some constraints on the LP. Luckily it's patched up to 1.02, which should eliminate some of the more egregious bugs.

The Setting

You could almost describe the Fallout series as future steampunk. The setting has a retro 50's aesthetic, with a lot of the tech looking like what people in that period imagined the future would look like. It's a pretty unique look, and gives the series a lot of its character. The apocalypse referred to earlier took place in an alternate timeline as a series of conflicts from 2060 to 2077, culminating in a nuclear exchange on October 23rd, 2077. Humanity was nearly wiped out, with a few scattered survivors living on the surface and others staying in great underground Vaults. 84 years later the Vault Dweller, the hero of Fallout 1, emerged from Vault 13 in search of a water chip and ended up saving the world from a psychic mutant. It was complicated. After succeeding the Vault Dweller was exiled from the Vault and left to build a small community out in the wastelands. 80 years later the village is in trouble and it falls to you, the descendant of the Vault Dweller, to save it.

I'd highly recommend that anybody who's interested watch the intro that's been posted for public consumption here.

The LP

This is going to be a screenshot LP, with the main run being designed specifically to access as many quests as possible. I'm building the character that way for a reason, and I'll be showing off as much as possible. Once the main thread is done I'll post some bonus updates, including showing off a popular exploit/shortcut and a bit about how the game changes if you play with a female character. I'm going to be doing this in a narrative style, but there will be occasional notes from this little guy:

When I want to interject a bit of gameplay commentary. I'll probably also throw in a couple of gameplay centered updates just to explain the game itself from time to time, and let people know why I'm making some of the choices I'm making.

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