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Part 10: Rock Falls Part 2: The Scourge of Medkits

mauman, it's OK, I just feel, sometimes, like I'm doing it wrong, not exploiting it all the way. That's why I never get into hardcore-hardcore gaming. When you start fretting over 0.1 on a stat going this or that way, some magic of gaming is lost (imagine how I feel browsing Hearts of Iron guides!).

I very much appreciate when people point out bugs and stuff, since I don't recall every seeing one when I originally played it.

Post 10: Rock Falls, pt. 2: The Scourge of Medkits

We now continue with Martha Stewart's "Decorating With Skulls"

"If you want to really drive the point that you're unredeemable scum, human form of vermin, just a real sack of shit, I feel that there's no such thing as too many skulls. For example, take this scaffold..."

Nope, the health bars show that it definitely hurt you more than it did the team. And not living up to your promises is punished by BULLETS!

Flashman is making forays into the little developed field of punchshooting (or shootpunching) people. Normally, raiders aren't really trained in CQC, so they either shoot, or punch. The shotgun fist marries both concepts in one only marginally unsafe package.

Unfortunately, this does not solve the problem of crossfire, but Flashman has confidence in raiders' shitty aim and retorts "How about YOU say hello to ENGELS for me when you go to HELL?"

(Flashman secretly hates communists with a passion. As for how he knows what a communist is, well, it's anybody's guess).

Well, it took about one tactical retreat, but Flashman killed them all. Meanwhile, the gang managed to take down another raider. Flashman feels that they're not exactly pulling their weight, for five people armed with guns.

With some fitting music playing in this slightly Mexican raider bar, Flashman goes to loot the place.

The nearby table holds one hypo of antivenom.

Maaan, these raiders were into some sick shit.

No, Mr. Raider, no you don't.

As Paladin Raichek told us in training, the smarter kind of enemy won't be lured into traps by bait and switch tactics. However, even they will fail to notice the sounds of gunshots or the sight of their comrades' corpses.

With the guards dead (and a door next to the haphazardly repaired part of the wall missed), we finally get to see the prisoner, who goes by the way of Deeson.

Deeson has the most of evil of soul patches and the look of a "Hackers" extra (it was a cult classic about teen hackers who were on hacking race against a currupt VaultTec executive). He murmurs something about wanting to live on a "Deeson sphere", whatever that is. Egotistical prick.

Destroy raiders? Well, don't mind if I do!

I guess that's the mechanical appendage that has everyone up in arms.


Hark, a level up! Some say that at this point, Flashman is getting too good at punching and there some things that a mortal man was never meant to punch.

Flashman would like to punch some people, as it hurts the feelings of someone who'd like to, one day, shoot people with .50 cal HMGs at point blank range.

The Brotherhood navigates out of the small side complex and goes forth. Next stop - the Raider infirmary. Makes one wonder what kind of medicine raiders practice. Amputations must be popular.

Hey, anyone can tell you that to properly shoot a rifle, it takes more than point and click!

Unless you're fighting for Monrovia, in that case you can skip the point part altogether.

Bo isn't smart, nor is he pretty. And Flashman wouldn't fit down his pants, if only because the insane bastard has already packed them with grenades.

Yes, for Bo the Raider, this seems to be an acceptable distance to attack someone with a grenade.

Fortunately for all, Flashman can easily take a grenade to the face and emerge out of the fireball as a bloody, grinning, vaguely English avatar of vengeance and murder.

Unfortanely, no bloody handed avatar can imitate a box, so we get the next best thing: Rebecca!

Par with the course, there's nothing that much interesting in box: a bottle of gently irradiated two hundred year old beer...

...and a Big Book of Science, which is actually a bundle of several books. Why you lie to me, science?!

And who do I give it to?

The barn is somehow worse and gruesome than the rest of the raider base. Flashman goes forth to free a brahmin.

I still say that 2D is better for portraying scenes of ultraviolence than 3D, in most cases

The brahmin moo something to the tune of "freedom to starve is no freedom at all" and immediately run off onto a landmine.

Must have been secret COMMIE COWARDS!

No, the biggest mistake of your life was thinking that cows exploding not three meters behind you don't warrant an investigation.

Rage, quite perceptive for a bold psycho, notices a few mines that weren't "disarmed" by huge commie moo-tant traitors. We try to find who lied in their CV about knowing something about traps.

Ice states her specialist opinion that landmines do indeed look dangerous. The gang decides to abandon this issue and just walk softly from now on.

Such gate switch placement violates both Feng Shui and basic security and base planing requirements.

All the fancy ass placement of troops is for naught since there's no welcome party on the other side.

The leftmost guy was jammed into such a tight corner that Flashman straight up ran past him, before returning to punch his face in.

Now, this guy is one of the two most troublesome fuckers in the whole base. The wall sentries can, basically, only see inside the inner sanctum, but they're either crack shots or sneaky bastards, because the team expended a lot of meds while trying to get into a shooting match with them. Eventually, Flashman spotted a ladder and that was that.

Mandy also gets a moment to shine, running up to a raider and perforating her with the SMG. Now, if only she wore more leathers and eyeliner...

One raider is dead, another is likely English (in his understatement) and the third one is catatonic or does not give a shit anymore, as he's absolutely refusing to react to his friends getting killed.

Minor. Lacerations. Detected. *BEEP BEEP BEEP*

With this done, I continue with my super sneaky plant of outflanking the raiders through the second floor! Once Flashman punches the last raider out, he'll run back and stand at the front door on the first floor. Meanwhile, the gang will take up positions at the stairs and thus, Raiders will be demolished.

Your sweet little raider is pushing daisies right now!

Also my "super sneaking plan" turns out to be "just as raiders planned", since the doors downstairs are locked and the raiders are waiting for people to come downstairs. Not the smartest of tactics, all things considered, but it works.

Let's get to looting and maybe get Flashman in.

The raider leader has some boring gear. I mean, it's nice to have enough AK's to arm one and a half of a Soviet mechanized squad, but not terribly exciting.

The shelf holds stimpacks, Molotov shoptails and a pack of Psycho. Flashman will likely be using it near future.

Of course, there's a safe. Rebecca, to the rescue!

/20 tries later/

Ringpulls, RadAway, Repair manual. Not exactly exciting.

/20 more tries later/

Succcess! We can finally get out of here!

The gang struts back to the entrance, with Flashman breaking off to inform the prisoner that it's OK to run away and get killed in the Wasteland.

With that stupid beard of yours, you'll need all the luck you can get.

If you were some sort of backdoor using, crack crawling person, this might be challenge. Our team only needs to make sure that Deeson doesn't trip over a corpse, slip in a puddle of bloody mud or something like that.

Conga, conga, conga! Conga, conga, conga...

Was ist das? The scribe ran away? No way this happened!

Of course, that is a debriefing that a bad team who let Deeson die or - God forbid - entered the mission end area before him would get.

So, to recap:
>Raiders, raiders never end
>Go west, there's freaky non-replicable technology there
>The scribe will nerd out with out scribes

Next Time: Bunker Alpha: The Power of Punch!