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Part 21: Bunker Beta: Equal Opportunity Foraging

M.Ciaster posted:

But if you do, you unlock ghoul squaddies and they're awesome. Don't be a postapocalyptic racist!

Also this might be my favorite mission in the entire game. Decently challenging, lets you try different approaches, and after you disable the alarm you can tackle the objectives in any order. Plus I think that's where you get the Deagle for the first time and that thing is murder.

Dammit I'm gonna have to play Tactics again

Yes, it does away with the who circular/linnear mission template, which is both nice and scary! That's why it shall never be repeated!

Post 21: Bunker Beta: Equal Opportunity Foraging

Are heroes are back! Let's see what the recruit roster has to offer.

Nice to see that Kate Moss survived the nuclear apocalypse.

Seems like one of the good ol' boys.

Babs isn't bad, except for her name, damage resistance and the ghoul armor thing (I guess they're too emaciated for normal armor?). However, she has one ability that makes her useful to Flashman, and it's not her stunning good looks.

Babs is on a mission from God to scrounge up some cells. Each scribe carries 23 of them, and none of those guys will ever use them for any good, productive reason. Meanwhile Flashman is being starved out of using his POWER FIST.

You're a true American hero, Babs!

The mechanic doesn't have anything of note. Asshole.

The wounded soldiers have two regular stimpacks each. And complaints.

Celsius is adamant about not restocking his wares, so I Babs nicks 3 super stimpacks.

When you have lemons, make jokes about parts of your body falling off. Or something. It would be better if he didn't.

This guy is not under any delusion of being funny and I like him. He and Patches are usually placed next to each other, continiuosly doing the "manipulation" animation. This time, Patches got placed behind this dude, so you can imagine a backrub or a spontaneous ghoul conga line.

Babs declines.

His stuff isn't noteworthy, except for the 1900 RPs. Not bothering.

Why are you so racist?

Anyways, the soldiers don't carry anything interested, only AK ammo and stimpacks.

By the way, by robbing the drug dealer, you can get enough drugs to OD a soldier and he'd drop an M60. While it's a good way to get a heavy weapon that uses some of that plentiful ammo, it's also munchkinish and against your duty to the Brotherhood.

Also, it appears that the response squad is set spawn in the base if someone dies, but they're not hostile if you didn't kill people. That's how you end up with several confused power armored guys running around the base.

Unfortunately, you can't loot Power Armor

Stealing succeeds...most of the time.

But sometimes it doesn't. Take that, personnel yeoman!

Nooo, not the Humwee!

Stitch will cry when he's done killing!

I think most of team died off so easily because of, well, Stitch.

Paladin Solo here has a literal murder boner, but nothing interesting to steal.

General here carries a minigun, but Babs isn't talented enough to steal guns that weight more than she does. Plus it uses the non-commie ammo, and non-commie ammo has to be bought at exorbitant prices.

It's really hard to remembered if you have robbed a certain scribe already.

Oh, the the requisitions officer only carries the scribe kit instead of his entire shopping list. Bummer!

However, the humble wasteland drug pusher has all his wares on himself, so Babs swipes some party favors.

That's all the stuff that Babs stole. Time to get back in the roster!

Deagle: it's like a pistol shaped AK-47 (only worse in ammo capacity/scarcity, mag size and - not really significantly - in range).

Don't know why it's specifically a "trap". Looks like a random bag of explosives to me!

Notice how overloaded Flashman is.

That's better!

Also, those 15 Voodoos are worth about 4K, holy shit!

Metal Armor is finally on sale, and Stumpy gets a micro sledge!

But first, let's check out Billy Bob. More healthpoints than Babs and a perception score high enough for him to literally peer inside your soul. On the other hand, his Tag skills aren't exciting.

Glowing One means that Billy Bob glows. And irradiates people. It's slowly and annoyingly deadly. I thought about placing him near a Power Armor guard, but PA gives Rad resistance and even then it would take forever.

I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones
Enough to make my systems blow

This probably means that he gets more crits when damage happens. The Grim Reaper doesn't appreciate cheaters, especially if she find them in her bed with Pestilence.

Mayor Avellone? Where have I heard of him...

Anyways, we're off to Springfield! I hear it's a hell of a town!

Next Time: Springfield Part 1: Why Is The Ceiling Pink?