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Part 24: Bunker Beta and Special Encounter Extravaganza

Push follower is one of those often overlooked features!

Post 24: Bunker Beta AND Special Encounter Extravaganza!

Back in the base!

The Raider buggy seats two and is an absolutely useless piece of shit. When vehicles in this game exist only to make you go from A to B faster and to act as a mobile bunker in random encounters, the buggy really doesn't have a role to fill.

The squad picks up Babs for more foraging. She levels up and gets better at stealing, then I forget to spent SPs to make her even better at it.

Stop being racist, you guys.

I tried this on a lark... and holy shit, we have a minigun now.

However, it eats a relatively rare type of ammo and will probably only work as a sort of CIWS for Flashman, to soften up opposition as it closes in.

Back in selling shit land, Stein is carrying enough AKs for a full squad.

Stumpy gets a level and becomes better at shooting.

How exactly does an Int 7 guy get named Stumpy is unclear to me.

And individual boolit doesn't do that much damage, but you have 120 of them and a burst is 30 or so.

It's a lot better than the rocket launcher, because Flashman's accuracy means firing at one's feet.

Also, we haven't seen ammo for it in yearsmonths.

The minigun isn't that expensive to sell (damn merchants!), so I keep it.

Oh, and, for fun: this is Flashman on mentats, the drug that isn't exactly useful in this game.

He might be a genius about now, but his Perception is still shit.

It also nets us a barely noticeable increase in haggling. Still not selling the minigun, but it all might stack up.

I should just start my own militia.

AKs so cheap you'd think it's Khyber Pass.

By the way, the minigun looks a bit goofy.

Going through the personnel roster while looking for someone with repair skill, I momentarily recruit the radioactive ghoul and Stitch gets radiation poisoning, becoming too weak to use his Neostead.

It appears that the shaman of negotiable gender gave shitty pills that don't work. Luckily for me, I have stockpiled a few drippers of RadAway.

Preoria's shittyness haunts us from the gravemission accomplished list.

Kevin (49%) repair eventually manages to patch up the Humwee.

And the squad heads out to Bunker Alpha, where they recruit Babs again to scrounge power cells, get discovered immediately, get killed, and alt+l dumps me back here, before I pooled all the loot onto Flashman.

This is your regular thieving ghoul sex bomb.

This is your regular thieving ghoul sex bomb in ghoul armor.

Any questions?

No, I'm not going to take her on a mission

The crew goes for a nice ride in the wasteland... by which I mean I google a special encounter map and start hunting those bitches down.

Then I find out that either the map lies or a certain part of encounters is randomized. That Merchant should not be there, for example.

He's an ass with Browning M2 that he doesn't sell.

He does have, among other thing, the penultimate shotgun, FN FAL and the Gauss Pistol. I don't buy them.

These guy should not be in this place either.

They're named after nukes, you see...

But they spout l33t talk.

I don't know if it's fake l33tspeak, early l33tspeak or a bit of both.

Just... just look at the map.

And no, the bunnies are invisible in any version. I wonder if it's one of the bigger bugs in game.

No need to name that Special Encounter game, even though it's the only one that I found in its correct place today!I'm an idiot, it's also misplaced.


It's highly lethal, even if the turrets don't have much HP.

Maybe I'll get to it later.

Amelia Earhart didn't reach her goal... or her designated Special encounter site.

Ah, this was the one I was originally looking for... relocated to be smack dab to the south of Bunker Alpha.

There's a guy named Riddick in the dark and he says some Riddicky things.


36 of them if the Wiki is to be believed.

Technically, Riddick can survive this and be recruitable, but I don't see that happening.

Hey, look, another radically displaced trader (just west of Rock Falls).

Well, what do you have, Lemmy?

Oh my God!

Environmental Armor!

The second coolest armor in game!

Oh, and a P90, mysteriously chambered in 9mm. It's a good trade.

This is Flashman in his flashy metal armor.

And now he's in a much cooler suit! Fuck yeah!

The text could be better (also, only 60% protection wouldn't be that goon IRL, I think)

As seen in Stargate SG-1, Global Operation, Counter Strike, MGS4 and other places. The actual gun was supposedly made when bulletproof armor was becomming a problem for SMGs, but carbines weren't widthspread, and used a special 5.7mm (I could Google, but I want to see just how wrong/right I am from memory) round, also used in the FN FiveSeven (I don't even remember if it's the real, or vidja name) pistol.

I wonder if it set precedent for PDWs and their super special snowflake ammo.

It does somewhat less damage than , but has somewhat better range and a 50 round mag.

The merchant is accompanied by translucent civvies/ghosts.

Ghosts armed with Neosteads and Berretas.

Oh bullshit, it's way too early for this!

Also, again, totally misplaced!

Unfortunately, the mutant on the ground doesn't say "Sorry, brother, me stupid", which is my favorite phrase.

Stitch patches him up and gets some XP for that.

One day, we might have some bulky, smelly guys who can't wear armor.

Also, Fallout Tactics was my first encounter with super mutants. Look at those bulking piles of muscle. Kind of like Space Marines!

I was a little disappointed with their appearance in Fallout 1 and 2 afterwards...

You do that, you do that!

This guy is perceptive!

I got lazy at this point, so I just checked if I can get Super Mutants in my team (I can't) and just went straight to the mission.

So yeah, Beastlords appear to be ever so slightly telepathic but not telepathic enough to command deathclaws... who are now intelligent and hairy. Kill Beastlords, find out how they control Deathclaws, have a bad time (because Deathclaws).

Flashman charges in, ready to punch out a blue cannibal pansy.

Prepare face for punch docking!

Shit, the guy has CAWS. Retreat Reload!

That's better. Flashman stands there punching people while Ice takes care of of the CAWS guy. Eventually, guys throwing explosives get a little too good, so Stitch is brough it.

He kills four enemies in one burst.

Flashman is jealous.

That's... not a very good evolutionary trait. I mean, fainting goats are silly, but this is downright stupid.

Also, Half-Life did it better!

People bitch a lop about how bullpup design is uncomfortable when shooting prone, but I doubt many people would use shotguns lying down.

Definitely not Stitch!

We found another guy in Enviro armor, bur he only has a Stimpak and a few rounds.

On one hand, it's annoying when game don't readily drop armor. On the other hand, it's kind of realistic (I mean, if the guy is dead, there might not be much armor left... yet the only game to semi-simulate this was Commandos 2) and doesn't let the player get too nice an armor too soon/through munchkinry with drugs and guards.

It's a lot better that soldiers not dropping guns in Jagged Alliance Back in Action/Flashback, I'll tell you that.

God do 3D JA's suck.

Also, I take this moment to recommend the Jagged Alliance 2 LP on Archive. It's one of the if not the best LP I've ever read.

Normally, you can see most of the enemies in this map. And there's a guy with a few wasps and mayby roaches here. But here I was, scanning the map and looking for a Beastmaster who'd say "Can I sssmell you asss?" to get a screenshot when I hear a muted boom.

That immobile idiot or one of his bug buddies somehow activated a landmine and blew themselves up.

It's magical.

The squad aggros and kills another group of those dicks.

It's a good start.

Next Time: Mordin Part 1: Can your associates arrange that, Mr. Morden?