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Part 38: Bunker Gamma: Is This Ammo Made From Angel Tears?

Glazius posted:

So he doesn't tell anyone how to use the bomb.

Oh, this can't end well.

Wouldn't end well in a better game...

Post 38: Bunker Gamma: Intermission

Back to the bunker! There, we find a new ghoul to talk to.

Seems like he doesn't have any issues with his god exploding.

Welp, to each his own.

His trade goods are less than spectacular. Who the hell would need that much RadAway at this point in game?! Not that I have that many other venues to spend RPs in: the merchant with ghost buddies is the ultimate civvie merchant in the game.

Flashman gets promoted (everyone else get shafted as usual) and we fill the Mandy shaped hole in our squad with the best over the shelf solution to such problems: Mandy.

Like any good new squad member, she absorbs some XP through osmosis.

I think about giving her dodger...

I take ranged damage. Mandy isn't prone to getting shot anyways.

First aid and small guns! She'll be my resident sniper if Ice ever switches to energy weapons.

Time to sell some shit!

Not a great load this time, and as such we only get 7K.

I'm also thinking of dropping Mandy's FN P90c.

And so I did, instead buying some food for the Minigun. The MGs are drawing my ire lately.

Of to the briefing we go!

Killing mutants AND traitors? Throw a heretic in there and we'll have a full house! Where do I sign up?!

Next time: Mutants! Maybe even traitors!