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Part 39: Osceolla Part 1: Getting Tired Of MGs

Post 39: Osceolla Part 1: One Shot, One Protag Kill

Makes you wonder how much time has passed since the blimp crash till Brotherhood got to its present (off-screen) level of power.

Hey, look, we start with supplies! I wonder what's inside!

Some medical supplies and explosive shaped insults. Do they expect me to have some sort of Stealth/Traps dude to use all that shit?

First sings of buildings that are at least 5 stories high.

As it's a terrain set piece, it has shitty texture and stands out as a sore thumb.

Immediately to our north, we have some muties.

North East has a building with two mutants inside.

I quicksaved while Mandy was running inside, so about 10 of my reloads were "Mandy takes a few steps, gets detected, shot dead"

I accidentally called Flashman there, too.

...reloads later, Mandy returns for healing.

And then she sets off to explore the map some more! Muties don't really notice her unless she gets up in their grill. On the other hand, due to her weak armor and use of small arms, there's basically no other use for stealth.

Oooh, a destroyed store!

Mutants are guarding some sort of important looking entrance underground. Radiation tunnels don't scare me!

M2's do

Though, fuck me, I don't know how I lucked out all the way through Kansas. After Kansas, it's seems that any time a mutant fires, one of three things happen:

1. Nothing
2. Somebody loses half the health points
3. Somebody dies

Meanwhile my crew, using the same weapons, lying down, wearing armor and such, almost never have such luck.

There's a patrol nearby, too. The naked guy is loaded with grenades, because of course he is.

There's also a base and two entrances are guarded by pairs of Mutants Of The Venerable Esoteric Purple Order.

This place (and probably the burst bug) has cause me to reload so many times... Glad it's the last mutie mission.

And yes, the minigun sucks. Also, look at that truck clipping out!

Eventually we murder through the mutants assembled here.

Stein (in the middle) got a much easier time dealing with these fuckers! Ice might have helped, too.

Let's see what we get for the trouble.

Well, the 50 cal is nice

There are two-three individual mutant assholes in this area that can take on Flashman and win most of the time. It sucks.

...reloads later.

This guy is just a nuisance, tho.

I'm actually afraid to have them standing, in case of MUTANT MGs.

The rightmost purple mutant caused me no end of pain. Really no way to flush them, out.

A fitting end to the pest.

Stein nabs himself an M2.

600 rounds of .50cal means he has to dump almost all 7.62 he's carrying and the SAW. Hopefully, we won't need them anymore.

Sneaking on the base entrance.

Mandy is doing some advanced sneaking.

There are two sleeping melee mutants inside the building and a box full of goodies.

Including 300 rounds of M2 food.

So what happened is that I tried to get Mandy to set up the remote traps near the sleeping mutants and blow them up.

Took me two reloads to set up one bag,

Then in 20 reloads I found out that exploding bags don't even bring Mandy to red.

In conclusion, the bags are only useful against dogs or smth.

Oh, and the mutants woke up and ran towards the group. Friendly fire happened, but everyone was otherwise OK.

Flashman took care of the last mutant, getting an old school one salvo kill.

Stitch is patching folks up so much, he gained a level.

Anyways, Flashman decided to go for a walk.

Eh, pipes. Nothing interesting with them.

Well, hello there!

Hey, it's one of the legendary Airships!

...expected it to be a little bigger.

Roshambo here must have landed on his head when the ships crashed. Explains his Facebook page page.

The hamster gondolla gives me reason to think that the ship might not be up to scale.

And the boxes are filled with regular stimpacks. Regular ass stimpacks, 12 of them in all.

Now then, that's all for this day, thank ya and see ya all Monday!

Next time: we kill more mutants!