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Part 42: Bunkers: Home Sweet Relocation

Glazius posted:

So, uh, that briefcase could be anything but I'm betting it's one button press away from radioactive death from the skies.

What a thing to find in a Fallout game.

They mentioned it in the briefing that it could work as a detonator to the nuke we found earlier.


Are presidential launch codes actually needed to arm warheads?

Shadowed Bacon posted:

You can reactivate an orbital missile launcher in 3 and NV has that "lucky old sun". Super weapons: more common than working toilets .

I assume you would get told about the briefcase even if you did not loot it, correct?

I completely forgot you had to kill a traitor, that goes to show just how much build up and explanation they had for that guy.

I remember the solar ray gun being really disappointing. So much flash, so little bang.

Post 42: Bunkers: A Tale of Two Bunkers

Welcome back to hopefully semi regular updates.

First and basically the only thing I do back at the bunker is check the personnel roster.

Super Mutants are truly the biggest tumblr users and W of SJ in their time.

So yeah, after we killed the super traitor Not Appearing Till His Own Level Latham, some mutants decided to join the outfit that's on a winning streak - the Brotherhood! Seeing how this is the tolerant branch of the 'hood, Elders just shrugged and accepted the expendable and smelly heavy weapon platforms.

Poor Bob.

Also, I think I understand why it's so hard getting through the game and LP: I really have no interest in the plot. Maybe it was better in 10th grade, when the coolness of Brotherhood carried the day and I didn't know so much about the game, but yeah, it's really hard to give fucks today.

The variety is gone, too, I mean, I keep finding and selling the same stuff, and not like I can use that many different guns and strategies. Hell, the game feeds me so many heavy weapon recruits, it's as if it's trying to tell me something.

Plus, now that I can no longer do punching shenanigans, it has gotten a little boring in combat, too. Maybe the next enemy will be better in that regard.

Tony is a good mid-late game character, I guess. Her Tough Hide mutie perk makes her a little harder to take down by increasing her Armor class and probably resistance.

One day, we'll have Fallout with power armored cyborg supermutant NPC companions, but not today.

I mean, the technology is there, in Master's Lieutenant and in Agent Horrigan, but plot writing hasn't advanced far enough yet.

...ooh, oooh, power armored cyborgs ghouls, too!

Flashman would win in a straight up slapfight.

On the other hand, if FEV deletes "gender difference", which means tits (because neither Black Isle, nor Bethesda wanted to imagine how they would look on a mutant) since for mutant sterility to be thing one has to have some sort of reproductive organs, is hitting bearded black guy Toni who identifies as woman counts as beating up girls?

*remembers all the female raiders punched in half*

Never mind.

On a side note: Flashman has killed a 100 Supermutants. If I remember correctly, that's more than the rest of the squad combined.

Dekker is such a handsome man

Off we go to Bunker Delta!

With Gommorin/Latham dead, mutants aren't a big threat anymore. Leason learned? Even Brotherhood members can fall, which is a teeny tiny bit of maybe sort of kind forshadowing for the next chapter.

That guy on the right is totally checking dat ass

Anyways, Paladin Sweetcheeks there is likely studying a Super Mutant map of their exodus to the west. It suggests that mutie trail might have gone near the supposed location of Vault Zero.

Do mutants have something to do with the emergence of the new threat? The sighn on the upper left corner of the image point to "yes". Fukken mutants are responsible for the game dragging out even more.

The narrator tries to pass off robots are something that wasn't a one time encounter and that it's a big threat... despite the fact that out biggest "encounter" yet was retrieving that one hand way back. It's not the best kind of story telling.

Anyways, here's our new bunker!

The mechanic sells mechanic-y stuff.

This bunker is actually above ground, so the Brotherhood might be getting rid of their habit of finding holes in the ground and callings dibs.

Tony, taking place of Stumpy, can carry around a lot of shit. But, as a Super Mutant, she can't use laser pistols and, I assume, laser rifles.

Listen, game, I really don't want to have the entire squad save for Ice and Mandy armed with MGs, OK? Settle down!

Seriously, though, with 7,62mm basically rolling on the ground everywhere I go, why would I want to use small arms? Shitty balance.

Hassan is the guy that's a little too happy about his somewhat lame position.

Not much shit to sell. Not giving them afterburner, since he only offers a pittance in return. I convinced: the game does regulated prices on how much of something the trader has.

Well, now I have more of the superior Environmental armor. Man I love it.

Fallout has a long standing tradition of not liking Scientology. It was a little less overt in Fallout 2.

Kerr the Merchant. Still a useless seedy git.

Hey, a new and improved sickbay!

At least the doc here values my merchandise.

Blythe either has some lame stuff for sale, or the game fucked up, and he's selling his own gun.

If I ever loot a basketball, this sports area might take off.

Barracks! The shitters are all outside. Considering it's an arid desert, "sand in vagina" might become a very literal and very sad thing for some of the soldiers. At least the sick bay is near by!

At least. Because as far as I can see, this base lacks the baths see in previous bunkers. Only washing basins.

Personnel Yeoman and Initiate Percy hang out in a smaller building. Maybe it's like a storage shed where newbies are stored before someone requisitions them.

Aaah, the great outdoors!

The fence could use some work on plugging the holes. I wonder if the perimeter is secured with that bajillion mines that I brought in.

Ah, the perfect public space spot! Nobody can see you, you can hear anybody incoming (I guess), you're doing it near the main road into the base for added kinkyness bonus and I bet new recruits/shifty initiates throw any illicit goods they have over the fence to retrieve them later on.

The Environ Armor guy asks "So, what kind of music do you like" and the Power Armor dude answers. Sweet.

I would be more impressed by the township's ability to drive back robots if:
1) I had seen one before
2) Flashman hadn't beaten a laser turret to death.

Seriously, game. It's like springing a boogeyman and going "aw man, shit's going down now!"

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