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Part 8

Day 23: I'm not finding the water chip here. Screw this place, I have my Vault to save. Then I can go home, curl up in my dorm, and forget any of this ever happened.

I want to go home. I want to talk to dad. He'd know how to handle all this. He's a soldier. Or, was. Special Forces, bravest of the brave, green beret's and all that. He was on leave when the bombs hit, and was able to get into the Vault with my mom. That was a long time ago... But he would still know how to handle this.

Ian, the Dog, and I are setting off for the Hub. Maybe we can get some info there.

Day 24:

Ate a cockroach on a dare. Crunchy. Then I got to eat Ian's desert. Mmm, cookies. Also crunchy.

We found out that the Dog likes to eat cockroaches too. So long as they are not moving. He got a bit of cookie too.

Day 25:

Arrived at The Hub. Quite a busy place, I must say. Caravans were lined up at the gate, ready to go wherever they may.

I spoke to Deputy Tony Fry for awhile, He gave me the lowdown on the place. He also didn't know what a water chip was, but he said that if I was looking for anything H20 related, I should go down to the Water Merchants.

On my way down there, I met a lovely lady named Beth. I had some spare stuff to get rid off, so I sold it off to her.

The Water Merchants were somewhat helpful. They don't have a water chip, but are pretty sure where I can get one. Necropolis. Lovely. But it does make sense. Necropolis has a Vault, and hopefully, this one has not been buried in by rubble. I was all for heading off to Necropolis right away, but Ian said that there was no way we'd make it there, at least, not in our state. He suggested we find some work around here, and earn ourselves some new weapons. I cant argue with that. As much as I love my 9mm, it just does not have the stopping power I need.

The Water Merchants can also ship water to the Vault... At a price. Quite a hefty price, and they wont be talked down. I'll keep it in mind as an emergency back-up plan. I still have quite a few days to go until the Vault runs out of water.

On our way back, we saw the Cathedral. I decided to go in with the Dog, Ian hung back. He hates religion stuff. Which is all well and good, we can all have our own opinions. I just wanted to check this place out.

Several people were lying on the floor, going on about a flame. A boy was standing against a wall, and asked if I wanted a flower. So cute. So now I have a flower. It's a pretty flower, I'll keep it with me. Looks nice against my armor.

Then I went to speak with a purple robed lady. Somewhat scary, but I think I won her over. She was rude at first, but then we got to talking about her Cathedral... I didn't get much of what she was trying to say, except that she wanted everyone to be a part of her church. Or else they would all die. I politely excused myself then. But still, I got a nice flower out of it.

Ian and I noticed a signboard in town, it said that the Far Go traders needed a special job done. I thought it might be scouting or something, so we went over to see what it was about. We met Butch, not a really bright or nice man. But better ten some I have met.

He told us that he was loosing caravans at an alarming rate. He wanted me to find out why. So, he told me to go talk to Betty, the nice gun-shop owner. Of course, now I get a discount. After I bought all the stuff I needed. Figures.

Betty thinks it was the Deathclaw, whatever that is. She says it's a daemon of some kind, risen from the ashes of the old world to wreak havoc and blah blah blah... I think she's seen too many old movies. Or just one particular one over and over.

She told me to go talk to some crazy guy in old town. Unfortunately, there's a lot of crazy guys in Old Town. I need a nap. And the Dog needs a bath. I'll talk to you later, Diary.

Day 26:

Today I met a mutant named Harold. Quite a nice guy, really. You didn't even notice that his skin was falling off after awhile. He told me his life story (which was pretty interesting), and about the Deathclaw. Apparently, it's one mean son of a dog. Harold advised aiming for the eyes, which are pretty much the only vulnerable points on it. I'd like to think that holds true for most living things.

I went outside to talk to the crazy guy, who offered to lead us to the Deathclaw Cave. But Ian said to hold up a bit. If we were going to fight the Deathclaw, we would need something more. A certain edge. And he knew where to get it.

Of course, I never expected that he would lead us to a drug dealer. I was hesitant, but he said as long as I used everything carefully, I would be fine. I'd trust Ian with my life, so I might as well trust him with my pharmaceuticals.

We're going to hunt the wumpus tomorrow. Wish me luck, Diary!

Day 27:

WOOOAAAHHH Mentats and Buffout are AWESOME! I can feel everything! Smell everything! See everything! I just punched a wall and it didn't hurt! Then I beat Ian in a thumb-war! And we killed a Deathclaw! WOOOO!

I had this, like, WICKED plan. We lure the Deathclaw out to the entrance of the cave, so that if we get hurt, we can run away! It worked awesome! Wicked awesome! I smell cookies! I want to divide some big numbers!

Then we went back in the cave to look for goodies, and this, like, mutant was lying on the floor, dying or some shit. He grunted something about, like, a mutant factory, which is JUST LIKE the place Harold talked about in his big old life story! Woah! Talk about a ko-winky-dink!

So then we went back to Butch, and we're all like, "Yo, we killed the Deathclaw!" And he's all like, "Nuh-uh!" And we're all like "Yeah-huh! And your caravans are being eaten by mutants." And he's all like, "Shit yo!". So then we talked to his secratary/second in command named Rutger, and he gave us our monies. And a bonus. It was awesome.

I'm gonna go play fetch with the Dog! Then eat some cookies! BYE!