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by BOrangeFury

Part 9

Day 28:


----File Corrupted---

Day 30:

When I woke up, the caravan was being attacked by giant mantis.

I don't remember a whole hell of a lot from when I was high. In fact, all I remember is that I was feeling like a god. Powerful, smart, graceful, indestructible... According to Ian, when we were done killing the Deathclaw, we went over to the Grimsom Caravan to find some work.

According to Ian, "You ended up going in the back to hammer out the details of the contract, and ended up hammering the owner's daughter, Keri, for six hours. Then you collapsed on top of her, and I had to drag your ass to the caravan."

I then told Ian to never let me sign contracts when I was in a state such as that. Ian said he tried. Apparently, I'm not one to be otherwise persuaded when I'm drugged up.

Anyway, we killed the mantis, and continued on our journey to Necropolis. Yes, Necropolis. Why the heck would a caravan go there? I dont know, but somehow, I signed us up for it. Oh well. At least we will know where the place is.

As for my experience with drugs? Totally awesome. I'm so doing that again. The hangover is pretty wicked, though.

Oh yeah. Somewhere along the line, I blackmailed the owner of Bob's Iguana Bits over the whole cannibalism thing. Five hundred every five days. Not bad.

Day 32:

We decided not to stay in Necropolis. Ian's low on ammo, and I'm low on courage. I'm still hung over from my little Mentat/Buffout trip, and not in any state to fight zombies.

So, now we are in The Hub, and I'm not too sure what to do next. We could go right back to Necropolis, after stocking up on supplies, but I'm not sure if we're ready. There is the Brotherhood, we could check them out and see if anyone can help us. Or, we could go on some more caravan trips.

Or I could go back and fuck Keri some more. Actually, I'm just gonna go ahead and do that now.