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Part 3: Chapter 1M: Departure - Part 1


Whew, I slept real long. I really burned that midnight oil researching magic yesterday. At least I've finally finished the catalyst for my new magic. It ain't gonna be long now before people start calling me a great magician. And on that day, I'll become a magnificent hero known throughout Gensokyo.

We're not even a minute into Marisa's story but the differences between her and Reimu are already obvious. Marisa may not be a Super character stats-wise, but as we'll see she totally fits the personality.

It's been getting thicker and thicker since that storm that night. It's gotta be some sorta incident...

She's probably still lazing around at the shrine... So this is my chance to steal a march on her. All right. It's been a while, but it's time to head out.

Hm... To eat, or not to eat? That is the question. It's been so many days since I flew out from the mountain... I haven't eaten a real meal since then... I'm all out of cucumbers, and I have no idea where I am...

One of the main features of the Forest of Magic is that it is absolutely filled with mushrooms. Yes, magic mushrooms. I'm not sure if that was an intentional joke.

It kind of smells like a maitake mushroom too. And if I collapse here, it ruins all the effort to slip out of the mountain. I have to do this to return home safely and complete my invention...

Okay... One, two...!

Marisa also possesses vocal chords strong enough to shake the screen. She's actually just tackling Ms. Blue Hair, but that's not nearly as amusing.


Whew, that was close.

W-What was that for!? Hey, give that mushroom back!

You were really trying to eat this, huh? Give it up.

Look closely. The tip has a faint purple tint to it, right? Real Maitake mushrooms ain't ever that color.

Living in the Forest of Magic has literally made Marisa a mushroom connoisseur.

...You're right. My empty stomach clouded my judgement. Thanks a lot. I didn't think I'd be saved by a human in a place like...

...Wait, a human!?

Whoa, don't suddenly shout like that!

How could this be!? I gotta hide! Um, let's see...

What's wrong? Is there something real scary behind me?


Marisa shakes the screen again through totally ambiguous means.


How's my broomstick taste?

Totally ambiguous.

Ooh, painful... What are you stuffing in people's mouths...

That's cuz you looked like you were gonna leg it. So what if I'm a human?

What are you talking about? I mean, there's lots of mist here... But I'm just lost, that's all!

Don't act dumb. You tried to run from me, that means you hafta be involved.

Eh, er... I was just trying to run away. It's just... It's been a long time since I've seen a human that I didn't know beforehand.

You're talking pretty normally to said human right now though.


I'm Marisa Kirisame, a magician. You're a kappa, huh? I thought you guys didn't come out from Youkai Mountain. You wanna stay hidden or something.

Yep yep, we don't see many humans in the mountain either. That's why you scared me.

So, if you're really supposed to be at the mountain normally, whatcha doing here now?

There's somewhere I needed to go. And it's been a long time since I've descended from the mountain... So I ended up losing my bearings, and... Eh heh heh.

Taking a walk alone in this forest is a pretty tall hurdle for a beginner.

It really is. My optical camouflage broke down...

It's pretty much all your own fault though. Oh yeah, you kappa are always carrying cool inventions around, aren't you? Got anything weird on you right now?

Kappa in Gensokyo are very high tech; Nitori is not joking about having an optical camoflauge. The kappa are officially more nerd than innovative though, so there's lots of cool gadgets and not that much practicality.

Hmm, I do but they're at the mountain...

Ohh, so I can take a look if I go to the mountain? I'll pay you a visit there next time.

Ehh? You can't!

Why not? I don't care if it's messy.

Youkai Mountain has been closed off to humans for a very long while. The same applies to most of Gensokyo at the moment actually; the only accessible places for humans at the time of EoSD were the Human Village and the Hakurei Shrine. It's kind of depressing.

And there's already some fuss happening there now, I think...

Hm? Something's happening at Youkai Mountain?

Ah, uh, never mind that! Anyway, there's some place I really need to get to right now.

Ahh right, you said something like that.

Do you happen to know where that is? I read from a newspaper that it carries items and magic from the outside world.

Kourindou, eh? There's definitely lots of weird things there.

Huh? You know about it?

Know about it? I'm a special customer. I'll bring you there.

Really!? Thank goodness! I thought Halley's Comet would come again before I found that shop. ...Ah, do you have the time for that, though? If you're busy, then...

Well, I sorta am. I'm trying to figure out where all this mist is coming from. But I was heading there to do something else first anyways.

I think it's gonna be helpful for the investigation if it's ready.

I see. I'll be relying on you for guidance then, Marisa!

Gotcha, follow me closely.

The scene shifts to a different section of the Forest of Magic.

Music: Bizarre Smile

Please wait, Aya.

I can wait, but all the exclusive stories won't.

I'm not being particularly slow... Your tendency to fly ahead is taxing the limits of my ability. Seeing over long distances only takes you so far.

Momiji just spelled out her own special ability there.

Don't be so worthless. We need to hurry and find that "shrine maiden" and write an article about her.

Our responsibility is to watch out for her, not to write an article about her. Youkai Mountain has been infiltrated at it's core. You should be exhibiting professionalism about your responsibilities.

No no, it's the other way around, Momiji. If you think like that you'll never get promoted.

This is the first major event since the oni left... In other words, the first major event since the tengu society has been formed.

*sigh* Is that what it's about? Well, I had not heard of two people putting up such a large fight before this.

That's not very strange. Our opponents are gods after all. The problem is the shrine maiden. She's been prwoling around outside the mountain. Her objectives needs to be confirmed.

Yes, that is our current duty.

And a story regarding that matter...

So is is all for that after all... Reporting on the matters regarding this affair to the outside is prohibited. Would you be fine in that regard?

...Eh? Is that true?

The greater Tengu notified everyone already. We are to prevent anyone from leaking information outside the mountain.

With the martial law that we are currently undergoing, that does not matter.

That's true. but... Ah-ah, I feel all my motivation fading away now.

This is our duty, so please carry it out properly.

You're quite the obedient dog, aren't you?

I'm a wolf! Good grief, please take your work more serio...

What's up? Did you find the shrine maiden?

No, not the shrine maiden. However, a human and a kappa are flying a little ahead of us. And that, kappa could it be...

A human and a kappa...? That's strange. If martial law has been declared... Then the kappa shouldn't be leaving the mountain.

That is correct. And a kappa being with a human is even stranger.

Let's ask them some questions. They might know something about the shrine maiden. And even if they don't, that's definitely an interesting pairing.

Understood. Please keep going in this direction.

Hey, are we at Kourindou yet?

Don't get so impatient. We're almost there.

But I've been looking forward to this ever since I left the mountain!!

Oh yeah, you never told me why you wanted to go to Kourindou.

My current invention needs some special parts. So I figured I'd search for them at an items shop. If they have what I want in stock, then my invention is complete... And the thought of it excites me too much to calm down!

Borrow...? Um, right?

Marisa has a very... interesting definition of "borrow". Let's leave it at that.

Anyways, Momiji and Aya spawn on the other corner of the screen.

Hm? Who's that?

Ack, don't tell me...

But it really is you, Nitori.

Momiji, why are you here!?

That is what I want to ask. What are you doing here during such a major event? You are aware that the entire mountain is in a state of martial law, no?

Ehhh!? Martial law!?

What the...? So when you said you couldn't return to the mountain...

N-No. It's true that I didn't get permission before leaving... But I didn't know the situation had gotten so serious...

My, Momiji. Do you know her?

Yes. She is friend of mine, Nitori Kawashiro. I have no idea what she is doing here, though. I was not even aware she had left the mountain.

Who are you all anyway? You all seem to be in a rush, just like Nitori.

Ah yes, you would be... the ordinary human magician that resides in this forest?

Yep yep, I'm great human magician that resides in this forest. Ohoho, so even the youkai finally know my name now.

A kappa running away from the mountain and a human who lives in the forest... The two having a secret meeting... It sounds like it'd make for a good article.

Hmm? Article? Whaddya mean?

Ah, I should have mentioned. I am Aya Shameimaru, a reporter and a crow tengu. I am a compiler of the Bunbunmaru Newspaper. It's the fastest and most fantastic fountain of truth in Gensokyo.

Aya proceeds to rapidly fly around Marisa and Nitori, occasionally stopping to take a photo.

Mmm, such good pictures.

W-We're not meeting secretly or anything. I just happened to run into Marisa...

Right. If you want an article, there's lots more interesting things to cover.

Ohh, such as? I would love to hear about it.

Haha, I see. That is an important incident too.

That is an important incident... 'too'?

Ayaya, that was a dangerous choice of words.

...? Well, whatever. I'll be settling this mist incident from here on. If you want a prior interview, now's your chance

Hm... I did indeed forget about this mist incident.

Ehh!? Are you planning to ignore our orders to look out for the shrine maiden?

That isn't for me, you can find her yourself. It's a responsibility more suited for you anyway.

Such selfishness...!

I'll be counting on you.

Aya zooms away.

...*sigh* This always happens when I'm paired with her...

Looks like she wants this matter to be concluded without needing an article.

I'm sure she overlooked it as a friend of mine was involved. Now then, let's return to the mountain, Nitori. As I said earlier, martial law has been declared.

Ooh, well...

Hold it, what did you mean just now?

What did Reimu do this time?

You certainly have sharp ears for a human. Ah, that's right. Nitori, have you seen any suspicious shrine maidens around?

I haven't seen any shrine maidens. I've been lost and alone, wandering the Forest of Magic the whole time...

...That is what you get for flying off by yourself. Well, it is no matter if you do not know. Finding her is my duty, anyway. That is all I wanted to ask. Come, Nitori.

Wait! Don't just end the converation like that! There's a shrine maiden that ain't Reimu? I've no idea what you're on about. Does it have something to do with this scarlet mist?

I will not answer your questions. If you wish to interfere any further, I will have to get rid of you by force.

Hah, if it's a danmaku battle you want, that's exactly what you're gonna get! Nitori, you know about danmaku battles, right?

I'm quite informed on them, why?

Why? You're gonna be helping me out, obviously.

Ehhhh!? Why must I fight Momiji?

If I get shot down here, you can't go to Kourindou. Are you okay with that?

Hmhm? But I said...

How tiresome. I shall silence both of you.

Hah, just try it!

This isn't how it's supposed to be...

Now that the chapter has finally started, let's take a look at Momiji. I haven't fought her yet, so her status screen is hidden to me.

But if I use Nitori's Scan spirit...

(All of the spirits have little animations when you activate them, but Scan's is by far the most impressive.)

I can get a sneak peak. Ha, 850 Armor? Really? This is going to be a jo-

Oh god damn it she has Shield Defense.

(I moved Marisa and Nitori forward a bit in a very specific position before I ended my turn.)

When a unit is attacked, instead of choosing to counter they can also choose to Defend or Evade. Evade cuts the enemy's hit rate in half, while Defend makes your character take half damage. The drawback is supposed to be that you're giving up your counter attack, but there are two ways around that. The first is Shield Defense, which randomly (aka the CPU does it whenever it's most inconvenient) lets you Defend and still get to counter.

The second way is Support Defend here. I mentioned this in the last update, but if a unit who possesses this is next to a unit who gets attacked,

Music: Be a Shooting Star

Click to watch the video!

they'll take the hit. The level of a character's Support skill determines how many times they can do it per turn.

At the beginning of turn 2 is the focusing tutorial. Once again I'm skipping it.

Remember when I said I arranged Marisa and Nitori in a very specific formation? I meant right next to each other. This way, Nitori can use her Support Defend to protect Marisa...

...and Marisa can't use Nitori's Support Attack because none of Nitori's weapons hit far enough to hit the fairies from where she's flying. Welp.

Music: Water-to-Air Super Youkai Warhead Nitori

Oh well, it would have been overkill anyways. Marisa and Nitori take down the two fairies with their weakest attacks.

The red fairy decided to try attacking Nitori.

That was not a very good idea.

Once it's my turn again, I have Marisa cast Gain. This will double the experience she gets next battle.

And since her next battle was her finishing off the red fairy, well. If you use Gain like this, you can get Marisa to be a couple levels higher than anyone else if you feed her boss kills, and she'll need that if she wants to keep up with Reimu.

Turn 4 is just more advancing. If you're using units with Supports, it's a good idea to move them first so you know where everyone needs to stand to get the Support.

Nitori weakens the fairy spawning the danmaku, and Marisa finishes her of-

...or not. That was a 93% chance!

Marisa even gets hit on the counter (a 44% chance)

I was a bit late with this picture, but the thing I wanted to note is that Marisa dodged the fairy's attack. Support Defend will only activate if the attacked unit would normally be hit, so you don't have to worry about wasting it.

The only other thing of note was Nitori also missing a fairy with a 90% chance. I guess she didn't want Marisa to feel too bad.

Anyways, revenge! The fairy who dodged Nitori is in range for a Support Attack.

...or Marisa could just kill her with a critical. Sure, why not.

Nitori finishes the last fairy. I should probably do something about her HP, huh.

Once the enemy phase starts, Momiji finally gets off her ass and

attacks Nitori. Yeah, I'm definitely going to have to heal Nitori next turn.

Nitori, I will say this again. Come with me back to the mountain.

I know I was wrong to leave the mountain... But I'm so close to Kourindou now. So please let me get away with this!

Why would I let you get away with such a trivial excuse?

Trivial!? It's for my really important invention! Sorry, but I'm going to make my way through you!

Music: Observe, White Wolf!

If you're curious, that weird moonrune Momiji's shouting is pronounced "no." So yeah, Hyper NoNo Slash.

The first thing I do at the beginning of Turn 6 is to retreat. I want that Bonus, but Momiji will retreat if her HP gets too low. I need to chip her down then finish her off with the help of a Support Attack. But this isn't a very good position to do that (especially since Marisa and Nitori's best attacks can't hit at point blank), and Nitori's not in good shape anyways.

Speaking of that, Nitori starts with this. How convenient.

I have her cast Guard first just in case though.

Momiji attacks again, but Hyper のの Slash is much less impressive this time.

Normally I'd save before I try and kill Momiji so Shield Defense won't screw me over, but I promised Ryza I wouldn't save/reset for this entire LP. He meant it as a joke, but I'm still going to do it.

Nitori starts the assault. She cast Guard again, so she won't be too hurt.

I'd be annoyed, but the critical makes this do just about the right amount of damage.

Next is a Focused Marisa. I'm not very confident with coin-flip odds, but not everyone can be Reimu I guess.

Who are you, and why would you decieve Nitori like that?

Nitori ain't got anything to do with this. It's your fault for not answering my questions! So what's going on with this shrine maiden you're chasing, and isn't Reimu?

I said it has nothing to do with you. If you will not keep quiet, then I shall shut you up by force!

Woah, why didn't Marisa Graze?

It's because のの Slash is a Strike attack, as you can see from the S next to it. Strike attacks can be blocked by a couple skills, but in exchange they can not be Grazed.

Marisa also got a level.

Momiji attacks Marisa, and I do not have her counter. Momiji's about at the threshold of retreating, and Marisa can't finish her off by herself.

...I am in a Bad Position. Thanks to that unlucky hit from earlier, Marisa doesn't have enough HP to tank some Graze damage from Momiji.

Huh? Marisa has over 600 HP and that last hit she grazed only did 574? Yeah, I guess I haven't explained how Graze damage is calculated. Basically it takes the opponent's hit rate and multiplies the final damage by it. So if Momiji had a 50% hit rate and would've done 5000 damage, if I had Marisa Graze that she'd take 2500 damage. Marisa could easily survive a Graze from Momiji's weaker attacks, but she can't survive Hyper のの Slash. Especially since Momiji's Power has been increasing.

Next turn, Marisa casts Gain again.

She then unfocuses (so Graze damage won't kill her) and attacks. Moving away from Momiji would slightly lower her hit rate, but not enough for Graze to save me. It would also lower my damage and I don't want that.

It's all up to chance now.



Welp, that blew up in my face. I did make some mistakes though, so I guess this is to be expected. At least I got pretty lucky with Shield Defense.

..So you are getting cocky, I see.

Sorry, Momiji.

Now then, ready to talk all 'bout that shrine maiden?

Do not delve any deeper into this matter if you know what is good for you.

Ah, wait!

Momiji leaves.

Bah... She got away. Oh well, let's finish up here.

What an explosive finish.

Whew, that's more or less settled.

Ah~ah, I've really gone and done it now. What am i gonna do...

What are you gonna do? You mean about leaving the mountain and all?

Yeah. Youkai Mountain has a very strict system.

Now that I've both left the mountain and shot Momiji down... I'm really going to be in for it when I go back.

Well, not much you can do about that, huh? Anyways, you still need to find your things, don't you?

Because Marisa died, I get a penalty to my Points. This is really bad, because once again there aren't that many Points in this game. Good thing Reimu's story is the main LP.


Momiji and Nitori both have really short attacks, so even with the spellcard segments you can't hear their full themes. Even more annoyingly, Marisa's theme cuts off right before the climax. I would highly recommend just straight listening to their themes.

Marisa Kirisame
Nitori Kawashiro
Momiji Inubashira


Music: Is a Transparent Enemy our Ally?

My, so you're suspending the game. Staring at the screen for so long is bad for your health, I suppose. But do you think someone who shows such weakness can defeat me?

Hahaha... Mwahahahahaha-

*cough* *cough*

Milady, please do not overexert yourself trying to laugh like that.