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Part 101: Headbutt, Gensokyo Finance, Secret Base



Introduced in: "Perfect Memento in Strict Sense"

A fighting technique used in professional wrestling. It involves the use of the head to strike the opponent.
In Touhou Project, if you mention the word "headbutt", the person that instantly comes to mind is Keine. The origin of that connection comes from "Perfect Memento in Strict Sense", where it is written that students from the elementary school who forget to bring their homework are punished with a headbutt. She gets even more edgy during a full moon, so if you annoy here then, you can expect an extremely painful headbutt with horns,
Compared to normal punishments like a flick to the forehead or a bop to the head, a headbutt doesn't seem like it would be any more effective. And it's rather painful, so it doesn't feel suited to be a punishment in all honesty.
In FMW, it gets mysteriously good treatment with an impactful battle animation. We asked ourselves whether it was really okay to make it stronger than most of the spellcards... then deserted our inhibitions, went with the flow, and completed it with gusto. There were many ups and downs in making the battle animation, and it holds the record for the most amount of continuous retakes.
If that's the case, who left in the "float in place for three seconds before diving"? It looks really awkward.

Gensokyo Finance


A FMW original creation. Its full name is "Gensokyo Finance Newspaper".

Keine refers to it as "Gensokyo Finance" during the game. It is a newspaper that reports on the latest news in Gensokyo, and is written in an extremely professional and serious manner. The only element of entertainment is the "Science Detective Magical Rikako" comic strip.
Exactly how a "Finance Newspaper" can be established in Gensokyo... has been slightly problematic to explain. It was written in without thinking too deeply about it, and ended up recorded in this glossary through some twist of fate.
Rikako is an actual Touhou character. This glossary entry will probably be the extent of her involvement in FMW.

Secret Base


A FMW original creation.

The name given to a floating island of ice in the Misty Lake. Built by Cirno, it is essentially a Kamakura-style house made of ice and serves as a secret base for Cirno and Daiyousei. It melts quickly in the summer, but with periodic maintenance the island never disappears entirely.
Assorted things like picked fruit and a frozen frog collection are stored inside the base. A carpet of leaves is spread on the floor like a mattress for Daiyousei, thought sitting on it is still rather cold. But Daiyousei, happy enough that Cirno went to such lengths for her, will never complain about it.
What exactly they do there is unclear. Given that it's a secret place to play and store treasure in, perhaps it's a place where they can exchange (girly) secrets with each other. But it definitely would not be about who they like or anything similar to that. (They don't even need to discuss that, right?)
Inconsiderate humans and youkai occasionally happen upon it and chisel part of the base away to make shaved ice.
Searching for "Kamakura-style house" gave me a couple pictures of a really ornate house, so the entry is probably talking about the Kamakura period.

EDIT: If anyone's wondering how long I'll be doing this, as soon as Namtab posts the final character update the LP will be over.