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Part 11: Silver Servant - Part 3

Namtab posted:

So it seems that in this game they're going with the idea that Alice is literally Shinki's child, which is unusual.

Still pretty sure they're just talking about the fanon "Shinki's creations treat her like a mom" thing.

Anyways, here's a quick status update on how chapter 3 went for Marisa. First off, Marisa did not die!

Starting chapter 3 without having Accel on Marisa was a little iffy, but she got it midway. Alice got a level too.

Cut it kind of close though.

Also Sakuya survived again.

I spent most of my Points getting Alice up to par, and dumped what I had left into Marisa's MP.

Marisa and Nitori also got their first skills. I actually spent a while debating on whether to get Marisa P-Hit or Unfocused Attack, but ultimately I decided in favor of the latter. I also debated saving up some more for Predict, but I figured it was unnecessary considering Marisa and Alice's Support.

Speaking of Alice, she's not getting Support Attack for a while.

She's also not getting her WP Bonus this intermission because I failed to kill Sakuya. Oh well.