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Part 14: Chapter 4M: Magicannon! Master Spark - Part 1

Someone knocks on the door.

Marisa? You're there right? Marisa? That's odd... With the state of things out there... I would've thought she'd be up and making a fuss.

Ack, so messy! It's even worse than before. Unread books and unfinished experiments shouldn't just be thrown around like this.

It's one thing to have a messy house, but having messy clothing is just unacceptable.



Ah. there they are. They really toss and turn a lot in their sleep... Marisa, Nitori. It's time to wake up.

Mmm... mwah...

Uhnn... bwah...

Get up already! Things are really bad!

Mmm... Alice...



Alice whacks Marisa.


Wake up! It's gotten really bad outside while you two have been sleeping!

Uweh!? What are you doing here, Alice!?

I knocked plenty of times just now. I came to check on you since trouble has started to brew.


Yes. Take a look outside.

Why so suddenly... What the heck? The mist looks super thick.

It's been like this since the morning. With all this mist in the air... The human village must be in an awful state right now.

The mist got this much thicker overnight... That makes things interesting. It's time for an early departure! C'mon Nitori, you gotta get up too!

Marisa's story treates the abrupt thickening of the mist a lot less seriously than Reimu's did. Fitting, considering Reimu and Keine are much more concerned with the overall safety of Gensokyo.


Wait... Investigating is good and all, but where would we even go to begin with? We don't know where all this mist is coming from in the first place...

Hmph, that's true ...Wait. If you're looking for the source of the mist...

(The source of the scarlet mist lies beyond the lake, in a scarlet mansion. Please hurry. A crisis will soon be upon the humans.)


Hey, Marisa, where's my toothbrush? ...Hm? Why do you look so spaced out?

It's nothing. I just thought of a place I wanted to check out. Since we don't have any clues, wanna go to the lake?

The lake...? That's fine with me, but it's pretty random. Why there?

That's cuz last night, I had a...

...Ah, it just came in a flash to me. Like, zing! Even someone of my level gets things like this sometimes.

Hmm... I could believe if it was Reimu, but relying on your intuition is a little...

We won't know till we give it a try, right? Let's get moving before Reimu sets out!

Huh? I thought you two helped each other out, like yesterday. Are you two competing or something?

Not exactly, but she gets all proud and intolerable if she wins.

The canonical player character for most of the Touhou games is usually Reimu, so I imagine Marisa has a lot of experience with this.

It's great timing too. You two come along with me, I'll show you my perfected magic!

...You're full of confidence today, aren't you? Very well, I'll see just how far your skill goes.

Hello, Marisa. You've come later than I... Hm?

...Good day.

Oops, I had the wrong person. My apologies.


Ah, never mind. I was just expecting a visit from someone I knew regarding a promise. I believe you would be...

That's right. You came at the right time, the repairs have been completed. Here you go, the promised parasol.

Thank you very much. ...Amazing, it's like an entirely new parasol. You did a very good job.

I've mended broken bones before. Something like this is comparatively simple. That parasol is a splendid item, though. Not only does it protect against ultraviolet rays and danmaku...

If you have more in stock, I would love to buy them.

I don't think you'd look very good using it. It was made with women in mind.

Items aren't just used for their primary purposes. An umbrella like this would draw in more customers and profits as a decoration.

...This really is some 'items shop' you're running.

Thank you very much.

Please come again.

There's really so much of it. I wonder if the humans are okay...

Normal humans are probably suffering from it right now. If you're worried, perhaps we should go check up on them.

Even if we go, there ain't anything we can do for them there. Resolving this incident takes first priority.

I guess you're right. Let's finish our business here quickly then... Hm?

So at this point, I imagine everyone familiar with Touhou is having a moment.

Did someone just emerge from Kourindou...?

Hm? that's...



Marisa, do you know her?

That shameless demeanor written all over your face, and that broom...

Yeah, you're...

Who were you again?

Gah! Geez, this always happens!

AKA Touhou 4.

Flew into her home and made a mess...? Were you stealing from other people too?

Hey, don't spoil my reputation. It was all in self-defense. Mostly.

She was a youkai who stood at the gate of the mansion I went to some time back. She got in my way, so I beat her up.

Sanbondo pulled a fast one here. With her face shadowed out, Elly resembles another, extremely popular character. Since that character has a special parasol of her own, I imagine a lot of Touhou fans assumed that Elly was her!

She stood at the gate of a mansion? Wouldn't that make her a gatekeeper? It doesn't look like her job has changed since then.

...I feel kind of sympathetic now.

What did you come here for? Don't tell me you're here to steal this parasol...

You think way too highly of yourself. I've got no business with you, so go away. I'm busy investigating the scarlet mist.

...This scarlet mist, you say?

Yep. I'm gonna find the culprit and teach him or her a lesson.

Now that I've heard that, there's no way I can let you go so easily.

! Don't tell me she's...

An ally of the maid!?

That maid... Ahh, so you've met Sakuya.

Other way around, actually.

But now you have the misfortune of encountering me. Come out, everyone!

Here, have some new enemies! Doofy Ghosts and Evil Eyes were the standard trash enemies of the PC-98 era, which is also where Elly comes from.

Marisa, I've never seen these enemies before!

Hmph, more nostalgic stuff to follow after you, huh? Still, fodder is just that, fodder. It's easy enough to knock them about. We'll be turning the screw on you soon, get ready!

Hehehe... Go ahead, just try it.

She's rather confident despite having lost once already.

Yeah. Marisa, be careful.

I'm not gonna let someone like her slow me down. We'll clean them up in no time!

(I'll be testing you all out right now...!)

And on that ominous note,

the chapter begins.

This is all there is to this chapter. Much like Reimu's chapter 4, Magicannon Master Spark! is more plot than gameplay.

Let's start with the usual.

Elly's not very special. Kind of sturdy, but that's about it.

Marisa could probably reach the enemies if I had her cast Accel, but it's safer to keep her near Nitori and Alice.

As soon as the enemy phase begins, the Evil Eyes throw up their distinctive danmaku fields. These things reduce evasion by a whopping 20% each, so be careful!

Pretty much the only thing Doofy Ghosts have going for them is being kind of durable.

They also have a stronger attack they can use at point blank, but they're probably never going to be able to use the thing.

I have Alice finish off the ghost,

and move Marisa and Nitori into position. I'm going to be getting past this danmaku through abusing Support Defend.

Evil Eyes always make dumb jokes related to whatever they're attacking.

They hit kind of hard actually, but since they use lasers Marisa and Alice aren't at risk. And Nitori can just defend.

Danmaku can seriously restrict mobility. Thankfully, Alice has a pretty reasonable Focused Move so she doesn't care too much.

And of course she has sky-high Skill so she criticals and one shots this eye.

Nitori softens up another eye,

and Marisa discovers she has better rates sticking next to Alice than going point-blank.

The only thing that happened enemy phase was Nitori and a ghost trading blows.

On the next turn, I have Alice and Marisa tag-team the final Evil Eye,

and have Nitori weaken the last healthy enemy with a Berserk-induced critical. I could have had her finish off that ghost that attacked her, but Marisa and Alice need the Graze more.

By the way, since Nitori is at low health so she can benefit from Berserk, she's a magnet for enemy attacks. These two ghosts wasted the enemy phase attacking Nitori, and only did about 800 damage total.

Berserk is self-perpetuating; every time you get hit you take less damage, and at the same time you attract more enemies to you so you can take even less damage. It really is a great skill.

Marisa finishes off one ghost and gets a level,

and Alice nails the other one.

Alright, time to get Elly.

I position Nitori so she's in range to support with Monster Cucumber next turn before attacking.

Marisa seems to know you from before... But I guess you two weren't exactly friends.

Of course not. She tormented me the whole time!

Ah, in that case, she hasn't really changed much from the past. But you still knew the Marisa from back then... I'm kinda envious.

Music: The Girl Guarding the Door of Dreams

The intro to this song is a SRW reference. More specifically, a Gundam one.

The next plot segment starts up when Elly goes under 50% HP.

Nitori should be able to take about three more hits if I have her cast Guard and Defend.

Seriously, don't underestimate Berserk + Guard + Defend.

On the next turn I have Alice and Nitori tag-team Elly.

Based on your appearance and your loss to the Marisa of old... I would imagine that you aren't anything special.

Those are really cheeky words from someone who hasn't even fought me yet. Whether you're some Alice or some anonymous magician, no one has the right to ...Uh.


...Is that so? I have no clue who you are myself.

Artful Sacrifice + Monster Cucumber finishes this fight.

Hah, you ain't got the walk to back up your talk.

You really were nothing special. That maid from yesterday was several times stronger.

Ooh, who would've thought I'd be taken this far...

Accepted it yet? If you tell me all you know about the scarlet mist, then maybe I'll pardon you.

What should I do... At this rate, I'll get beaten up really bad...

When Marisa talks like that...

If you don't, it's really likely that Marisa will start going too far.

Yeah... There really wasn't any way that I could win...


Music: Creeping Dreams

Watch Elly get serious!

The heck? These floor tiles are flying at me!?

Floor tiles in the middle of the Forest of Magic... Where are they coming from?

No matter how many times you fire a simple attack like this, none are gonna hit me.

Indeed, those attacks won't hit you.

Don't be sore just cuz you're about to lose. Hope you're prepared!

! Marisa, wait!

Too late!

What's this...!?

What's going on!? These floor tiles are covering us from all sides!

Ahahahaha, how do you like that!? This is my secret weapon, floor tile danmaku!

Those first few floor tiles she shot off were decoys! But how are these tiles moving so freely...?

These are basically a type of familiar. They're possessed by spirits. That allows the floor tiles to move of their own will.

That's a pretty good explanation. This is the first time I've tried using them, but they seemed to have worked well.

I'm assuming Elly's talking about using floortile familiars, because she totally threw floortiles at the player at the beginning of her boss fight in Touhou 4.

I'll take a bit of time to let you all experience the power of the floor tiles!.

Like Rumia, Elly casts Guts. And once again I failed to screen capture it.

Anyways, Elly was not kidding. While surrounded by floortiles, there is nothing a character can do.

I'm not really sure why they even say it's -10 Move when you're not even allowed to use the Move command anyways.

I need to survive two turns before the next cutscene, so I have Nitori land to take advantage of the terrain.

It turned out to be pointless though, since Elly attacked Marisa both times. I stupidly still chose to have Nitori blow her last Guard.


...This is bad...

My, what happened to all that haughtiness you all had a little while ago?

These bloody floor tiles... I can't move an inch.

In our current state, we cannot counterattack, nor can we retreat... We fell straight into her trap.

Ahahaha, this feels great. You are completely immobilized by my floor tiles...

Take your pick.

Hmph, these floor tiles are nothing for...

That's enough of your bluffing!

Elly attacks Marisa.

Music: Girls, Surpass the Carnage!


Marisa! This is getting from bad to worse! What are we gonna do!? Alice, can you think of anything!?

...My dolls won't be able to get through the floor tiles. There's nothing I can do.

No way...!

Ahaha, so you were just all talk after all. I'll finish you off now!

This time Elly hits Alice.



Attacking while she can't do a thing... That's awful!

It's her own fault for falling into my trap. People pay when they get too careless in a danmaku battle...

Now Elly attacks Nitori.



You're up next. Prepare yourself!

Ooh... Marisa, if you can get away, go!

We'll buy you some time somehow, so...

My attacks don't work... and even Nitori and Alice can't stand up to her...

Dammit, is there nothing I can do!?

One of the readings for four in japanese sounds like death, so this would actually be a fitting place to end.

But of course it's not over yet.

Just as Reimu 4 had Akyu, Marisa 4 has Rinnosuke! He doesn't have any battle sprites though, or any character data.


Mr. Kourindou!?

Kourin... So you're the one Marisa's always talking about.

Kourin! We're in the middle of a danmaku battle, don't get involved! You ain't got a way to defend youself against stray bullets!

Sorry, but I'm not listening.

He was totally fine with waiting for things to get this bad though.

And even I, an items shop owner, have things that I can do.

Things that you could do... You mean...

You're the shopkeeper of Kourindou...! Are you planning to give Marisa a new item!? I'm not going to let that happen right under my nose!

Elly turns her scythe on Rinnosuke.


Rinnosuke goes splat.


Don't bother with me...! Marisa, use this!

Rinnosuke chucks something to Marisa.

...This is...!

Listen well, Marisa!

It has been made specifically for Marisa Kirisame, the magician. No matter how flashy or strong the magic is, you can use it. It will give you all the power that you need.

Somehow I get the feeling this is a reference.


...I understand. I've now received the reborn mini-hakkero.

Ugh, that item's gotten into Marisa's hands! But what can a tiny boiler like this do? It's no match for my floor tiles!

Don't underestimate the tools made by Kourin. This boiler may be small, but it'll be one that'll knock you out!

Eat THIS!!

Music: The Moment Dreams Reach the Stars

This is probably my favorite song title. Like Reimu's finisher, this song will also override any other battle theme.

Watch Marisa use her new spell!

So at this point I'd like to note that I fucked up the initial recording of Master Spark and, since I didn't have any saves, had to restart the chapter. I made sure to do the exact same things as last time and everyone got the same amount of experience and graze, but there were some differences: Marisa got hit once (on a 31%) and Elly decided to move closer.

The floor tiles vanished!

If those floor tiles defend against attacks, then just blow them all away... What kind of thinking is that...?

Hah, how'd you like that? This is my Magicannon special technique...

Love Sign 'Master Spark'!!

"Love Sign" is Marisa's code word for "I stole this move from someone." As for from who, well if Elly's here I'm sure most of you Touhou fans know who else must be involved. For everyone else... wait and see.

Love Sign...

Master... Spark.

*cough**cough*... Ooh, how vexing! I was so close!

Too bad, so sad for you. Bring some floor tiles that won't be blown apart by my Magicannon next time.

I'll remember this! You won't get away so easily the next time we meet!

Elly flees.

You did it, Marisa!

...Using all the magical power that you have and releasing it all at once... What a shockingly reckless technique. But it saved us all this time.

That's the most important thing about danmaku. It's gotta be strong.

This is Marisa's mantra. Not coincidentally, it's the opposite of Alice's "Danmaku is all about brains."

Mr. Kourindou is really amazing too. He made that boiler that allowed you to use magic like that.

Yeah, I'm in his debt this time. Thanks a bunch, Kourin... Wait, Kourin!? Where are you!?

Marisa zooms over to Rinnosuke's side.

You okay, Kourin!?

There's no need to worry about me. The wounds are shallower than I though. You all have your mission to resolve this mist incident.


Mr. Kourindou... It looks like you only have scratches here and there...

Elly's not that cruel.

...Ahem. Anyway. I will deal with it somehow, so you all should keep going forward.

Yeah, thanks Kourin. I'll take good care of this new mini-hakkero.

There's no need to thank me. I'll just take some of your junk on my next visit.

Come whenever you want. After I resolve the incident, that is!

We're really going to the lake?

That youkai ran off in the direction of the lake too.

So there's really something at the lake...

Hm? Did you say something?

Ahh, just thinking to myself that the lake's really suspicious. I'm heading there at full speed, don't fall behind!

Marisa's group leaves.

Whew... I may have tried to be too cool while I was handing over the mini-hakkero... But now, I finally feel like I've seen Marisa out on her journey.

...Marisa. From now on, enemies stronger than anything you have faced will stand in your way.

And when that day comes... When you finally become a great magician...

God damn it Rinnosuke you are terrible at this.

Now go, Marisa. I'll be watching you from afar.


Master Spark Exhibition


Are you still playing that game, Nitori?

Yeah. I'll shoot down this retreating unit if I land a critical here...

Gyah! The enemies killed me on their turn first!

Ahh, that is too bad. It would be time to use the quick load, then...

Nope, I figured since this was stage 1, I'd be fine. I didn't save even once... Gwah, I'm gonna have to redo my research from step 1!

...That is what will happen if you do not save diligently.

I think the game is trying to tell me something here.