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Part 17: Chapter 5R: Shameimaru, God of Wind - Part 2

It is true that we are relying on Reimu to lead in her own way... But the mist is gradually growing thicker. We might be approaching the point of its origin.

That's Reimu's intuition for you.

Hey, adequate is pretty good considering how far we can see ahead of us.

I suppose you suffer from the reputation of your famous intuition, huh?

In any case, that was a very strange youkai.

Which do you mean? The scythe youkai, or the reporter youkai?

The tengu was especially interesting. She called herself an "ally of truth"...

Yes, she did say something admirable like that.

I would like to try calling myself something similar too.

Perhaps something like "I am Youmu Konpaku! The sword that smites falsehoods!".

Now I want to see a Youmu detective game.

That sounds pretty good. Like something you would find from those old stories of samurai and knights.

You two like that kind of stuff, huh?

The tengu was strange, but the scythe youkai's goal was a complete mystery.

Yes, perhaps we might be able to find out something if we follow her... Ah.

That's right... This is the direction the scythe youkai ran off towards!

Yep. I was thinking this way was a bit suspicious anyway.

Is that youkai really connected to this mist though?

I do not think it would be particularly unsurprising if she was.

Why would that be?

Thus, it is likely that there is a base of sorts nearby where she can do so.

I see, that sounds reasonable. You are much more sensible and reliable than I thought.

Keine is about as tact as a brick to the face.

I thought before that you resembled some of the children at my elementary school. They would regularly lose their belongings and such...

L-lose their belongings...!?

Is something wrong?

(Argh, I left the notes I took at Akyu's house at the shrine this time...)

Anyways, the mist is getting thicker. Let's keep progressing onwards.


Hm? Why are you staring at me?

Hey, hey, what was your name?

I never told you? It's Reimu.

Hmm... Reimu, huh. Okay, I'll remember it.

Oh really? You have praiseworthy taste.

I prefer humans, but I don't mind helping out if I can keep eating food like that.

You think I'll become a cook for youkai just because you asked me to?



Man, 11 hours of playtime? Maybe I should cut down on the breaks.

I spend 6000 Points upgrading Keine's HP. I could have spent 8000 on her Armor, but I want to keep some Points in reserve.

...In hindsight, upgrading Youmu or Rumia might have been a smarter use of my funds. Oh well.

Youmu picks up Unfocused Movement.

And Rumia can't afford anything yet.

Youmu's next in line for a WP level, and it's an okay one. This will guarantee Parry's activation in the next battle, which can be handy if you're fighting a boss with a Strike attack. And most of them have at least one.

Finally, I tack this on to Rumia.


In today's game mechanic chat, I'm going to go over every purchasable skill. Some of these I've already covered, some of them I haven't. Either way, I'll get into the math if there is any.

Tipsy: 60 Graze

Considering it costs the same amount as a P-Action skill, which will give you much more than +5 Power over the course of a chapter, Tipsy's not really worth it.

Shotgunning: 180

As I understand it, this is actually x1.44 damage; attacks already do x1.2 if you use them from point blank.

Support Attack: 160 - 192

Support Defend: 160 - 192

I think I've explained these pretty well already. But I should note that I actually got a detail wrong earlier; turns out Support Attack only reduces the final damage to 75%, not 50%. So Alice actually can fully make up for the damage penalty when she gets a critical!

Instinct Dodge: 50 - 60 - 70 - 80 - 90 - 100 - 110 - 120 - 130

The wiki has a nice table that explains how this skill works:

As you can see, at its best this skill is like permanently casting Focus. Combine that with how Grazing reduces damage, and you can get some pretty sturdy Reals! If you're willing to pump in the Graze and get your character's health low enough, you can have some fun this.

Random Dodge: 40 - 48 - 56 - 64 - 72 - 80 - 88 - 88 - 96

Depending on the Skill difference between your character and the enemy, your evasion rate increases by a random amount. The level of the skill probably plays a part in determining the general range of the boost. So if it was Lvl 1 it'd range from 10% to 40%, but if it was Lvl 9 it'd be 35% to 40%. Those aren't the actual figures by the way, I just made those up. I actually don't understand this skill that much, sorry.

Berserk: 50 - 60 - 70 - 80 - 90 - 100 - 110 - 120 - 130

This skill triggers when the character's HP falls below (max HP x Skill Level x 0.1). With that said, according to another chart from the wiki

(this time the percentages indicate how much your Armor and critical rate increases)

it apparently doesn't really activate until your health is really low? I've seen reduced damage and more frequent criticals even before a character reaches those HP checkpoints, though.

Streaming: 50 - 60 - 70 - 80 - 90 - 100

Reduces Graze damage by ((Skill Level * 25)/6)%. Not very useful, but at least it's cheap.

This skill's name comes from how you dodge bullets aimed at your character's position. Steadily tapping in any direction will cause all of the bullets to miss you by just a bit, and if you do it right your Graze will also shoot up. The bullets will form a "stream" of sorts, hence the name.

Pattern Type: 60 - 72 - 84 - 96 - 108 - 120 - 132 - 144 - 156

(Skill Level/16)% chance of countering during an enemy attack. That means that instead of the enemy attacking first, your character will. This is honestly a lot more useful for enemies than player characters.

Also, the name is a reference to danmaku patterns; a lot of boss attacks in Touhou games follow distinct patterns, and if you can learn them you can beat the game a lot easier. Or in this case counter.

Unfocused Movement: 70 - 84 - 98 - 112 - 126 - 140 - 154 - 168 - 182

Increases the power of P attacks by (Skill Level * 50), boosts Unfocused Move by (Skill Level * 0.25), and raises Focused Move by (Skill Level * 0.13). For that last one, note that Marisa, Nitori, and Keine have a different multiplier; Marisa's is 0.1, Nitori's is 0.11, and Keine's is 0.15. Amusingly, this means that Marisa gets the lowest boost while Keine gets the highest.

Focused Movement: 70 - 84 - 98 - 112 - 126 - 140 - 154 - 168 - 182

Increases the power of non-P attacks by (Skill Level * 50). Also increases their range by 1 at Lvl 4 and 2 at Lvl 8.

P-Damaged: 60

P-Hit: 60

P-Evade: 60

P-Danmaku: 60

These all do exactly what they say to do. You can use them to balance out a character's Power gains (Reimu can use P-Evade since she doesn't get Power from dodging normally) or to enhance them (Marisa getting P-Hit gets her 2 Power every time she hits). Also, P-Danmaku doesn't care if you're in overlapping danmaku fields, so no exploiting enemy placement to super charge your Power.

Predict: 140

Belief: 140

Once again, these do exactly what they says they do. 10 points may not seem like much, but to put that in perspective that's like 5 to 6 levels worth of stat gains.


Next time on Fantasy Maiden Wars E: Turmoil on the Lake Part 1

Reimu and Marisa continue their progress towards the lake. Floating atop the lake and standing in their way is Cirno, the ice fairy. She attacks under the misconception that Marisa is a kidnapper, and there is only one person who can calm her fighting spirit!

"Shaddap, evil magician! I know you kidnapped Dai to eat her!"