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Part 19: Chapter 5M: Daiyousei SOS - Part 2

Whew, we've gone pretty far.

The mist is getting real thick too. We could easily get lost here...

Umm, if this fallen tree branch is here, then...

Hey, is this random guiding really okay? There were plenty of tree branches tumbling around earlier.

There shouldn't be any need to worry. Fairies are able to perceive nature from their senses much better than us.

Izzat so? I don't really get it, but it sounds like something nice to have.

Ehh... My name?

Yeah, it'll be problematic if we don't know your name. Oh right. I'm Marisa, a great magician.

"Great" is taking it a bit too far. I'm Alice, a magician.

I'm Nitori, nice to meet you.

Ah, um... Nice to meet you too...

Well? It's self-introduction time, y'know.

Ah, um. It's the first time that I've had humans and youkai asking for my name...

Dai actually doesn't have a name; she was just a nameless midboss in EoSD's Stage 2. "Daiyousei" was made up by the fanbase, and just means Greater Fairy.

Daiyousei, huh? Nice to meet ya.

Does that name refer to you being stronger than other fairies? It seemed that way from that danmaku battle earlier.

Everyone just calls me that. I don't live up to the name myself. In danmaku terms, compared to Cirno, I'm...

Is that Cirno the friend you mentioned earlier?

She is also a ludicrously popular character, and the entire reason Daiyousei even got a name to begin with.

But she always hides herself really well in hide-and-seek... If I don't find her quickly she might think that something happened to me...

Considering she's the one hiding herself, that's pretty messed up.

You're quite a worrisome one, huh?

But I can really admire how much a fairy like you cares for your friends.

All right, your big sis Nitori is going to pitch in and help you find your friend.

You don't look like a big sister though.




We may be youkai, but there's no need to be so tense.

It can be hard to remember at times with how easy-going the parties are, but it's still important to note that humans and youkai working together like this is a huge anomaly in EoSD-era Gensokyo.


Humans do bully fairies, so it's understandable if you're frightened of them... But well, there are some rather eccentric humans too.


Go ahead and add something to your name then. Like 'Dainitori'.

Hmm, I think I prefer "Giant Nitori" myself.

There is actually a Full Armor Nitori in FMW2.

But then you don't have the "Dai" anymore.

......Heh... Ehehe...

(I think she would get along well with Cirno.)

Well then, please continue guiding us to the lake. We'll search for your friend as well.

Ahh, yes. Please follow me.


I'm running out of things to say on these intermission screens. Way to go Marisa?

At the cost of most of my funds, Nitori finally gets an Armor upgrade.

Alice is almost at 160! And as you can see, Dai starts with 0 Graze. She doesn't need any skills though, so it doesn't hurt her at all.

If for some god forsaken reason Dai actually gets some Graze, I guess she'd want either this or Unfocused Movement. You can consider replacing Support Defend so that you don't have to constantly select No Support, but it might come in handy sometimes so I wouldn't.

More importantly, Dai steps ahead of Nitori and gets the WP level. Purity here reduces Heal's MP cost to 0! Which... is kind of useless since Dai does not have any MP issues whatsoever, but it's the thought that counts.


Initial Stats - Level 20 Stats

Personality: Cautious (Hit: +1 Power, Evade: +2 Power, Kill: +4 Power, Get Hit: +1 Power, Ally Killed: +1 Power)

Character Ability: Heal (Restore HP to an adjacent ally. Costs MP,)

WP Bonus: Purity Lvl 1-2 [Reduce MP cost of Heal command to 0. Lvl 2 also increases total amount healed by 20%.]

Spirits: Trust [15 SP, Level 1], Cheer (casts Gain on a unit of your choice) [30 SP, Level 11], Alert [15 SP, Level 18]

There's one more thing Dai can do, but we're not quite there yet.

Dai is the dedicated healing unit, and that's a role that speaks for itself. It's pretty much up to you on how you want to spend her SP though; you can spend it all on healing or spend a chunk on Cheer to power up another unit. And if you manage to get it, Alert is a pretty cheap way to make Dai a lot more survivable on her own. Her low HP makes her a bit of a target for enemy attacks by the way, and while she's size SS her Mobility and Evasion aren't too hot. I'd plop her down next to someone with Support Defend for her own safety.

In FMW2, Dai hulked the hell out and became FAIRY DESTROYER OF WORLDS .

...Okay not really. Dai can get some pretty hilarious stat boosts, but her attacks are still weak. More pertinently, Dai gets some competition on the healing front but she's still the undisputed best at it.


Next time on Fantasy Maiden Wars E: Turmoil on the Lake Part 1

We're almost at this LP's halfway point.