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Part 26: Turmoil on the Lake Part 2 - Part 3

For Marisa's route, I'm not going to try and kill Sanae. Instead, I'm going to show off how easy this chapter can be if you prepared for it.

Though I do want to note that beating Sanae is easier on Marisa's route. Aside from this buffing the power of Master Spark, if you bought Support Attack for Marisa you can forget bringing Reimu and Keine over entirely. Just have Dai bomb then Perfect Freeze + Master Spark her down. And maybe have Cirno attack once or twice if you're not feeling confident.

First step is to heal Reimu (and Marisa),

second is to just throw her into the middle.

Then everyone else just attacks the nearest crow.

I decided to have Alice and Marisa get into Support range because the numerous Marisa deaths on the Reimu route have made me paranoid.

Enemy phase was uneventful besides a crow going for Dai since Marisa was out of range.

Nitori also weakened a bunch of crows for Keine. She gets a Trust in compensation, then dives underwater and flees. She (and Rumia) won't be doing anything else for the rest of the chapter.

Meanwhile, Reimu casts Focus again (the first one ended up being wasted), focuses, then charges further in.

More cleanup follows, with Dai dropping a bomb so Cirno can kill that crow.

Err, almost kill that crow.

Here's the before and after pictures of the enemy phase. Only one enemy had something higher than a 0% hit chance on Reimu (who hit level 9 midway through).

Also Dai got attacked by the crow Cirno failed to kill and ended up killing it on counter. Let's all give her a round of applause.

Keine terminates a crow that tried to run,

and Reimu continues being untouchable.

That's a hit right to Momiji's pride.

Youmu got mobbed on the enemy phase, but she dodged two out of three attacks (at a nail-biting (for me) 36%) and lived.

After a quick heal from Keine, she gets her revenge.

Or at least that was the plan. Shield Defense!

Fraps randomly stopped working at this point, so I lost the images I had of Hourai Doll suiciding itself to use up Momiji's Support Defense. All I have is this picture showing that yes, Alice can only summon one doll per chapter.

So at this point I could end the chapter by finishing off Momiji, but Sanae hasn't fled yet so I wouldn't get the Bonus. So now I have to stall for three more turns.

Probably should have just had Dai bomb Sanae twice and Cirno hit her under 5500 back at the beginning.

Momiji spent all three turns trying to hit Youmu, and missed every time.

Youmu drops a bomb, and Reimu a Fantasy Seal. Now Marisa's in position to end thi-

oh are you serious that was a 21%


Screw you too.

Watch Marisa's strongest Spark!

Marisa also hits level 10, an important milestone. Alert will guarantee a dodge in the next battle, and it's extremely helpful for keeping Marisa alive.

R.I.P Reimu. And Hourai Doll too, I guess.


Not much to do here compared to Reimu's chapter 7 intermission.

All my points go to Reimu to make sure she never dies again. Focusing all my points on one unit may seem like much, but recall that two Mobility upgrades is all Reimu will ever need.

Which is a pretty big contrast to Marisa, who will probably end up looking something like this.

In skills, Reimu picks up P-Evade. That's it, since nobody else can afford something they want.

What? Alice and Support Attack?

Well, uh, I completely forgot to have Alice kill something.
...So much for getting Support Attack on Alice before chapter 9.

Nitori's the last unit to get her WP bonus, and it's actually somewhat useful. It lets her use any items she has on units one panel away from her, so if you slap a Beer on her she can be a handy free MP recharge! I have never actually needed it, but I'm sure it could come in handy.

Finally, for this route I'll put the Firefly Gem on Marisa. If you're wondering what Night terrain is, you're about to find out!