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Part 40: Eternally Young Scarlet Moon - Part 1a


I'm here.



Ehh!? Even Sakuya...?

How do you know?

I can sense the mayhem from the fairy maids. They will surely be coming up here soon.

You haven't felt that feeling of mayhem for a very long time.

...Yes, it's rather nostalgic.

One of the interesting things about Remilia is that she's a distinctly western vampire. Most of Gensokyo's population originates from the orient, so she and the SDM really stand out. Well except for Meiling anyways.

They tried to drive stakes through my heart in order to drag us off the throne... The many allies lost, and those of theirs we killed. Is this what one would call homesickness?

I suppose you could call it nostalgia for the smell of blood in battle.

Our home... The place where we were born. Lady Remilia, I'm sure you think about your own home too, don't you?

Hm, are you saying I'm the type to be driven by my thoughts?

She totally is.

N-No! Milady is always aloof!

I may not be knowledgeable of the ways of humanity, but I do have many memories. ...But that doesn't matter. Right now, the Scarlet Devil Mansion is my castle.

My, welcome back. How was it?

Both Sakuya and the invaders were very interesting. I met some children that I never expected to as well.

...You mean you left Sakuya there?

Yes, I promised not to interfere after all. All I wanted to do was view the spectacle, and in that sense, I am fully satisfied.

W-We have to send someone to get her!

...Enough with the superfluous matters. The invaders will be here any moment. It would be unwise if we did not begin our preparations immediately.

I know, but...

I would send out Elly and Kurumi, but they're resting in the neighboring room. They've been exhausted from the previous battles. My apologies.

They have been doing their best, we cannot ask too much of them.

I have not thought of anything in particular... How about you, Remi?

A devil has no need for plans in a conflict.

Chapter 8 posted:

Make up your mind Remilia!

That is a creed I can agree with. Would you like some assistance?

No, I'm afraid I must refuse. The stage is set for us, and only us.

Oh thank god.

...Very well. I will see to the maintenance of the garden, then. After all, if you fall, the castle shall be mine.

That will not happen. On this land blessed by the scarlet moon, there is no one who is a match for me.

Music: Scarlet Pressure

This song has priority over all player themes but Reimu and Marisa's finishers.

See all the red? That's all mist.

We're at the rooftop!

The mist is extremely thick. I can barely see through it.

Even the moon is dyed in red. At this rate, Gensokyo will be...

The person making this mist is definitely nearby. Why must the strong ones like Yuuka always try to hide themselves?

Seriously. Why don't you let us see you at least?

Mwahaha... Well done on making it up here.

There's the culprit behind this incident...

Indeed. My name is...

...Remilia Scarlet. A vampire.

...My, so you knew already?

We heard it from your friend on the way here. She probably ratted on you since you're a real troublesome master.


...Very well. This speeds up proceedings anyway.

Patchouli is probably so disappointed Remilia didn't lose composure.

That first sentence is one hell of a claim, since by nature most of the youkai in Gensokyo are denizens of the night! It is also an entirely inaccurate claim, but let's not spoil Remilia's moment.

Scarlet devil?

Yes. I am a light eater, so I end up leaving some blood behind.

And those clothes, stained by blood, turn to scarlet... Thus, the scarlet devil.

What a nasty hobby. This scarlet mist is also a huge problem, so could you stop it already?

If you wish to stop the mist, then you know what you must do. You must challenge me with the utmost of your strength. ...If you can make it to me, that is.

Indeed, there's no easy way to go around this. That magician, demon and gatekeeper from before are around after all.

With all these generals showing up, looks like it's gonna be an all-out war.

Well, there you go.

You guys don't learn~. No matter how many times you get beat, you keep coming back.

If there is a reason to, a youkai will always come back for more. As long as there are things I must protect behind me... I will stand firm again, and hundreds of times more!

Such vigor in the face of opponents you have already lost to... You are a formidable enemy, indeed.

Good thing Meiling doesn't actually have Belief, because if she did the fight would take even longer.

I didn't expect you to be here. I thought you'd be reading books at the library.

But it's a request from a friend, so...

We have the power of friendship here too!

Right! Let's do this, Dai!

Yeah, Cirno!

They're quite fired up.

Y-Yes, they are.

My, are you nervous?

No, it is just....

...I was not very helpful the last time. So I must prove my worth now!

...You're being unnecessarily stiff. Just do as you normally would. It took great pains from many people to set this stage up. I shall see it through to the end.

A rather dangerous stage, at that. Perhaps we can call it the stage for the climax.

Everything then turns to scarlet. That is the bad ending that we have prepared.

It will be a comedy for us, though. The world will be ushered into an era of darkness. Gensokyo will be my domain.

We will not allow such a conclusion to occur. We will defeat you for all the humans of the human village!

Yeah, my light magic will burn you and your high and mighty attitude up!

I love the difference in motivations here. Reimu wants to get this over with, Marisa wants to see what her magic can do, and Keine actually wants to help people.

Hehehe... You appear to be sufficiently driven. You will have no chance defeating me otherwise. How long can your hopes remain unwavering before my troops, I wonder...

Resolve the Scarlet Mist Incident, huh? I think I can do that. Not the Bonus though.

Let's go with Normal difficulty and Reimu A, because I'm a scrub HOMING REIMU SUPREMACY.

Also stream of thought commentary is go.

Oh I'm sorry, I was too busy snoring through Stage 1 to pay attention.

Hi Dai.

Really sad they didn't work this quote into FMW. Or maybe they did and I just haven't seen it yet or forgot?

This is where all the "Meiling's super normal" jokes came from.

Damn it Koakuma, nobody can see you if you hide yourself like that.

As always, I made a ton of dumb mistakes on Stage 4. Gained two lives and lost three.

Something about Sakuya that didn't carry over into FMW is the color of her eyes. They're blue normally, but whenever she activates her powers they turn red. Why? Why not?

This is not a very good life count to start Stage 6 with!

And this is an even worse way to start the fight!

And this... this is just the worst thing.

Welp. Sorry guys, LP's over.


You're finally done? That's a relief, honestly.

...Why, you ask? All the time I had for reading has been greatly diminished thanks to you.

I will be relaxing and reading now, so make sure you get some rest too. See you.