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Part 56: Into the Depths of Maddening Darkness - Part 2

Chapter 14 has no post-chapter cutscene.


I've got a lot more funds to spend this time.

Keine and Nitori get a bump to their HP.

And Rumia gets the rest of my Points because why not.

Reimu and Marisa upgrade Unfocused Movement,

and Keine gets a boost to Berserk.

Youmu and Cirno also pick up new skills since they have enough Graze. P-Hit will help Youmu build up her Power faster (...though she wasn't really having any trouble with that) and Random Dodge will let Cirno finally put her low Skill to use and possibly dodge things more often! You know, because Grit + Size S wasn't enough to make her unkillable for most of the chapter.

And Alice also gets Random Dodge because surely the unit with the highest Skill in the game can make use of it.

What? It's the last intermission, no point to saving all of this Graze.

Marisa gets 10 WP. If all goes well, at the end of the game she'll have hit WP level 1! She'll have nothing left to use it on, but it's the thought that counts.

Now that I think about it, I probably could have spent that 26,650 points on Marisa's weapons. Oh well.

(One weapon upgrade is almost as much as three higher level attribute upgrades. It's totally not worth it.)

Alice dual-wields Rat's Tails so she can class change twice. Also because there's literally no other character who could really make use of these beyond Reimu (who really doesn't need it).

And I just throw everything else on to Daiyousei and Cirno because why not?


The thrilling conclusion of Fantasy Maiden Wars E: Scarlets

Beyond the opened door lies the incarnation of insanity and destruction. Flan will no longer listen to Marisa and the rest, and desires to destroy everything and anything. Can the party calm Flan down!? And what is Remilia's true motive for confining her younger sister...!?

"I've found my answer. Q.E.D."