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Part 60: Scarlets - Part 2

...It's quiet...

As far as I can tell, she didn't. Since the rain stopped, Sakuya and Lady Patchouli must have dealt with it.

Did Meiling just totally miss Reimu's group or something?

...It would be worrying if they didn't.

...You're late.

Patchy, so you're okay!

I suppose the sealing went fine, then? That's good. I sent Sakuya and Reimu over, were they of any help?

Ahh, about that.

We've dealt with her. It definitely wasn't easy, though.

She should be relaxing in the bath right now, I think.


Reimu, and... Marisa? She's in the bath, you say...?

Flan was very close to escaping outside. But this bunch somehow managed to calm her down. Sakuya's watching over her now.

They calmed her down? That's preposterous. She has to be sealed no matter what.

Or so you think. We have one question for you.



From our battle with her, and experiencing her power of destruction... I can understand why you would not let her go outside.

But to imprison your own younger sister, and to incite us to get rid of her... Isn't that a bit cold of you?

...! You all, that's...

Ah, um, you see, if we knew that she was your little sister from the beginning... Well, we could've dealt with is better, probably. That's why we thought it was kinda weird... That you purposely tried to hide it.

...If she isn't resisting, then it will make things easier.

Remilia is really, really bad at saying thank you.

Hey! This chat ain't over yet!

I'm in your debt, but you all have nothing to do with this matter. Any further opinions from you will fall on deaf ears. I will be returning to my room. Inform me when preparations are complete.

Remilia leaves.

That sucked. What's up with her?

Yeah~. We even fulfilled her request and this is what we get.

She didn't want to listen at all. What does this all mean?

She's still hiding something, ain't she? We won't understand a thing unless we find out what it is.

...Yes, this may as well be a good opportunity.

The real reason...?

...Yes. Flan's power is dangerous, so we don't want her to go outside. That is true.

It is not something to fear.

Yeah, we managed to defeat her after all...

Then, what would the real reason be...?

That is what Remi is afraid of. As you all could see, she is not stable. Who knows what will happen if she is exposed to the various stimuli outside?

So she's worried about her getting too excited outside... That's the only reason why Flan's been locked up all this while?

It's a pretty lackluster reason, but that's entirely fitting for Remilia. Recall her motivation for causing the Scarlet Mist incident; Remilia is absolutely terrible at judging what's really necessary and almost always goes for the most extreme method possible. Her ego doesn't help.

Surely there must be a solution that does not resort to imprisoning her.

Remi is doing her best to think of other ways to handle this problem. But for now, this is the best solution.

You kind of have to wonder about the SDM. Could they really not think of a better plan for almost five centuries?

...Or did they not want to?

Huh. So that's what you're so worried about? Then wouldn't it be okay if you just explained the problem to the person herself?

I'm not so sure about that. She doesn't seem like the type to always listen to what others say.

Indeed. It's not so simple a problem that it can be resolved verbally.

...And Remi is the person who knows that best. So please, let the matter rest.


All right. Since Remi's thinking hard, we'll stop pressing about it. But...

Is there no other alternative that would be acceptable...?

...Flan seems to be interested in you all. So that might prove a worthwhile distraction for her.

We can visit her every so often. As long as there's no danmaku battles involved.

But that can only happen if the sealing doesn't occur.

...Yes. I'll talk with Remi about it. Well then, thank you for all you've done for us today. Please rest well when you go back.

We'll do just that. We'll take our leave now.

Tell Flan that is was nice to meet her!

Says the person who did barely anything in the big fight.

Somebody knocks on the door.

...Who's there?

It is Sakuya. I am here to report to you about Lady Flan.

My, that was quick. The preparations for sealing have been completed, I take...


...Lady Flan wished to meet with you face-to-face, at least once.

So now, since it's come to this, we thought you two could at least talk a bit...


...It's been a long time, big sister. Have you been doing well?

Hehe, you must be. I could hear you and the humans talking to each other from my room, after all.

At the beginning of EoSD Extra, Flandre already knew about Reimu and Marisa because she indeed heard everything from the basement. Sanbondo didn't carry that over for the sake of plot though.



...It's fine. Even if she's looking away... I already know what kind of expression is on her face.

Ehehe, big sister... You're laughing, aren't you? You're scared of me after all. You're all relieved since I've been caught!

...Sakuya, Meiling. Return Flan to her room.




You're weak, yet you think you're so amazing... You always, always try to act like you know what's going on...

Take her away.

Understood. Let's go Lady Flan.

...! Let go! Let me go!

Do you think it would be for the best if I just disappeared?

...Hey, big sister, look at me... It's been so long since we last saw each other, let's talk some more...

Big sister!

Flandre is escorted out of the room.

...I'm sorry, Flan...

As it turns out, Remilia is also horrible at any conversation that doesn't require her to be .

Yuuka, when did you...!

Well? How did it feel to have your precious box opened?

...Nothing out of the ordinary. I was a little surprised that they managed to defeat Flan, though.

Oh my. So you're able to keep a straight face even after such an affair... Devils certainly are one of a kind.

...What are you trying to say?

...You treat the things important to you far too poorly.

That is why you put her in a place you cannot reach.

...Both of you are so similar. Yet the wall that separates the two of you remains as thick as ever.

...Silence. You know nothing about us. I'm in a bad mood right now. Don't say anything to make it worse.

How disappointing. I was just thinking of my friend's feelings... Well, that is all I wanted to say. Farewell.


Patchy, has the seal been prepared...

That's what I came here to discuss. Though it may be uncouth to ask now...

...This is the best we can do for her. There are no other options. If she goes out of the mansion, who knows what will happen... Who knows how others will treat her? What if the others would want to... If I lose Flan, I...

For all of her bluster, Remilia is surprisingly willing to confide in Patchouli. Makes you wonder about their history.

...I understand how you feel, but the situation isn't the same as before. We may be able to progress to the next stage now.

...What's different from before?

Flan seems to have become interested in humans since she met Reimu and Marisa. She is much more mentally stable now that she was before. You know those two well by now, I'm sure you understand what I mean.

You think that's enough to let Flan outside? That's too naive. If it was such an easy problem to solve, it would've been over long ago.

Not really considering you never let humans in until now!


...I have made significant progress researching the subject you requested. I can now erect a barrier of confinement around the mansion. But I will leave the final decision to you, of course.


I still do not have any plans to fraternize with her.

Very well, Patchy. Please prepare that barrier.

...Understood. I shall inform Sakuya as well.

Patchouli leaves.


Now, the only vampires left are you and I.

And Kurumi!

All I wish is for our precious scarlet blood to continue on...


You don't actually get to see this intermission screen until after you see the ending, but why mess with the formula now?

Full disclosure: after Chapter 15 crashed on me yet again, I gave up, sent my save file to Ryza, and had him do it since his game doesn't hate him. As such, there are some differences between our final results, like Reimu and Marisa's levels.

Your final point total is carried over to FMW2, but so are all upgrades. I guess I could plan ahead and save points up for future characters, but why bother when the FMW1 characters will still be usable anyways?

I blow all of the points on Reimu to make up for not giving her anything for most of the game. If I ever LP FMW2 this will be totally redundant, but oh well.

(I could have had enough points to upgrade Mobility twice, but Ryza messed up and got Rumia and Sakuya killed.)

Keine takes the last of the points.

One last thing to note is that Ryza played the Japanese version. So I have this now.

Next up is the ending!