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Part 68: Chapter 3S: The Knife on her Palm - Part 2

...Whew. She is surprisingly energetic after going through all that fuss.

You did great. How's Flan doing?

She is eating her cake quietly. Being hungry certainly helps in keeping her obedient.

It may have ended up settling her down, but was it not a little reckless?

Your plan was to attack Flandre. How is that better?

...I'm sorry. From looking at how Lady Flan was acting... I just thought that would be the best way...

...And I figured that it would be a much-needed change of pace for you, Sakuya.

A change of pace...?

Yeah. I know your job as the chief maid is stressful... Wouldn't it be better to relax a bit more?

Relaxing in Gensokyo = stabbing things to death with throwing knives.

I see you always working so hard... I think it isn't healthy to be always thinking only about work.

...A reason to remain in this mansion...

Why don't you take a breather and have some time to yourself to think about it? And whatever conclusion you come to, I will support you all the way!

...I understand. Thinking things over slowly may well be my best option.

That's good to hear! You could take a walk and clear your head, that would help. Summer will soon be over, so now's a good time to see the mountains in summer.

...A walk, you way... Were you doing such things during your shift...?

U-Um, well, I can kill two birds with one stone by patrolling the mansion...

I am kidding. I will stay quiet about this incident. But be careful about such things in the future.

Okay, Sakuya. I'll be cheering you on~!

Sakuya leaves.


...Gah, I shouldn't grumble! I'll go take care of the flower bed to cheer myself up.



Ahaha. Your face when you get scared... Scaring you is fun.

L-Lady Flan...? Please stop popping out of nowhere and scaring me...

Hmm, if I can't scare you, there's no point.


How about tag? Or maybe house? Or hopskotch sounds good...

Oh yeah, Marisa gave me some more string to play cat's cradle. How do you tie it around again?

E-Ermm... Lady Flan, you were supposed to be eating your cake weren't you...?

I finished it already. It wasn't as good as it usually is though.

Ah, I see...

(...That's odd, her attitude is completely different from just now...)

It's almost like people not immediately resorting to extreme measures is something new in Flandre's life!

Hey, Meiling, are you listening? Let's play.

The screen shakes a bit.

Ah, yes! I will, so please stop dragging me around! What do you want to play, then...?

Hmm, we already busted some bats, and I don't feel like playing tag... I know, let's play horsie!

...I'm getting the feeling that I've made a very bad choice...

Remilia would kill to be in your position though.


The last meaningful intermission screen of the game, and there's barely anything I can do in it.

Sakuya gets the same boost as last time.

She also learns P-Hit because I don't need Unfocused Movement.



Initial Stats - Level 20 Stats

Personality: Resolute (Hit: +2 Power, Miss: -1 Power, Kill: +5 Power, Get Hit: +2 Power)

Character Skill: Support Defend Lvl 1

Spirits: Guts [40 SP], Guard [20 SP], Strike [20 SP]

In FMW1, Meiling is a solid tank. Statistically speaking she's better than Keine and Nitori, but you only get her for Chapter 3S, which doesn't exactly showcase her capabilities.

In FMW2, Meiling is straight up the best tank in the game. Not only does she naturally have the highest Armor and Defense, but she also joins very early (possibly with an upgrade in everything), starts with Support Defense, gets an excellent selection of WP Skills, and has a (mutual!) +10% Support with Sakuya. Hell, with the exception of Keine's support capabilities, she's literally every other tank in the game rolled into one. Her only flaw is her low movement, but that's easy to fix.


Initial Stats - Level 20 Stats

Personality: Resolute (Hit: +2 Power, Miss: -1 Power, Kill: +5 Power, Get Hit: +2 Power)

Character Skill: Parry Lvl 2-3 [Levels up at level 20]

Character Abilities: HP Regen (M), MP Regen (M)

Spirits: Fury [20 SP], Strike [20 SP]

Flandre's damage output is completely absurd, and it's a real shame she's locked to only using Laevateinn. I guess And Then Will There Be None? would have been a little screwy to implement, but they could have at least thrown in her other moves. Either way, she can still kill everything in Chapter 3S in one hit, which is more than Remilia could say in 1S.

Flandre isn't playable in the sequel.


The dramatic conclusion of FMW E Gaiden: The Perfect and Elegant Maid

Sakuya takes Meiling's advice and goes out for a walk. All she expected was a change of pace, but instead she meets a casual shinigami and battles vengeful spirits. Emotion stirs in Sakuya's chest as the shinigami tells the history of the vengeful spirits...

"My name is Sakuya Izayoi, and I am a maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion."