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Part 70: Ending

...Okay, those were all the vengeful spirits around here. I'll be taking these with me. Thanks for the help.

They were obstructing me as well, so think nothing of it.

I'll ferry them across the Sanzu River, and they'll go to the other world. A reaaaally harsh lecture from the Yama will be waiting for them there.

The Yama? So they will be going to Hell...

That isn't decided yet. But don't worry about it. Our Yama is a really serious person.

So her judgement will never be off the mark.

...Though her lectures always go on for so long.

...I see, I suppose I do not have to worry too much then. The therianthrope left the village because of the humans around it after all...

Yeah, humans find it hard to accept anything different from them. That isn't something that can be helped.

The village was a place where it belonged. There were other ways to go about it.

Fun fact: Remember Keine? Self-proclaimed protector of the human village and the only teacher at the place's school? She's a therianthrope too. Every time there's a full moon she beasts out.

...Which makes Chapter 11 really confusing since there was a full moon right there. I guess the Scarlet Mist got in the way?

...But it left the village because it had no other path to walk. Am I wrong?

Who knows. There are many types of humans, and most treasure what's important to them.

What was truly important?

It's simple. Be happy when you're happy. Smile when you're having fun. Cry when you're sad. Above all, be honest.

...Be happy when you're happy... Be honest...

Sakuya flashbacks to when she met Remilia.


You look like you would keep me entertained. Would you like to try living a little longer?

We may have not known each other for long. But I will give you the honor of standing by my side.

Your name is Sakuya Izayoi. From today onwards, you are now my maid.


Hm? Something wrong?

...It was then.


When I met Milady... When she extended her hand out to me, and brought me to her mansion... Yes, it was that moment when I realized I...

...U-Umm... Did you get possessed by one of the vengeful spirits?

Oh that's ni-

wait a minute


Zoom in.

oh god she's smiling

I now understand the most important thing to me... I found the reason I want to stay at the mansion.

Huh? You stay at a... mansion?

Hehe, perhaps...

...Oh, my apologies. It has gotten rather late, I must return to the mansion.

Ooh, right right. You've got a place to go back to, huh?

Yes. I work in the scarlet building at the lake.

The lake? That'd be the Misty Lake, eh? It looks like a good place to spend some time.

Komachi just found the perfect place to skip work at.

Sakuya, huh? That's a good name.

I think so too. I shall be going now, thank you for your help.

Sakuya flies home.

...Thanks for my help, huh? Helping people out occasionally feels pretty good.

But what did I do again...?


...That's odd. I guess being so nervous is making me more tired than usual...

Sorry for making you nervous.

Gahhh! S-Sakuya!

That was rather fun. Are you working properly?

Ahh, please don't frighten me like that. I'm wide awake now.

That is good to hear. The walk turned out much better than I thought.

Ohh, really!? I'm glad my suggestion worked out...

It is a rare type of grass I found on the way back.

Specifically, the medicinal herbs Reimu and co. used after the battle on Misty Lake.

I was thinking of using it to make tea.

A rare type of grass, huh? I've never seen it before, that's for sure... Is it good to eat?


(Sakuya hasn't returned to normal yet, I think... She's saying weird things like that...)

You are thinking something rude about me, aren't you?

N-Not in the slightest!

I hope it makes the tea taste differently. Adding rare ingredients into the tea is a way to give it class, mm?

...Well, if you think it'll be okay...

Anyway, I will see you later... Ah, oh yes.


I am interested in adding to my repertoire.

Ehh, Chinese cuisine...? And next time...


The scene moves to inside the SDM.

Yes. I wish to stay at the mansion after all.

If you come with me, you'll find a vast world waiting for you. Do you not care about that?

...It is what I have decided. I appreciate the interest, but I must decline.

That's unfortunate, but if that's what you choose, I will not push the issue.

Thank you for your understanding.

Yes, I live to chase after the most beautiful flower in the world. Now that I have seen all the flowers here, it will soon be time for me to move on.

...I see. The mansion will become a lot more quiet when that happens.

I doubt it. You get all kinds of guests coming every day after all.

...The next time we meet, we may well be enemies.

Yes, we may. When the time comes, I will be waiting for you with all the power I have.

I'll be looking forward to it. I never did manage to fight you in the end.

I will not be able to care for them soon.

Very well. I will ensure that dinner will be waiting when you return.

...That reminds me. The Queen of the Night in the backyard withered away. I wonder what it feels like to be a flower that blooms for only one night.

...It could be said that the one night is the flower's entire life. So perhaps the fact that it blooms then is the glorification of its existence.

Make sure to bloom in a way that your master prefers.

The entire Queen of the Night thing isn't just a thinly-veiled metaphor of Sakuya's life. It's also the name of her theme in FMW2 (which is also the fourth and final bonus track on the FMW E OST).

Music: The Elegant Flower that Blooms at Night

Sakuya's new song is an arrange of her Touhou 9 theme. Remember when I mentioned way back in Chapter 2R how Youmu's theme switched when she became a boss character in FMW2? It's the opposite with Sakuya, she's gone from boss character to player character and has changed themes appropriately.

...Milady, I am entering.


Ah, you were awake already. Please forgive my rudeness.

...I just woke up a little while ago. Apparently you had went out somewhere.

Yes, it took a bit longer than I thought... I ended up going quite far, so I was late in returning.

I see. You did not lose your way?

...Do humans have something like that? Well, that doesn't matter. Welcome back, Sakuya.

It is good to be back.

Oh, yes. I have added a bit of taste to your morning cup of tea, Milady.

My, that doesn't happen often. It's always been good enough all this while.

I thought that making tea the same way every time would become tedious... So I have worked to give it a new and unique flavor. I have used a rare type of plant for it today.

Hmm. Have you sampled it yourself?

My, of course not. It would be insolent of me. I would never allow my master's tea to pass through my undeserving lips.

...Very well, I'll give it a try.

...I shall return to preparing the food, then.


Remilia takes a sip.

W-What the... Sakuya! Did you expect me to drink tea this bitter!

Patchy, or even Meiling! Replace this tea! Sakuya's gotten all weird!

And thus Sakuya began to troll the hell out of Remilia.

Music: The Opened Prison and Heart

Chief maid, I am done.

Good work. How about the cleaning of the dining hall?

Chief maid, Lady Meiling is in the kitchen for some reason.

...Tell her to return to her post.

Chief maid, Lady Flan destroyed one of the pots!

Clean up the pieces, and give her some cake to lighten her mood.

Chief maid, what about the tea for the library?

It has been made. Bring it there while it is still warm.

A place to live where I can sleep and eat... Settling for that is unsatisfactory for the person I am now.

After that, the credits play again.

Despite what the scenario said when I selected it, there is actually carry-over from Sakuya's route to FMW2! If you have clear data from Sakuya's route in your FMW2 save folder, all of the SDM characters will start with an upgrade in everything.

But wait, we're not done yet!

Komachi was the last new character in this game, so my Gensokyo Chronicles are at 100% completion.

This unlocks the game's final secret.

Let's just move Marisa closer to those bats an-

oh god what

H-Hey Flan, what's this about? I'm not a bat, they're over there.

Hehehe... you deserve a reward for playing with me lots and lots, Marisa.

No that's... no, you really don't have to do that.

Music: The Psychotic and Cute Guest

And just like that,

Flandre shifts to boss form. She still only has Laevateinn, thankfully, so this chapter is still possible, but now it's a massive pain in the ass.

The main thing to do is to stay the hell away from Flandre, since even if you somehow manage to kill her she'll just regenerate all of her health infinitely.

This is my Lunatic save file though, so like hell I'm going through all the trouble. I just let Flandre kill Marisa.

Ehehe, I got you Marisa!

...Flan, you went a bit too far...

...Marisa...? Hey, Marisa, let's play some more... Marisa!


On a less depressing note, the music comments for that last song are quite... extensive, to say the least.


60. The Psychotic and Cute Guest
Original - U.N. Owen was Her?
SRW Original - Violent Battle (SRW 3, but I couldn't find a good upload so here's another SRW Original Generations arrange.)
Source - Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Author - ZUN
Arranger - Ibiza

Congratulations on completing the encyclopedia!!
I would praise you further... But since you've managed to get here, I thought I would resurface a traumatic memory within you with this closing brutal BGM. NOW LISTEN WELL.
Um... sorry for everything! (much groveling) Anyway, thank you very much for playing FMW E this far!! Did you enjoy it!? For me, it was a project that made a year and a half pass by quickly. Being able to help produce this along with everyone was really fun! If you enjoyed the game, then let's meet again in the next one! With lots of love to the parodied original series and Touhou!

If you're reading this section, then you must've cheated. Ehh? No? You actually completed the encyclopedia seriously?! You really have no reason to be called a cheater by a certain blue bird familiar? Ah, please excuse me then! No, really, I never thought anyone would play FMW over and over again so much. Wonderful! Amazing! We appreciate it!
So, how was the game? Did you find it fun? I suppose if you played it to the extent that you're seeing this, you must've liked it quite a bit. I would imagine you would be a fan of Touhou or a certain mecha game as well, hm? (If not, I'm sorry. But I do recommend that you play both series if you haven't yet.)
Anyway if! You happen to be! A fan of both series, then! I have a request for you. Please go to the wiki and write up whatever parodies or references you recognized. The game, the staff's lines, the dialogue, the scenery, there's references galore in all of those. I'm sure any one person wouldn't have noticed the majority of them. I would like everyone to combine all the reference they recognized on the internet so that everyonce can enjoy the game to a deeper extent. I know it's a selfish request, but please fulfill it if you can.
Ehh? Why would I wish for something like that? That's because I want to enjoy this game even more myself...

Ehh? You unlocked this entry? Hmm, that's disappointing. I guess it was too easy... Maybe I should've set the condition to a Lunatic no-continue clear... ...Just kidding, congratulations on completing the encyclopedia! Who would've thought that you would spend so much time on our game? I'm very happy that you enjoyed it so much.
If you've completed this, then you've probably already found that, and discovered _that_, and noticed THAT... Hmm, there's nothing more to hide from you. Anyways, once again, thank you very much.
Really, I can't help but be satisfied. I never thought this would become a game even in my dreams. Of course, just like several other doujin groups, I have been blessed with my many FMW allies. Making a derivative parody of our favorite subjects was an immense task, but in the end, I was really lucky to be able to do this with everyone.
And of course, no matter how much love we have for the original material, the only reason this game exists today is because of all the staff involved. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I love each and every one of you.
Using a super-popular game as the base for a parody of a super-popular game, everyone had their own (crazy) ideas on how to go about with it. As we are now, this is what we came up with. This being our circle's first work, there are still many areas that we should improve in, and we would like to receive more of your views. But most importantly, we want to continue the project, and we hope that everyone will continue to enjoy it. In the next few years, we'll try to improve ourselves slowly and steadily.
After all, don't you yearn to assemble all your favorite characters and sortie them in battle? If you keep those feelings in your chest, as they build up more and more, I believe you will see them slowly become a reality, one by one. So just wait until you can meet them! (In a Heian period way.)
To the head priest, staff, and all the players, everyone who've helped us out, those who we're indebted to, all involved with the Touhou Project source, and that girl on that blue planet:
With love, Sanbon (2 hours before going to press)

Namtab posted:

Not quite as good as Frantic Destroyer, but this is a song for the other side of Flandre, representing a character who is insanely threatening. Well worth Blitz's efforts to unlock. (Pity it couldn't have been used in the main game really).

There actually is a japanese wiki for this game.


To conclude this Let's Play, I'd like to extend thanks to a bunch of people. First and foremost, the two people who have helped me the most in this LP: Ryza and Namtab. Ryza transcribed over half the game's dialogue for me, making these weekly updates actually possible, and Namtab shouldered the burden of transcribing the majority of the game's (rather long-winded, as he's cursed ) database. I couldn't have done this LP without the two of them, and in many ways this was a three-person LP.

Second off are the minor (but still important) thanks. Thank you to a cartoon duck, Mikkey and Pearl for uploading replays of the various spellcards I couldn't get myself, Volt Catfish for inspiring me to do this LP (it's a long story), and the entirety of #touhouLP for putting up with my bitching about the RNG.

And finally, and I bet you all saw this coming, thank you to everyone who read this LP. I hope you've come to enjoy this game as much as I have!

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