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Part 73: Youmu, Human A, Human B




Her personality is very serious. She is amongst the top in terms of loyalty and does her best to be useful to her master.
The impression of her being inexperienced is strong. This is due to her master who often speaks in riddles with profound, hidden meanings, as well as her title in "Phantasmagoria of Flower View": "Half-Human Half-Ghost and Half-Baked".
Her earnest servitude of her master despite that is a good display of her perpetual positivity.
Her roles are many and varied: gardener, bodyguard and swordsmanship instructor amongst them. Otherwise, given the intermittent guiding of ghosts throughout the year detailed in "Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red", and her warning to Reimu and co on a visit to Hakurei shrine to not treat ghosts as toys, she seems to have been given the role of taking care of ghosts after the border to the netherworld weakened.
Because of all the pressures of her work, and her interview with Aya which revealed that she does not get pay or vacation time, it is not suprising that she complains about her astonishing work envoronment on occassion.
However, she has served the Saigyouji clan since she was born, and it seems she cannot search for better employment.
Information about her birth and history, as well as a certain Youki Konpaku, is scarce.
Her swordsmanship is on the level of experts. Of the swords she holds, the longer one is called Roukanken, and the shorter one is called Hakurouken. Like Aya, her movement speed is too fast for the eye to see, and she can use attacks that make her opponent think time is slowing doen for them.
Although she does have many roles, some of them are somewhat suspicious, especially the swordsmanship instructor role. It is difficult to imagine her teaching yuyuko how to handle a sword (or Yuyuko practicing with a sword at all). Yuyuko has also been shown to dislike training, so it would seem that Youmu is a swordsmanship instructor in name only.
Even her gardener role is slightly suspicious, as how she carries out her job is never made clear. You couldn't be using your two swords to prune the garden, right, Youmu?
Youmu also has a grandfather, the aforementioned Youki Konpaku. Youki was Youmu's predecessor in terms of being a gardener and a master of swordsmanship. He disappeared after entrusting Youmu with the rest, and Youmu now continues her studies alone.
Youmu tried to take it positively, saying that it is probably one of his lessons, but Suika said that she has not understood her master's teachings, implying that his disappearance had a profound effect on Youmu.
It has been continuously said that her character has not been stabilised throughout the many Touhou Project works.
For example, she uses informal speech when speaking to Aya in "Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red", yet in "Phantasmagoria of Flower View" she uses formal and polite speech towards Cirno. Though it may have stabilised recently...
In FMW, she is portrayed as a serious person who speaks politely to most other characters. After all, she has little experience outside the netherworld, she often plays the listener's role in many conversations, and there are places where she shows her ignorance of the ways of the world.
She may seem a little young and naive from that description, but her senses and perception are still extremely sharp, just like a swordsman.
"The things that cannot be cut by my Roykanken, forged by Youkai, are as good as none!"
How to use youmu:
1.) Park next to enemy
3.)Find next enemy
Despite being half phantom, she is scared of ghosts. As it says in the image her power is that she's really good with swords. A nice power, although kinda worthless in a world where everyone fights with projectiles. We've all seen the image that goes with that point, there's no need to post it.

Human A


is also a fireman and helps out with the family business, making him comparably active.
His family manages a bar. He has one elder sister and one younger brother. He is good at dealing with high society thanks to his upbringing. The only reason that he still mixes with the other two (Human B and C) has to be "because we're childhood friends".
He is dating a girl two years his junior named "Megumi", making him the only one of the trio in a relationship. He likes curiosity goods and secondhand books, and seems to know about Kourindou,
His favourite food is anmitsu
The classiest human

Human B


the topic. His rather frank outbursts make him stand out, but he's not being particularly lecherous. In a way, he's just a character who's honest with himself.
His family operates a tofu store that sells to all types, including humans and youkai. However he does not know how to make tofu dishes himself; instead he just tends to the store while indulging in his writing hobby. According to him, he is writing great literature, but since it has never been completed or even seen by anyone else, it's not clear what exactly he writes about.
His favourite food is gelidium jelly. He has never been in a relationship.
He put his life in danger by going outside in the middle of the Scarlet Mist incident, but Ran happened to be passing by and saved him.
"That outfit looks really sexy. I like it".
Dude who can't handle himself socially, claims to be a writer but will never publish, is uselss to the family shop, has never had a girlfriend. This is the troper human.