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Part 75: Human C, Lady A, Kedama

Some new characters from RM3

Human C


He lives in a small farmhouse outside the village. He is the eldest son of the family.
With two younger brothers and a younger sister, he can be relied on as a strong, gentle big bro.
There's a girl who likes him, but he's completely unaware of her feelings, as he's not the most perceptive person around.
His favourite food is potatoes. He likes them however they're cooked, but if you made him choose, boiled is his favourite.
These ~SANBONDO ORIGINALS~ sure are interesting.

Lady A


She lives by herself, as she has no relatives.
It was asking a lot of her on her own to handle the catering for a meeting, with her having to carry lots of large items by herself. It was then that Mailing passed by and helped her out. That was how they became acquainted with each other.
They had a friendly chat after the job, but she never asked Meiling about her history or anything similar. Thus, she does not know who or what Meiling protects as a gatekeeper, but she knew intuitively from the start that Meiling was a youkai.
Why does an elderly lady have intuition like that? In the first place, why is an unmarried elderly lady still working at a dry goods shop at her age?
If you wish to press on to the truth, the conversation must go on a little longer.
Yes, it was several decades ago when...
My ~SANBONDO ORIGINAL CHARACTER~ is friend with meiling and she can detect youkai and handle large orders by herself and...



They are the representative(?) for fodder enemies in FMW, just as they are in many derivative games. They have been defined as the fairy species in the game, but don't take it too seriously.
Their sheer amount of battle dialogue is their special characteristic, though in truth, they weren't planned to be like this at the start.
The placeholder lines we gave them at the beginning had a very unexpected reception, and little by little, they became the kedama they are now.
There are no deep meanings to their lines at all. We basically threw in whatever exxaggerated lines we could think of as homages to certain series.
They are also unnecessarily popular with the staff. A theme song titled "My Heart is Love" has been made for them, and it is halfway to completion.
"You want a war that badly!?"
"I don't like war! I hate it! But...!"
"Why's a girl like you on the battlefield!?"
So yeah, the reason kedama talk so much is that everyone there just fucking loves kedama.