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Original Thread: Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity? Let's Play Far Cry 3



Far Cry 2 marked the beginning of Ubisoft's development of the Far Cry series with a fair amount of success. The game received high ratings from both official scores and user reviews all around, was celebrated by many for its high end graphics and large arsenal of weapons. It was a great start for Ubisoft, though as players spent more time in the game they began to notice quite a few glaring issues. The story was nearly nonexistent, there was no investment in your player, the environment was bland and very.... brown, the gameplay was repetitive, and yeah the release of the Far Cry movie by Uwe Boll in the same month didn't exactly do the series any favors either. With a series that is all about trying to raise the bar, those are quite a few issues to have. It was 4 years between games and Ubisoft had plenty of time to take in the feedback from Far Cry 2.

Far Cry 3 continues to uphold the series' reputation in raising the bar for single player FPS games by adding far more depth in nearly all aspects such as the gameplay, story, and environment. The development team decided that rather than make a large arsenal of weapons to try and keep people playing, they should add in RPG elements to the game to help improve your character over time. And of course a wide selection of things to shoot people with as well doesn't hurt either. The story is much more present now with quite a few memorable characters who range from touched in the head to full on psychotic. And thankfully they decided to choose a location decidedly less brown than the previous installment.

The LP

I loved Far Cry 2 and with all of these improvements to Far Cry 3, Ubisoft quickly made this one of my favorite FPS games. I want to show off what makes this game great as well as to showcase some of the similarities and improvements they performed on the game from Far Cry 2. But how will I show off the game without all the boring traveling? Easy. Far Cry 3 added in a fast-travel system that is easily accessible and there is enough going on to keep the traveling sections interesting. I will edit a few things if I feel it is a little boring, however. Just trust in your OP damnit.


Jason Brody - An immature party-goer and middle child on vacation with his friends and two brothers. He is inducted into the Rakyat, a tribe of native warriors on Rook Island, after escaping from the feared pirate leader Vaas Montenegro. The game will see him grow as a man, learn responsibility, how to skin a pig, and maybe even land himself in a scandalous cutscene with a topless girl.

Vaas Montenegro - Leader of the Pirates on Rook Island. Vaas is the main antagonist of the game and is not afraid to try and spice up the monotony of pirate life with a few games and comedy routines with his victims. He is voiced and played in live action videos by actor Michael Mando who's audition impressed the Ubisoft devs so much, that they decided to scrap their original villain and create a new one based around Mando. Thus Vaas was born.

Dennis Rogers - An ex US Marine, he has come from the United States to live on Rook Island with the Rakyat. Finds Jason Brody after his escape from Vaas. He inducts the player into the Rakyat warrior tribe by giving him a tattoo on his arm, teaches him about the island, and helps monitor the pirates on their unencrypted radio lines.

Doctor Alec Earnhardt - One of the more screwy island inhabitants. Broke the rule about not getting high on your own supply long ago, he makes and sells drugs to Vaas' men and will do the occasional doctor thing on the side. He seems harmless enough, however, and has agreed to help Jason on Daisy's request. He moved to the Rook Islands from London after his daughter Agnes fell to her death from their apartment window. Seems to be more willing to help Jason because Daisy reminds him of his daughter.

Citra Montenegro - Leader of the Rakyat tribe. She has a deep hatred for Hoyt Volker as well as for her own brother Vaas who turned down leadership of the Rakyat in order to work for Hoyt. She directs Jason and believes that he may become the strongest warrior in the tribe.

Willis Huntley - An agent of the CIA who has been placed in the Rook Islands for years in order to monitor Hoyt. Strongly dislikes being in the jungle because of its 'lack of order' and aids Jason in order to speed up the investigation as well as his removal from the Rook Islands.

Sam Becker - An agent of the CIA who originally came to the Rook Islands to work with Willis Huntley. He works undercover as a Privateer and seems to have been effected by the jungle just about as much as everybody else. Has tattoos of both the US Army and the USMC, though it is unknown if he even served in either of them. He is Jason's contact in Hoyt's private island and works with him in order to help bring down Hoyt.

Hoyt Volker - The true leader behind the chaos of the Rook Islands. He controlled Vaas and his pirates, though he has his own private army of mercenaries, which indicates that his human trafficking and drug trade has deep ties into a more civilized location than the Rook Islands. He is very well protected and is, of course, Jason's primary target.

The Far Cry Experience

Ubisoft created a live-action online series that lead up to the release of Far Cry 3. The series features Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad, Kickass) as himself and Michael Mando as Vass Montenegro. There isn't really any connection between it and the main story, however. It's also a good source of more Vaas and Michael Mando does provide a very good performance with him.

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