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Original Thread: The fluttering red wings in the darkness: Let's Play Fatal Frame 2



It's time to head yet again into the terror filled world of photography in Fatal Frame 2. Following a mere two years after the first Fatal Frame, the sequel makes plenty of noticeable improvements over the first game (including more detailed environments and fleshed out combat) while also keeping relatively true to the overall feel of the original. That's not to say there aren't problems with the game but when looking at both the first game and the sequel, it's pretty obvious which is the more fleshed out product.

Now while Fatal Frame 2 shares a lot of similar themes and ideas to the first game, it's not really a direct sequel (though there are plenty of plot connections we'll see later) and instead decides to go with a brand new story in a new location and with an all new set of characters. In this grisly tale we're following the Amakura sisters as they happen to stumble into a mysterious lost village in a wooded area in the region where they live. The village has long had an urban legend for the surrounding area and the tale goes that on one particular festival night the entire village was killed through some unknown means and that anyone who happens to stumble into the village will be stuck there be consumed by the maniacal female laughter that is said to echo through the empty houses in the village. It'll be up to us to guide the sisters out of the village safely and to possibly find out just what happened to the village...whether we want to or not.

Mio & Mayu Amakura are our two protagonists for the game and the poor unlucky souls that just happened to stumble their way into the lost village. Now these twins are fairly close to each other and have been ever since the day that Mayu happened to fall down a cliff edge and seemingly permanently cripple her leg, as Mio feels it was her fault that the accident occurred in the first place. As to what connection they have with the village is yet to be seen but there does seem to be some greater reasoning other than blind fate that has lead the twins into the village.

Seijiro Makabe & Ryozo Munakata are two people that had come to the village under the guise of investigating the ritual of All God's Village but had in reality been summoned by one of the villagers in an effort to stop whatever was going on in the village. Seijiro himself leaves behind many helpful and informative notes (being a folklorist by trade), along with seemingly being the reason that the Camera Obscura in the village itself. And Ryozo is a friend of the person who summoned them to the village and has been worried about his friend since he seems unable to find them in the village.

Itsuki Tachibana seems to be the only normal person still left in All God's Village but seems to enjoy calling our protagonists by an incorrect name. As to who he really is or what he's doing locked away in the village, only time will tell but for the most part he's just around to help us out with a bit of information and to keep our spirits up about getting out of the village.

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