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Part 22



Folklorist 7

I found a map of the passageway among the old books. It seems to be of an underground cave used for the ritual. It also looks like there might be a way out of the village.

This exit was also accessible from the shrine grounds, but that way was sealed long ago...

Folklorist 12

Twins play an important part in the ritual. In recent years the government issued a decree that the first twin to come out is the eldest. Each region used to have its own rules until that decree was made.

When I asked the Ceremony Master about the village's rules, he grinned and said that tradition is tradition. This village still practices the old way. The twin that is born second is considered the elder.

Bound Diary

Bound Diary 4

Will Mutsuki ever be able to forgive me?

I could not make him into a butterfly.

I could not become one with him.

It is all my fault.

Please forgive me...

Bound Diary 2

I heard Munakata is here. I wonder if it is because of the letter I sent him? The warm welcome he is getting can only mean that they are going to use him as a Kusabi in the Inner Ceremony...

I cannot let him get caught up in this.

I must tell him to get out of here quickly.

Bound Diary 5

The three other pinwheel keys are hidden in the Kiryu, Osaka and Tachibana houses. Nobody will expect me to run AFTER the ritual. At that time it should be easy to take the keys.

Helping Yae and Sae escape may well be the last task I ever perform...

Octagon Key

Tsuchihara Crest

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Mayu Charm 6

Glowing Yellow Crystal

Crystal Ore