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Fatal Fury Final

by GamesAreSupernice

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Original Thread: Geese did nothing wrong. - Let's Play Fatal Fury Final [VLP]



Let's Play Fatal Fury Final

Do you like SNK? Do you like Fatal Fury? Have you ever wanted to see Fatal Fury re-imagined as a beat 'em up? You better have, because it's pretty neat. Fatal Fury Final is a decent fan-made tribute with a good heart.

What kind of LP is this?

Video, post commentary, 100%. No, you won't be seeing every single frame of content, but you will be seeing every game mode and what it has to offer.

Why should I care?

2D beat 'em ups have a long history, and they seem to swap ideas back and forth as generously as possible. Streets of Rage and Final Fight massively influenced nearly every game in the genre, but even so, it's relatively hard to find a game that encompasses all of the elements of traditional beat 'em up design. This is where Fatal Fury Final comes in. It has nearly every piece of design I've come to know and love from its ancestors, as well as copious amounts of extra features and playable characters.

Who made this game?

People collectively named SEEP, who appear to be deeply in love with the genre.

That's enough exposition, let's wreak some vengeance.

Path of Vengeance

Bout One: Duck King

Side Bout: Mighty Final Fight

Bout Two: Richard Meyer

Side Bout: Mystical Fighter

Bout Three: Michael Max

Side Bout: WWF Betrayal

Bout Four: Hwa Jai

Side Bout: Final Justice

Bout Five: Raiden

Side Bout: Burning Fight

Bout Six: Billy Kane

Side Bout: Power Rangers Samurai

Final Bout: Geese Howard


Quest Mode: Justice

Goits of Rage
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