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Part 178: Fuji-Nee VS Rin

Music: Tender Scenery

The pot is boiling.
It's a simple dish, so the soup is like the only thing I can work on.
That went well, so all that's left is to prepare the plates

There's commotion as Fuji-Nee comes home.
"Welcome home. It started snowing outside?"

"Yeah. It's not much, but it looks like it'll pile up. Wow, we're having pot food for dinner? Great going, Shirou. Wow, I feel good. Maybe I should have some alcohol."
Fuji-Nee goes into the living room, saying scary things.

Drunk Taiga actually IS a scary thought.

"Hello, Fujimura-Sensei."

"Oh, it's Tohsaka-san. What's going on? It's rare for me to see you here."

Fuji-Nee naturally accepts Tohsaka's greeting.
She hums, goes past the living room, and comes into the kitchen.

Fuji-Nee opens the refrigerator.
After taking out a snack and eating it…

Music: Stop


Music: Gentle Everyday

"Emiya-kun is treating me to dinner. As for you, aren't you lacking a bit of common courtesy, coming in here without ringing the doorbell?"
The Tohsaka army calmly counterattacks Fuji-Nee.

"Ugh… I-I'm a supervisor here!
ShirEmiya-kun's dad put me in charge here, so I'm like family here!"

Hello, Fujimura-Sensei. I spent the whole day here. I will continue to study for the exam with Emiya-kun after dinner, but please do not mind us."

"WhaShirou… no, Emiya-kun! What is the meaning of this!? Since when did you decide to hold a study session with Tohsaka-san!?"

"Sensei? Please do not push yourself if it is hard to address him that way.
It does not concern me how you may call Emiya-kun. I do not care if you call him by his name or with '-chan' added on. I respect people's privacy."

"UghTohsaka-san, did you hear about it from Sakura-chan…?"

"I cannot say what Matou-san was talking about, since I must respect her privacy as well. But I wish it is as you imagine."

Fuji-Nee falters in front of Tohsaka's smile.
…I understand how Fuji-Nee feels.
You feel pressured and cornered when she makes that smile…

Warning: jarring time-lapse ahead.

"Shirou, I put the dishes in the sink."
"Oh, thanks. I'll go wash them real quick."
I get up and head to the kitchen.

"Are you doing the dishes? Maybe I should do it. It doesn't balance out if I'm the only one getting treated."
Tohsaka gets up as Fuji-Nee sits down.
The proposal is delightful, but I can't let a guest do the dishes.

"No, you'll just owe me one. Just sit there since you just ate. And Fuji-Nee, you're to go prepare the bath."

"All right, I know."
Fuji-Nee is obedient, maybe because she's full now.
It'd be easy for me if she were always like this, but that'd be kind of boring as well.

Music: Stop

I can't excuse myself saying that it's because my left hand is numb. I must be lacking concentration if I'm dropping dishes because of such a small problem.

I calmly think for a second that I should put it off until my left arm heals, but I shake off the idea.

I roll up my sleeves and continue with the dishes.
I can only accept it if it's some outside factor, but I can't accept an internal factor causing it.
There's no way I can't win against myself, so I can't admit defeat.

As a result, I recklessly increase the damage.
This is the third plate I've dropped.
I put a towel below me after I dropped the first one, so it fortunately did not break.

It's really awkward having Tohsaka's eyes on me every time I drop a plate.

"…Fujimura-Sensei. Is Emiya-kun always like that?"
I can hear Tohsaka from the living room.

…This is hard.
Half my body is numb, so if she watches me and distracts mewhoa.

I cluck my tongue and look down at the broken plate.
This is the fourth one now. I knew I was going to drop it, but I couldn't move my left hand quickly enough.
I slowly look behind me…

…She's watching me.
Tohsaka is observing me really closely.

She suddenly gets up and comes over here.

"Don't step on the broken plate, okay? I can figure out where to put what, so you can go drink some tea."
Tohsaka rolls up her sleeves and stands by the sink.

I guess it can't be helped.
It's hard to stop Tohsaka once she makes up her mind, and to be honest…
…It's vexing, but Tohsaka looks so beautiful when she's washing the dishes that I'm fascinated by her figure.

Ah, how I missed "get back in the kitchen, bitch" Shirou.

Music: Tender Scenery