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Part 205: Proposal

…The corpse of the girl is not on the mountain of rubble.
We just buried her in the courtyard.
I don't know if it's normal for Servants, but the black giant turned into sand. But we put the sand in the same coffin as the girl.

"…I'm still thinking. The situation just got worse. I can't think unless I get this sorted out."

"Yeah. …The strongest enemy, Ilyasviel and Berserker, are gone, but an unknown foe came out in their place.
There should only be seven Servants, but he makes eight, right? …He's not a Servant that should exist. How did Shinji make a contract with such a guy?"

…An eighth Servant, huh?
I don't think we can treat that man as a Servant.
He is a heroic spirit that dominates all others.
He has a seemingly infinite supply of Noble Phantasms, and he is a devil without any human emotion.

"Gilgamesh. That's the hero appearing in a myth of ancient Mesopotamia, right?"

"Yeah. He's half-human, half-god. He is the king of Uruk, and the seeker of immortality. He is said to be the tyrant that obtained everything in this world, but I didn't think he was that crazy."

"…He defeated Berserker so easily, so he might be stronger than Saber even if she has her true powers released."
Tohsaka doesn't sound as sharp.
It doesn't seem like it's because there's a new enemy.

"…? What's wrong? You sound like you want to say something."

"Hm… well. He was certainly strong. He has so many Noble Phantasms, so he's powerful, right?
But I'm wondering how it really is. I felt that there wasn't much difference between him and Berserker."

Could it be that Tohsaka doesn't know about his powers?

"No, he himself is about as strong as Saber or Berserker, if not weaker.
First of all, heroic spirits are as strong as their fame in the place they're summoned, right? There aren't many people here that know about Gilgamesh."

"That's true, but the change in power from popularity isn't that big.
It seemed to me like that goldie had an unfair advantage…"

Tohsaka calls him by a strange name.
Well, with that aside.

"He did. All the Noble Phantasms he has are real. …No, they are all originals of the real ones.
Gilgamesh is a hero in the oldest myth, and he was a king that indulged in every possible luxury. Then it shouldn't be strange for him to own all the originals of the legendary weapons."

"Ohthen what? The Noble Phantasms he used weren't Noble Phantasms, but just weapons…?"

"I'd assume so. I bet his Noble Phantasm is his 'treasury'.
I think his Noble Phantasm is the 'treasury' where he kept all the weapons he collected during his life."

"…I see. Then it's natural that Berserker couldn't beat him. Every heroic spirit has a weak point. If he has the originals of every Noble Phantasm, he just needs to take out the one that is the most effective against his enemy."

…That's right.
If there is a chance of victory, it is that he is not a master of these weapons.
He is not a "wielder" that has mastered his weapon to the limit, so I think there is still a way to beat him.
But with all that aside…

Music: Today's Meal

"Hey, Tohsaka. This has nothing to do with this, but why did you call him goldie?"

"Huh…!? Um, I guess… um, he had golden hair."

"What are you saying? You should have called Saber that if that's the case. It seemed like you said it with a lot of meaning behind it. I think you noticed something, right?"


"Don't hide it now. You noticed something, right?"

"Y-You're wrong. It's nothing serious like you're thinking, so don't worry too much about it."

"Don't lie. You wouldn't call him goldie for nothing. Come on, Tohsaka. I want as much information as possible right now."

I stare at Tohsaka.
After a few seconds…

She sighs as if she's given up.

"…Well… he had many valuable looking things, right? So I just thought he's really rich.
…That's why I called him goldie. He looks like he's living a luxurious life, right?"

Tohsaka scratches her cheek while looking away.
How scary.
It seems anyone who's rich is called goldie by Tohsaka.
What's more scary is that Tohsaka figured out the Servant's true nature just because he "seemed rich".

Music: Stop

"Anyways, that's another troublesome guy. There's not supposed to be an eighth Servant, so he would be the Joker.
…I want to question Kirei as the supervisor, but I don't know his whereabouts.
Well, we have to postpone that since Caster is more important right now."

…That's right.
Caster is obtaining more power as we speak.
Saber should not be able to oppose Caster's control much longer.
In the worst case, Saber could already be under her control.

We couldn't get Ilyasviel's help, but that doesn't mean we can let them be. We'll just have to think of a way to beat Caster with the two of us."

"…Yeah. We don't have any ideas, but we'll have to."

She sighs and sits on the rubble.
"…Phew. I never thought we'd have a strategic meeting in a castle."
I follow Tohsaka's lead and sit down.

…Well, we'll have a bed to sleep in here.

Looks like Shirou's trying for a forest tryst two paths in a row.

If we're lucky, we might even find some magical item of Ilyasviel's.

Music: Premonition of a Storm

We jump up and turn to face the speaker.

"Since that night, huh? It's great you two are still hanging in there."

I quickly concentrate and connect my Magic Circuit.
He is certainly Lancer.
…He speared my heart on that night ten days ago.
I can't let it happen again.
I have to let Tohsaka escape before he attacks!

"Run, Tohsaka…! I'll hold him back, so you run outside!"

"Hold on.
It seems you weren't listening to me at all when I told you to value your life."
She lowers the hand she pointed at Lancer and points at me.
But I have objections as well!

"Don't be stupid. I told you I won't heed your warning. It's a guy's role to fight hand-to-hand. This is the second time I'm fighting him, and I'm more suited for it."

"That can't be true! He's a foot soldier. How can I, the ranged attacker, run away from an enemy with no ranged weapons!?"

"That's why! Can't you tell you'll die if he closes in on you!? You can just back me up from a distance!"

"You idiot! I can't back you up! I don't know any magic that's that precise! I bet I'll blow you away along with him!"

"! Don't come out with your destructive personality!
First of all, why do you always try to be flashy!? Try doing something modest for a change! I can understand Caster not wanting you now."


Music: Stop

…And we argue for a few minutes.
When we begin to tire and wonder how this got started…

I notice that Lancer is watching us with a smile.

"Oh, you're done? I'm in no hurry, so finish it off. It's good to let out everything you have."
I cough and glare back at Lancer.
I take half a step forward, and Tohsaka is right behind me.

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

…Man, we should have done so from the start.

"Oh, hold on. I'm sorry to say this after you've reached a compromise, but I don't intend to fight. I was just unable to ignore you guys. I'm butting in so that I can help you guys a bit."

Hold on.
What did he just say!?

"…Did I mishear you? I think I heard that you're helping us."

"Oh, is it hard to understand my point? I guess I'll rephrase it. You two are no match for Caster. So I will lend you guys a hand."
I'm stunned.
But Tohsaka quickly grasps the situation.

"I see. You really are butting in. Is that really your idea?"

"No, it's an order from my Master. He wants to cooperate against Caster since he's alone. Well, we're just making a quick alliance until we defeat Caster."

"That's a sound reason. But I think there's a more reliable guy to go talk to."

…Is she talking about Shinji and Gilgamesh?
It seems Tohsaka is trying to figure out if Lancer knows about them

"No, they won't do. I don't want to ally with them.
I have no complaints about his power, but it's too troublesome to worry about my back when I'm fighting."

"…Oh. That's the correct choice, Lancer. Is that an order from your Master as well?"

"That's wrong as well. I chose you two out of personal interest. You guys are easier to talk to since we're acquaintances, right?"
He speaks plainly.

It seems that fighting Archer and driving his lance through my heart are the same as becoming acquaintances in his mind.

"…Hold on, Lancer. I was almost killed twice by you. And you think I'm going to believe you?"

"I do believe so. Your commander-in-chief is a good frank woman. Such a good woman is helping you out, so you must be good-natured as well, right?"

I frown.
…I'm troubled that Tohsaka is nodding at our enemy's words.

"So that's it. That's why I thought we might be able to cooperate.
Oh, but let me tell you. It's not 'you guys'. 'I'm' the one who thought that you guys would make good allies."
I can't understand the difference.

"…Aren't you the cocky one? You brought on the proposal, but you're the one that's going to choose?"

"Yeah. I've liked you since the first time I saw you.
You're beautiful, stubborn, and courageous. If I'm to have a female Master, I want someone like you."

Shirou's gettin' some fierce competition now.

Lancer looks at Tohsaka with cool eyes.
…I don't like him for some reason.

"Fine. I'm up for it. But it's not decided yet.
If Emiya-kun can't trust you, we have to break off negotiations."

"So, that's what she's saying. What will you do, kid? Your character is being tested."
Lancer looks at me, trying to suppress his laughter.