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Part 222: Think one more time

I jump up.

Shirou's thinking at its finest.

"……Oh. Good, it's not even one o'clock yet. I only slept for about half an hour."
I couldn't imagine my embarrassment if Tohsaka had to come wake me up after I'd slept all night.

"That was close… I can't let Tohsaka see me like thi"
"……Shirou, are you awake?"

I get up, suppressing my pounding heartbeat.

"I-I'm awake! I'm totally awake!"
I reply while trying to make myself look straight.

"I see. Then can you come to my room? I have something important to talk about."
Tohsaka goes back to her room without noticing how sleepy I sound.
I don't get it, but I should go see her if she has something to talk about.

Music: Tender Scenery

What's going on?
Tohsaka glares at me the instant I see her.

"Tohsaka. Are you in a bad mood?"
I ask the obvious.
That's the obvious response she's going to give, but I have to ask.

She gives a strange response.

"Tohsaka. Are you sick or something?"

"No! …Geez, just sit down!
I'm going to give you a plan to beat Gilgamesh since you can't come up with any!"

I move to the center of the room for now.
I sit down on the cushion and face Tohsaka, who is sitting in a chair.

And an awkward silence follows.

"Tohsaka. About Gilgamesh…"

"…I know. You don't want Saber fighting him, right? You're especially kind to her."

"Hey, that's not the point here.
I'm saying that we should switch the roles since Saber won't fare well against Gilgamesh. If Saber is defeated, you'll be his next target."

I'm going to pass. That goldie used his riches to collect all the magic-resistant equipment in the world.
I'll do much worse than Saber. That should be the same for you as well, right?"

That's… true, but…

The next update contains bad things and I need time to prepare myself it.