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Part 293: Peaceful day / Choice


I stick out a clenched fist.
Sakura extends an open palm.
I have rock, and Sakura has paper.


"All right, I won!"
I look at my fist.
…I did it again. Why do I always use rock as my first move?

It is strangely like your head.

Music: Madder Red Town

Sakura skips off to the kitchen. She must be happy that she gets to make dinner all by herself.

"…Man, I guess it can't be helped. I promised whoever wins gets to cook dinner."
I take off my apron and sit down.
I don't know about other people, but cooking dinner seems like a favorite pastime for us.

…It's not really true for me, but Sakura always wants to cook by herself.
That's good in a way, but as her Senpai, I can't let her do all the work.
So when we're both bored, like today, we fight over who gets to cook.

"…I have nothing to do, so I'll just drink tea."
I brew some tea and sit at the table.
Saber is sleeping in my room, and Fuji-Nee won't be coming since she's working overtime.
Sakura and I are the only ones here.

Her familiar hair and her crimson ribbon.
She handles the plates. She holds the heavy kitchen knife and places the cabbage on the cutting board.

If that's supposed to be suggestive, it's NOT WORKING.

She cuts it with a yell.
Sakura tenses up every times she starts to cut something, but she keeps cooking like she's used to it after that.

I suddenly realize how hard this life is to obtain.
…It must be because I'll be going to battle at night.
I finally realize how important this time is for me.

"…Yeah. I have to protect Sakura."
I don't know what Matou Zouken is planning, but I won't let him touch her.
I've come in contact with Sakura too many times the past few days, causing me to be bewildered about her change.

…I thought I was confused by her femininity.
But that's wrong.
If I'm confused, it started long before that.

I hear her humming in the kitchen.

Now I really want spiked tea.

Music: Stop

"Finding the shadow and investigating itArcher's Master has given us quite the reckless request."
"Yeah. But we have to do it. Are you against it, Saber?"

So, do you have any clues? We might find ourselves being the target if we wander about aimlessly."