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Part 303: Choice

Music: Whirlpool of Fate 2

I chose to keep fighting.
Matou Zouken and Assassin.
The black shadow wandering around the town.
The battle between Masters over the Holy Grail.
I chose to stop it even without Saber.
Then it shouldn't matter how I do it.
I need Tohsaka's help if I don't want there to be any more victims.

I lost Saber and my Command Spell. So I'm not a Master anymore, right?"

"…Right. I forgot about that. You're not a Master anymore. You have no reason to be involved in the Holy Grail War, and you're less likely to be attacked by other Masters."

"Yeah. I only wanted the Holy Grail because Saber wanted it. …I have no interest in it now that Saber's gone."

"I see. Then you're not going to be fighting anymore?"

There's no emotion in Tohsaka's eyes.
Her words are merely something she must ask as a Master, devoid of personal interest.

This is not a question, but a warning.
This is my last chance.
She's providing me with a chance to back out, telling me I'll still make it if I want to withdraw.

I'll remember her consideration, though.

"I will fight. I won't stop fighting just because I'm not a Master. I chose to fight to stop the war."

"I see. Then I guess we'll still keep our relationship.
Even though we're enemies, we'll keep our truce in place until the shadow has been beaten."

Tohsaka suddenly smiles.
She looks friendly, as if something good has happened.
Well, I don't care, but

"Hold on. Why are we enemies?
I'm not a Master anymore. There's no reason for us to fight."

"What are you saying? Even if you've lost your Command Spell and your Servant, you're still Saber's former Master.
You were somehow chosen by the Holy Grail, so you have the right to obtain the Holy Grail until the very end. You're still my rival even though you're powerless."

"Really? Even if I have no intention of obtaining the Holy Grail?"

"That would depend on the situation, right? It's possible that you end up needing the Holy Grail when you're in a situation where you can obtain it, and you inevitably use it.
Unselfish people are affected by other people because they are unselfish."

"Hm. You're thinking too much, Tohsaka. Even if I end up needing the Holy Grail, that doesn't mean I can obtain it."

That's why I'm saying we're enemies, and that's why magi that aren't Masters anymore run to the church.
Even without their Servants, they're still obstacles to the other Masters. Keep that in mind and watch out. It's not just Zouken that wants to kill you."

"Hm…… I appreciate the warning, but…"
Um, I don't like having Tohsaka as an enemy.

"…? Why the difficult face? We're already enemies. Is there a problem with that?"
"Yeah. This means I can't ask for your help after all."

She freezes.
She looks at me as if she's seen a ghost.

"Why do you need my help…?"

"Because I can't do this by myself. Ending the Holy Grail War means defeating the other Masters, but I don't have the power to do so."

"…I know it looks pitiful, but I don't care about that. I only have a few options, and I think this is the best thing I can do.
That's why I can't be enemies with you.
I need you as an ally."

"…Hey. Are you sane, Emiya-kun?"
"I am. I'm too weak to fight alongside you, so I could end up weighing you down.
I can't offer you anything in return, so there's nothing in it for you if you help me.
…Yeah, cooperation like this isn't usually possible."

Equivalent exchange is standard for magi, just like you say. I can't lend something to someone with no money, and I can't help someone who can't help me in return. You know that's for your own good too, right?"

"I gave you advice because we had a truce, but it's a different matter if we're actually allies. If that were the case, we'd have to share the reward too."

"I know. But I'm asking you anyway, even knowing that.
Please help me, Tohsaka. I'll pay you back for this as long as I'm alive."

"As long as you're alive?"

Tohsaka looks away and mutters.

…I'm fully aware that I'm only a burden on her.
But Tohsaka is the most reliable person I know, and I can trust her to do no wrong even if she obtains the Holy Grail.
So Tohsaka is the only one I can see winning, and the only one I'm willing to cooperate with.

"Tohsaka. Let me hear your answer."
I look at her straight on.

"…I-It's obvious, right? Even if I team up with someone who's not a Master, I…"


"…This is like a real contract."

Tohsaka looks down once, and…

"Geez, all right! Then here are the terms for our agreement!"
She glares at me.

"…? What do you mean by terms?"

"Terms are terms!

…Um, this is a legitimate contract.
So I'll consider it if you can promise me what I'm going to ask you."

"…??? Tohsaka. I've already told you, I have nothing I can give back to you."

"Just listen to me!"
"……! A-All right, I'll listen."

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