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Part 344: Nightmare, awakening

Music: Midnight Interval

"Something" is walking.
Something scary that kills people whenever it walks.
…I'm watching it from behind.
I don't want to watch, but I can't look away.

This is a nightmare.
A nightmare I'm seeing over and over.

…It's the same tonight.
Why do they all come?
Does it release some scent that attracts men?
No matter how many it kills,
no matter how many days it continues to kill,
the food comes to it.

Music: Stop

Music: Midnight Interval

I feel an affinity with it.
I'm very happy tonight too.
Because this is the first time.
Senpai asked for my body for the first time.
There's nothing to be afraid of now.
I keep seeing this nightmare, but it's all right.
The world looks so beautiful and kind now that Senpai's looking at me.

So I feel like continuing this bad dream, and going to look for another meal.
"You are certainly working hard. Double the amount tonight?"
I meet someone that's scarier than the nightmare.

The thing that never felt fear ran away from the person.
Golden hair and red eyes.
The person that has the same smell as me.
The golden Servant that…

"You should die now, girl. You will not be able to die if you become familiar with it."
…Warned me before to kill myself.

Oh, hey, tying up loose ends from the prologue. How timely.

Run away.

Run away.


My dream doesn't end.
The thing panics and flees into the back alley.
But that's the end.

Video: Nightmare (mirror)

"I was hoping for a poorly-made Holy Grail, but I never expected to reach the actual thing. It is a waste, but…"

Music: Stop

It hurts.
It hurts even though this is a dream, Senpai.
Pink, squishy stuff is hanging obscenely from my stomach.

I try moving my hands to put my intestines back in, but my hands are only connected by flaps of skin.
Legsthere are legs, but I'm torn off from my waist down.

When I cry out, it hurts as if lightning hit my back.
But I can't jump up because I don't have my limbs.
Why am I…

A bad dream.
This is a bad dream.
This is like the bad dreams I've had.
This isn't happening, and I'll be in Senpai's house when I wake up.

…So I have to wake up soon.
Because it hurts.
It hurts so much that I could die, so if I don't wake up, I'll really

But I don't wake up.
I don't wake up from the dream.
The dream.
I can't escape from my dream, Senpai

Video: Awakening (mirror)


She is still conscious.
Her life cannot be saved by any means, but she still frantically tries to move her limbs.

"You're still alive? You're clinging to your life too miserably, girl."
A scornful death sentence.
The golden mana heroic spirit called Gilgamesh mercilessly readies the final attack.

"…I don't want to die… Senpai finally accepted me… I want him to feel more of me"

She must not see anything now.
The woman babbles about her mundane wish.
Reaching out with an arm that's missing from the elbow down.
As if to cling to the small happiness she finally obtained.

"No… I don't want to die, I don't want to die…!
BecauseBecause if I die now, Nee-san will…"

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

Music: Stop