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Part 37: Matou brother and sister

Music: Gentle Everyday

"Let's go, then. I'm not used to this area, so show me the shortest way to school."
Beside me is Tohsaka Rin in her school uniform.

…The feeling is fading, but having Tohsaka in her uniform makes me tense.
I can't stay calm going to school with the prettiest girl in school, and on top of that…

"Yeah. She won't do anything bad, and she's been helping me for a long time too… yeah, when I put it like that, I can't really give you a key. You won't mind, right?"

"…I don't mind, but what is that supposed to mean?"
"Because you would do something bad. And I bet you won't have any problems without the key. I'm not crazy enough to do anything unnecessary."

"Oh, I see. Yes, as you say, I have no need of such a thing!"
Tohsaka looks away.

Maybe I'm just getting used to it, but I'm starting to think this gesture of Tohsaka's is interesting too.

Tohsaka is with us today, so I want to leave early."

"Yes, you're right. If you say so, I will."

Sakura says so in a dispirited voice and follows after us.
Sakura has looked somewhat cheerless ever since Fuji-Nee lost to Tohsaka this morning.
Fuji-Nee assented, but Sakura must not have.

"…I guess I'll have to talk to her about it…"
That's right. I'll need to find an opportunity as quickly as I can, and make Tohsaka and Sakura be friends

Music: Tender Scenery

It's past seven thirty in the morning. This is the time most students go to school.

It's natural for me to be met with odd stares if I'm walking with people who stand out so much.

Like father, like son.

Did she forget something?
Tohsaka has been quiet like this for a while now.

"What's wrong, Tohsaka? You've been acting weird since around the road on the hill."

"Huh…? I thought so, am I weird?"

"No, you're not weird, but that reaction is weird."

"Senpai, that explanation is contradictory. I don't think Tohsaka-Senpai is asking about that…"
It seems Sakura knows what Tohsaka wants to ask about.

"Hm? What does Tohsaka want to ask about?"

"Everyone is staring at Tohsaka-Senpai, so she thinks there might be something wrong with her. Isn't that right?"

That's strange. I was tired, but I did my hair and there shouldn't be any wrinkles on my uniform. …I slept in a new place, so do I have dark circles around my eyes!?"

"What are you yelling at me for?
It's not my fault if you can't sleep in an unfamiliar place, and even if you do get dark circles, they're nothing much. Don't worry about it."

"How dare you! Girls care about their looks from the moment they're born.

"Waa, waa" "Oh, what is it? Are you hungry? Do you need to be changed? Do you want more mascara?"

Geez, I've always tried hard to look perfect at least on the outside, but I guess that came to an end today…!"

I don't know why you're weird, but it's definitely not my fault. Take it out on something else."

"You're mistaken, Tohsaka-Senpai. You're beautiful today as always.
Everybody is staring at you because you're with us today. You have never come to school with anyone else before."

"Huh…? So I'm getting this treatment because of something so small? …I should be more careful. I thought I had this school thing mastered since I've been here for ten years now, but there are still some mysteries to it."

Tohsaka ponders seriously.
What kind of a person are you just to ignore praise like "you're beautiful as always"?

A perfect one, of course. Perfectly humble, too.

"…I don't get you. Of course there'll be a commotion if you go to school with someone. All the more so if it's a male student."
"Right. But Tohsaka-Senpai isn't one to care about such matters. That's why there have never been any rumors about men."

"I see… that's good. That means that there's only one victim who got deceived by her looks and got devastated."
I talk secretly with Sakura while following Tohsaka, who has a puzzled expression.

Music: Stop

"…Heh. A troublesome guy even shows up in the morning."
Tohsaka murmurs.
Before her is a familiar face, coming through the students.

"Uh… Nii-san."
Sakura trembles a little.
Shinji must not see us, as he goes straight to Sakura.

"Why didn't you come to the dojo!? What are you doing, skipping it without my consent!?"
Shinji raises his hand.

"Yo, Shinji. Working hard in the mornings, huh?"

…Catch his hand and greet him.

YouI see, you went to Emiya's house again, Sakura!?"
"…Yes. I went to help Senpai. But, that's…"

"Your responsibility as a junior? You're so unrefined. You shouldn't care about a guy who hurt himself. Don't worry and just do as I say."

Shinji lowers his hand.
…I have no reason to hold his hand if he's not going to hit Sakura, so I let it go.

"But what about you, Emiya? Is it so much fun to trouble us? Sakura is a member of the archery club, so could you stop forcing her to do things that'll make her skip practice?"

Since I haven't stopped Sakura from coming to make breakfast, that does mean I'm restricting Sakura's time in the morning.

"That's not true…! I'm helping Senpai by my choice. Aren't you going a bit far, Nii-san?"

"Too far? That's you, Sakura. So what if Emiya doesn't have parents? He says he's fine alone, so you can leave him alone. Someone like Emiya would feel more comfortable that way."

"Heh, fine. Don't go to Emiya's house from now on. You didn't come to the club when I told you to. You were prepared for this kind of a punishment, right?"

Sakura gasps and freezes.
Shinji tries to grab Sakura forcefully

"Good morning, Matou-kun. Sorry for eavesdropping, but that was a pretty interesting conversation right there."

"HuhToh… saka? Why are you with Sakura?"

Sakura-san is an acquaintance of Emiya-kun, and I'm an acquaintance of Emiya-kun, so we all came together this morning. Didn't you notice?"

"Yes. I know him well enough that we'll be coming to school and going home together from now on. So, I'm thinking of making friends with Sakura-san too."

Shinji glares at me.
…I must be just imagining that I felt more than enmity there.
Well, I haven't been doing well with Shinji lately, but I don't remember doing anything to make him resent me that much.

"Ha, that's ridiculous. That's a bad joke, Tohsaka. There's no way you'd be with Emiya.
…Oh, I see. You must have a misunderstanding. It's true that I was friends with Emiya a while ago, but we're detached now. So there isn't much point in that approach, you know?"

"Is that so? I'm glad to hear that. I didn't have the slightest interest in you."

"And, Matou-kun? About that conversation earlier. The morning practice of the archery club is open participation. I've never heard that you need permission to be absent. I'm sure Fujimura-Sensei and Ayako don't know of such a rule either."

"Uhshut up! An older brother can do whatever he likes with his sister! Don't poke your nose into our family affairs!"

"Yes, I feel the same way. So isn't it wrong for you to say such things about Emiya-kun's household? Geez, you're rowdy so early in the day, Matou-kun."

Shinji takes a step back and glares at me and Sakura.

But it won't happen again, Sakura. If something happens again, I'll make sure you understand your position."
Saying what he wants, Shinji runs away to the school building.
Yeah. He definitely ran away after losing to Tohsaka.

Sakura lowers her head apologetically.
She must be apologizing to Tohsaka as well.

"No, it was good exercise. My mind went up a gear, so I'm finally up to par now. I love arguments."

"And I should be the one apologizing. I think I did a bit too much. He has his position to think of, so I shouldn't have done that in front of everybody, you know?
If Matou-kun is feeling down, cheer him up.
Tell him he doesn't have to learn from experience, and that he can come at me again."

Sakura must be relieved, as she smiles cheerfully.

Tohsaka is looking away, bashful.

You're the only friend Nii-san has."

That's some definition of "friend".

"I know. It's impossible not to get mad, but I knew he was that kind of a guy as soon as I got to know him.
Well, I know we'll get to know each other better someday, so I'll be patient with him."

Sakura bows.
If I do get really mad at Shinji, it'll be because he's not satisfied with such a wonderful sister.

Music: Gentle Everyday

Sakura goes to the first year hallway.

We walk up the stairs and enter the second-year hallway, and…

Music: Stop


…Run into the student council president.

Music: Gentle Everyday

I see. You are full of enmity too, for a different reason.

"Oh, good morning, Ryudou-kun. What kind of a greeting is 'whoa' supposed to be?"

"Guh, I had a bad feeling when I woke up, but I never thought things would go in such an unpropitious direction! Ah, come here, Emiya! You'll be poisoned if you stay so close to Tohsaka!"

Issei forcefully pulls on my hand.

After looking silently at us, Tohsaka heads to Class 2-A as if nothing has happened.

"Heh, go ahead. No one's going to stop you."
Tohsaka silently passes by us.
And then…

"Shirou, rooftop during lunch."
She mutters that so Issei would not be able to hear it.

Music: Stop

"…I guess I joked around a bit too much."
I contemplate my actions for a moment.
He asked me why I was with Tohsaka this morning.
"We got close during the holidays."
Answering like that was bad.

I think the problem is how we became close, but I couldn't explain that, and Issei walked away dizzily.