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Part 67: Death Circus / Sword of Promised Victory

Music: Nightmare

"Oh, rooftop!"
If Rider came from the rooftop, chances are Shinji is there…!

There are two conditions to fighting Rider.
Beating Rider before she has a chance to use her Noble Phantasm, or get Shinji before that.
Since Saber is fighting Rider, there's only one thing I can do!

Beat the hell out of Shinji!

Music: Stop

Music: Clashing Souls

The two shadows running up.
The ground is already far away, and the clashes occur at higher and higher altitudes.
The two need no footholds as they fly higher by kicking off the walls of the building.

In the process.
In the instant it takes them to move to the rooftop, they clash numerous times.
If there were anyone watching them from the ground, they would think it looks like pinball.
But then again, they cannot be perceived with the naked eye.

Only their tracks are barely visible, and they are a circus of death invisible to any normal beings.

But this circus is not what Saber wanted.
Even if she is a Servant, she cannot fly through the sky.
She can run up a wall, but that's it.

This is no different from freefall.
It is just the difference between rising until she loses her speed, rather than falling.
So the expression 'falling into the sky' isn't that far off.

Only Nasu can pass something so nonsensical off as an explanation.

Since she has started, she has to continue to the final destination of the rooftop.
If she takes any blows from her opponent in the process, she will just fall miserably to the ground.

Those rules do not apply to the opponent Saber has to defeat.

A trace of purple attacks Saber, who is just heading for the rooftop.
Attacking from both sides and from above, arcing from every direction, Rider is not bound by gravity.
Her long hair sways like a comet's tail, and her figure is like a snake encircling a tree.
Saber's feet touch the building.
Tilting her body to the side, she kicks off the building to head around to its side.

But maybe Rider expected even that.
The distance between the two does not change.
Rider doesn't let Saber get away as she runs to the side and attacks in the opening as Saber kicks off the building!

She flicks Rider away with her sword and jumps into the open area.
There is a limit to how much she can block Rider's attacks in the air.

The skills that were not even a match before are finally matched on this battlefield.
There are no decisive blows in this battle.
No, Rider herself is avoiding them most of all.
When Saber jumps at Rider with determination, Rider only defends and shows no intention of countering.
Rider is just keeping Saber in check as she runs to the rooftop.

"Kuhare you unwilling to fight, Rider…!?"
Saber yells at her cowardly opponent.
As a knight, this kind of a fight is an insult.
A battle determines the victor by exchanging blows with full force.
According to that belief, Rider's behavior is only an insult.

"Fufuit seems you don't like high places, Saber."
Rider only replies in a cool voice.
As she says, Saber is inexperienced in air battles.
One could say tonight is the first time she has engaged in such a battle.
After all, a knight runs on the ground.
They are not the type to stick to walls like the woman in front of Saber.

"Your famous sword is useless here, right? But do not worry as I will allow you comfort soon."
Rider moves higher as if to tempt Saber.
She is deliberately constructing this situation.

So much for being a decoy.

The final stop of this circus.
Rider's ideal position must await at that point.

Rider's trump cannot be used readily.
That is why she is luring her enemy somewhere where nothing will interrupt them, as she is determined to settle this match with her strongest blow.
If Saber continues on to the rooftop, she will be in trouble.
If Rider's Noble Phantasm is as Saber believes, there is no way to defend against it.

But there is no turning back now.
She cannot let Rider or Rider's Master be.
Not because it is the principle of the Holy Grail War to defeat one's enemies.
Saber must defeat Rider right here to protect her Master.

…Because it cannot be helped.
Saber herself is amazed.
But she has thought, at least once, that she does not want to push her honest Master.

Music: Stop

"HaHaa, haa, ha…!"
I run up the stairs full speed.
I don't know how long it's been since Saber left me.
I don't think it's been ten minutes yet, but that's still too long.

Nobody knows what can end a battle.
Saber isn't perfect.
It's possible that she could make a big mistake and be cornered, in big trouble.
So before that happensif I can find Shinji and make him use up his Command Spell, there should be no need for us to fight against Rider.

He's already pussying out and he hasn't even found Shinji yet

"Kuhhaa, ha…!"
…My convalescent body aches the more I run up the stairs.
Running around the building and up the stairs has run me out of breath.
I don't slow down, but rather speed up.

I have a bad feeling.
I don't know why I feel it, but my heart is in pain.
It's not a pain in my body, just something that tells me of danger.

…Saber cannot win.
On the rooftop is something that must not be confronted.

Trying to shake off the bad feeling, I continue up the stairs full speed.

In the center.
In the middle of the burned up rooftop is her figure, down on her knees.

Saber has nothing to spare, breathing with her shoulders.

Well that sounds like a neat trick. I wish I could breathe with my shoulders.

The instant I try to run to herI notice something strange floating up in the sky.
The overwhelming amount of magical energy forced me to recognize it.

Music: Nightmare

"Haa haa, ahh"
Supporting her falling body with her sword, Saber looks up.
A white light charges instantly.
Deploying the wind wrapped around her sword, she creates an invisible wall.

Her body is blown away.
That which should have nullified any possible impact could not even slow the charge of the Pegasus.

She cannot block that blow.
The only possible measure is to jump and evade it.
But even if she does avoid the attack, the trail is enough to chip at her protection.
She will eventually take a direct blow if she continues like this.

The white light comes swooping down.
The Pegasus glides down from high above, mows Saber down without touching the rooftop, and returns to the sky.
Pursuit is impossible.
There is no wall to run up, and even if there were one, no one would be able to catch that Pegasus.

"Haa… haa, haa"
In that inferior position, Saber awaits a chance to counter.
Even if it is a Pegasus, if it's alive, it can be killed.
The only chance of victory Saber has left is for Rider to make a mistake with the Pegasus's reins.

"I'm surprised. You are tougher than you look."
A voice from above.
Saber looks up, holding her sword ready.

"But is there any meaning in that? You have no chance of victory. If you are just going to disappear, disappear with grace."

Rider sounds calm.
A little joy can be heard in that voice.

"…Huh. I expected a fantastic race, but I did not think you would bring out something like that, Rider."

A fantastic race.
As it sounds, they are beings that exist only in fantasy.
Demihumans like sprites and giants.
Demonic beasts like demons and dragons.
As their very existence is a "divine mystery", it is said that they themselves surpass magic.

It is the law that a divine mystery will be eliminated by a greater divine mystery.
As magic stored its power in knowledge,
the fantastic races store their power in their long lifespan.
Even if one masters magic as a human, that is only about the last five hundred years.
For those who have lived since ancient times, a five hundred year old divine mystery is not even worthy competition.

But it was long ago when both humans and the fantastic races lived in the same world.
The longer-lived the fantastic race is, the farther it strays from this world.
In the present day, the only fantastic race in this world are mere few hundred years old.
That is why she thought the fantastic race that Rider rode would be only about several hundred years old

"…Bringing out something from the time of the gods. Your deeds must have been profound."
"Yes, I am different from you. No, I am rather like your enemy. That is why I only ride the poor children that you people have exterminated."

"I see. I thought you were crooked, but now I know you were an evil spirit, and not a heroic spirit."
"…Huh, curse me all you want. You cannot even touch my boy."
The Pegasus rests its wings in the air.
A giant arrow that will strike if it sees an opening.

Saber ponders, glaring at it.
Pegasus itself is not a strong fantastic race.
A normal Pegasus will only grow to the class of a demonic beast of the fantastic race.
If that is the case, it is an opponent defeatable just with her "Invisible Air".

Saber class servants must have a natural +5 against demonic beast class enemies.

But that thing is different.
As that Pegasus has existed from the time of the gods, it has grown to the level of the fantastic beasts.
That Pegasus is nearing the level of the dragon race, considered to be the strongest of the fantastic races.

…No, its defense is already at the level of the dragon race.
Because that Pegasus has divine protection exceeding even Saber, who has the strongest magic resistance.
Its charge, emitting vast amounts of magical energy, is like a giant castle wall approaching.
There is no possible way to dodge or defend against such a thing.

That Pegasus is just something that Rider has summoned, and it does not have a true name.
For Rider, that Pegasus is just like the dagger she uses.
In other wordsthat black cavalry has yet to use her Noble Phantasm.

Saber does not think of defeat, even in this situation.
Rather, she thinks that her chance will come when Rider decides to use her Noble Phantasm.
No matter what Rider's Noble Phantasm may be, there is no problem if it is only strong enough to destroy the building.
Saber only needs to go into defense, endure the attack, then slash away at the defenseless Rider.

"Phh, you can only destroy a building with that thing? Bring it on."

Music: Stop

That's right.
As long as her master does not appear here.

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

…It is…
…A legendary "divine mystery", spoken of only in myths.

The identity of Rider's Noble Phantasm.
Is that what caused the scorching of the rooftop and drove Saber to her knees?
Rider is riding on a flying horse as befits her class name.

I cannot tell how strong Rider is on that Pegasus.
I can only tell that the white beast is constructed from enough magical energy to have come from a few hundred magi.

It is only natural for the rooftop to be scorched.
That thing destroys its surroundings just by running.
If that thing charges from the sky, there is no way even Saber could block it.

"Don't hide…! I came here, so at least show yourself…!"
I'm racing against time here.
Rider's Noble Phantasm has already been used.
SoI have to take the last resort of defeating Shinji and eliminating Rider…!

"Ha. Haha, ahaha, ahahahahahaha!"
I hear laughter.
Shinjimust be hiding somewhere.

"Do you get it, Emiya!? This is the difference in our powers!"
Only his voice echoes.

"I always was better at hide and seek! Ahahaha!"

Calming my impatient mind, I listen to his laughter.
…Damn, the wind's strong…!
I can't tell where the laughter's coming from…!

"Too bad. You ended up like this because you were acting so calm and composed, you idiot…! Do you understand now, you have to kill when you can…!?"

Don't rush.
Let him talk. I should be able to determine his location if he keeps talking…!

"But I'm different. You and your Servant are done for right here. Though, it's not like we're strangers.
There's that thing from yesterday too, so I'll let you die a painless death!"

"Don't worry, Emiya. You got in the way, but I'll have the idiots at school follow you in no time. If you say you're lonely, I'll let that annoying Sakura follow you as well!"

"Shinji, you!"
"Go, Rider!
That girl first! Don't leave even a piece of her behind…!"

Music: Stop

For the first time, she forgot about her enemy during a battle.
Angry at her master for coming to such a dangerous place.
Angry at herself for not realizing that this was likely.

But all those ideas are driven to the back of her mind.
What else could there be?
In this dangerous situation, his expression is only worried about Saber.

Soft laughter.
Rider places her hands on the Pegasus's neck and makes it beat its wings even faster.

Music: Clashing Souls

Something missing until now forms in Rider's hands.
It is a mere small rein of shining gold.

This Pegasus is too kind and not fit for battles. So it will not get in the mood unless I use this."
The Pegasus lowers its neck.
The Pegasus rages, not from its own intentions, but from Rider's.

"Disappear, Saber.
Even if you survive, your Master will not be able to escape. If your Master dies, that is the end even for you, is it not?"

That is absolutely true.
Rider's Noble Phantasm will completely blow away this rooftop.
If she hurries, she will be able to get Shirou and get away from the rooftop, but Rider's attack won't destroy just the rooftop.
Her Master is not strong enough to survive a collapsing building.

So, for Saber to protect her Master…
She has to slay that enemy along with the Pegasus.

She has no time to decide if her choice is the correct one.
She looks at her distant Master one more time.
He is gritting his teeth, trying to fulfill his role.

That makes her hesitations go away.
She forgets about everything that must happen in the future.
She is only her master's sword now, and exists only to defeat the enemy.

A comet sweeps down.
Even after it becomes an arrow of light, Rider still pushes the Pegasus.
There is only one target.
She will destroy her enemy along with this isolated garden in the sky!

The name is cast.
A Noble Phantasm bears a miracle that is released by casting its true name…
And if a miracle is a disaster that should not occur in this world

It is truly a divine lightning.

A flashing thunderbolt.
Watching it, her eyes show no emotion.
"You said no one will see in this place, did you not Rider?"
The wind is unraveled.
The wind centered on her turns into a raging tempest.

"I feel the same way. Here, there is no need to worry about destroying the earth!"

Music: Stop

Video: Holy Sword (mirror)

The raging wind is coming from her.
No, not from Saber, but from the sword she is holding.

Music: Sword of Promised Victory

I doubt my own eyes.
I can see the sword that should be invisible.
Slowly, as if taking off bandages, her sword starts to show its form.

"A goldensword?"

Rider descends as a surge of light.
Bellerophon grows large enough to engulf the whole rooftop and speeds up to destroy not only us, but the building itself.

The 'Reins of the Heroic Cavalry' light up the rooftop.
…Time stops.
Facing unavoidable destruction, my mind freezes.
Not because of the 'Reins of the Heroic Cavalry'.

The converging lights.
Its purity is not even comparable to the light of Rider that is merely large.
In her hands…
Is an assembly of the planet's light. The strongest holy sword.



It is literally a line of light.

It is a blade of light that slices everything it touches.
It slices Rider with one blow, soars up into the night sky, cuts through the clouds, and disappears.
…I think…
If that thing were used on the ground, a great disorder in the land would remain and never disappear.

Her sword was not invisible.
It merely did not allow others to see it.
A golden sword that captivates all who see it, and its all-too-famous true name.

Music: Stop

I can't approach Saber and I just stand there.
I don't know if I'm still confused or if my heart is still captivated by that sword.
My mind is acting strange, and only insignificant things come in my head.

Why does she have that sword?
That golden sword is the property of the well known king of knights.
I try to think how she ended up with the sword, and I notice that I'm trying to avoid the simplest of the answers.

…There's no need for complicated guesses.
That sword has always been hers.
That's why her true name is easy to figure out.
I don't know what kind of mistake was made, but there's only one person she can be if she has that holy sword.

Saber does not move from the stance that completed her blow.
I should run up to her, but my body won't move.

…Up to now, I only understood in words that Saber was a heroic spirit.
Perhaps I realized that she was a hero of the past, something "different" from meand I hesitated to go near her.

I hear a scream.
Something is burning in the background.

"Who's there!?"
I look in that direction.
There, I see a book burning into ashes, and…

…Shinji is there, watching the burning book.

He must have realized that Rider is defeated and he's at a disadvantage.
Shinji turns his back to me as if to flee, and runs towards the exit.

Shinji jumps through the door leading to the stairs.
"Stop, Shinji!"

I can't let him go now.
But the instant I start to follow him…
Out of the corner of my eye,
Saber collapses.

To an observer, it looks like a giant beam of light, but its target point is the tip. It is the "ultimate slash" that cuts through everything in the "area" the light goes through. Its enormous power heats space around the tip, and as a result it is interpreted as a wave of light that mows across the earth. You could also call it a directed energy weapon.