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Part 90: Witch's mark / Tiger Dojo 10

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

Saber suddenly stops.
Not because of Caster's counter-attack, but by her own choice.

Saber instantly tries to dodge.

But she's too late.
Saber totters as if grabbed by something, and in that instant…

A warped dagger stabs Saber in the chest.

It's the weakest weapon that cannot kill even one human nor create anything. But it is an indulgence from the age of gods that is forgiven anything for one purpose."

"HaaShi… rourun…"

Saber falls to her knees, even though she has taken no wound.
Before I can ponder this mystery…

The last Command Spell disappears from my left hand.


"All is according to plan, boy. Now, if I collect the magus and the vessel inside, my victory will be assured."
Caster's arm rises.
A wave of air performed with no action hits me.

…I can't stand up.
My legs are twisted like a jellyfish from the blow and won't move.

"I think it's about time.
Stand up, Saber. Even if the gods punish you, I will forgive you."
A snicker.

…Saber stands up.
She slowly walks to me with steps like those bone creatures, and…

…Swings her sword down with eyes like she's having a nightmare.

Beautiful, Saber. Now you are the same as me, you bear the crime of killing your Master…! Yes, as the same criminals, let us condemn this world to its death…!"

…Caster's laughter tears my ears apart.
…My brain dies with questions still unanswered.
…A night like red jelly.
Only the figure of Saber looking down at me with tears in her eyes

Music: Stop

Video: Tiger Dojo 10 (mirror)

Music: Gentle Everyday

…All right. It seems the enemy is gone now.

…Well, let's pull ourselves together.
Let's start the rescue corner that saves Shirou, who has fallen into a pit just by getting sidetracked, the Tiger Dojo!

All right. But Taiga, this dead end isn't much different from the last one.

Saber goes berserk and kills Shirou in this end too, right?

Yup. But this one is a bit different as you could've prevented this with a little more work on Shirou's side. I don't think it's all Saber-chan's fault.

Nope. It seems she doesn't get depressed if the fault isn't all hers.
So we're able to hold the Tiger Dojo with no worries this time.

Yeah. But there's nothing much to say this time. There won't be any more tricky choices like this.


The story is nearing its climax, so you have to get it together or you won't be able to get to the real ending.

There will only be one more enemy after defeating Caster.
Get your act together and win. There'll be a chance after a crisis. You should fight without letting your guard down. Osu!

Well done.
We'll be waiting in the next Tiger Dojo!