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Original Thread: I'm just too blessed to be stressed when we play FEZ [VLP]



What is Fez? Fez is a game that looks like this:

But it really looks like THIS:

(And it sounds like this)

It's a really good-looking game with a really immersive, relaxing atmosphere. It's the kind of game you put on at the end of the day to calm down and just go. Something you look up from and realise that two hours have gone by while you play, and that you've explored so much that you're twenty rooms away from where you started. There's lots of nooks and crannies with secrets to find, some good puzzles, some great music; and one of the most infamous development histories behind it.

But we're not going to focus on that. We're going to focus on the "relaxing" part of the game. And so I only have a couple of rules for the thread:

1) DO NOT TALK ABOUT PHIL FISH - I'm not saying we can't say anything bad; I'm going to say bad things about the game when they come up, because the game is by no means perfect, but since the odds are pretty high that nobody here actually knows Phil as a person, I don't want to hear any discussion on the kind of guy he may or may not be based on any interviews or tweets you may have seen. Separate art from artist and appreciate the work that went into this.

2) DO NOT SPOIL ANYTHING - You might be aware that Fez has some pretty deep puzzles, whether by word-of-mouth or playing the game yourself. That is true, but I'm LPing the game in two halves. The first half is EXPLORATION MODE, where I'm going to explore every inch of the map that has cubes and cube bits in it. Once we've collected all 32 cubes and ascended to New Game Plus, we'll begin PUZZLE MODE, where I'll cover all of the proper puzzles in the game. If you know about the puzzles and their solutions, please don't say anything until I cover them. If you haven't played the game and this is all new to you, you might be able to piece together some solutions in Exploration Mode. Feel free to discuss puzzles if you're new to the game and genuinely haven't seen them before, I encourage you to collaborate with other people in the thread who haven't seen the puzzles, if there are enough of you. Collaborative puzzle solving is, in fact, completely intended as part of the game's design.

3) DO NOT DWELL - Like I said, I'm not going to heap praise upon every aspect of the game, but try not to get caught up on the bad stuff. There isn't enough of it in the game that it should be ruining your fun with it.

4) WATCH IN HIGH DEFINITION AT 60 FRAMES PER SECOND - This is more of a suggestion, but since YouTube allows for 60fps videos, I recorded the game that way, and it looks really good at 720p 60fps, so I do encourage you to watch that way if you can.

And now, unless I'm forgetting something important, let's all take a deep breath…

…and exhale. Let's begin.


Part 01: Chilling And Crashing
Part 02: Crate Expectations
Part 03: Neon Genesis Evan-bell-ion
Part 04: Mine Your Manners
Part 05: Welcome To The (Light)House Of Fun
Part 06: Wind(mill) Me Up And Watch Me Go
Part 07: Dizzying Heights
Part 08: Industrial Revolutions
Part 09: Application of Rotation Theory
Part 10: The Other Kind Of Chilling
Part 11: Throne Into New Experiences
Part 12: Let Me Lens You A Hand
Part 13: Time, Space, Continuum


Part 14: The First-Person You Think Of
Part 15: Reflect On These Lessons
Part 16: Owl Do The Talking
Part 17: That Syncing Feeling
Part 18: Don't Go Rotatin' My Heart


Appendix A: The Endings of Fez
Appendix B: The Music of Fez
Appendix C: The Puzzles of Fez


This is from that one time I looked at a reverse sunset.

This is from that one time I looked at a forward sunset.

This is from that one time I jumped into some water.

This is from that one time I was in some water.

This is from that one time I looked at this really cool neon sign.

This is from that one time I sat on this spinny thing.

This is from that one time I looked at the top of this really cool neon sign.

This is from that one time I danced at an underground rave.

This is from that one time I looked at a tree.

This is from that one time I looked at a stream of water.

This is from that one time I stared into the infinite vastness of space.

This is from that one time I forgot what time it was.

This is from that one time I remembered I'm actually Phil Collins.
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