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Original Thread: Palm trees.. and 8. Got it? Final Fantasy Adventure / Mystiq Quest [VLP]



Final Fantasy Adventure, Mystiq Quest, Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy gaiden. This is a game with many names, and a lot of awesomeness. I'll be showing you this game and hopefully entertain some of you. This is one of my favorite games ever, its old but it has a great charm and i still love the music.
FFA is a game for the original 4 color gameboy from 1989. FFA itself was released in 1991 in US & Japan, and in 1993 in Europe. Why was it released 2 years later here? Because publishers hate europe and probably because they translated it into a lot of different languages like french and german to.

Also, things in this game might look really similar to Sword of Mana, which is because sword of mana is a remake of this game. And even though sword of mana isnt that good, this one rocks. The game also had another remake for cellphones, which is quite true to this original. But unfortunatly it only got released in japan and i doubt we'll ever see it here in europe. If you work at square or something, get your boss to bring this game out in english. Sell it to fucking jamba or whatever and let them translate this. I really want to play that game .

Here's a link to the Sword of Mana LP:

The story of the game is about how you, the Hero, and the Heroine try to stop the evil dark lord from getting the ultimate power from the tree of mana. It sounds terrible, but the game actually has a great story, especially for a gameboy game from 1991. There are some really sad moments in the game which even gives games nowadays a run for there money. But ofcourse since its an old square game, it also has a pretty shoddy translation.

Now some more screenshots to keep you interested:


Hero: The hero, named Fei in this VLP is one of the gladiators who fight every day just for the entertainment of dark lord. After his friend willy died, he escaped from castle glaive and went on a quest to warn bogard about how mana is in danger.

Dark Lord: The evil emperor of empire glaive. Unlike in Sword of Mana where he is displayed as a emo pussy, here he is an evil bastard who just wants mana power to rule the world. Not much is known about him, only that he loves to watch gladiators fight, and that he's an evil strict ruler of the world. Yeah he already rules the world and still wants the mana power to rule the world. He's a powerhungry evil bastard.

Julius: Dark Lord's henchman who is a formidable wizard and master of disguises. He's doing the dirty work in trying to get the girl to open the path to the mana sanctuary where the mana tree is.

Girl: The Girl, who i named Elly, is your typical RPG/Anime very important, needs to be protected character. She somehow has the key to open the way to the mana sanctuary where the mana tree resides. She also has an important necklace. If you use the ASK command, elly will slowly heal you, for free.

Bogard: An old man who fought against emporer Vandole who had the power of mana, thanks to him and a certain girl emporer vandole was defeated. Bogard now is a crazy old man living in a cabin near the water falls. He helps the hero & the girl on there way to wendel. Later in the game he's also one of the most useless allies ever to grace a videogame.  Bogards ASK commands tells you about using the will bar.

Man: A nice man who the hero met in the marsch cave, and who helped him fight the hydra and find the magic mirror. He looks like a red mage from Final Fantasy.  It turned out that Man actually was Julius in disguise, who was researching more about the girl, and if she really had the power to unlock the way to mana sanctuary. Man's ASK command tells you that if walls make a noise when hit with weapons you can break them with a mattock

Watts: A dwarf who helped the hero get some silver so he could get past gaia. He also completly screwed the hero over by taking the silver after the fight (in which he hardly did anything), and charging us for the stuff he forged with MY silver. Fuck you watts! If you ASK him for help, he will sell you stuff like a item shop.

Chocobo: It's a chocobo! Just like the other chocobo's in final fantasy you can ride one like a horse, to do that just ASK him. With that you can get around faster, and enemies cant hurt you Later in the game chocobo nearly dies because he went all the way to ishe to find and save fei after another deathdrop (must have been hell getting over the mountains i guess). Dr Bowow heals him, and mechanises his leg. That turns him into the cyborg jezus chocobot, which can walk on water! 

Amanda: A fellow gladiator at empire glaive. She escapes after fei does and gets back to her home village of menos. But there she founds out her little brother lester was turned into a parrot. To get him back to normal, she does something bad.  She steals the pendant when fei crashlands in her house and gives it to davias, but he cant uncurse lester. Amanda goes to the cave of medusa to get tears of medusa where we meet her again, but she gets bitten while fighting medusa and turns into one herself. Fei kills her before she turns into a monster and took her tears to uncurse lester.  Her ASK command cures Fei from "stone" status.

Lester: Lester is a fantastic harp player, and can even play some mystic tunes on them. But the evil davias wont have happy songs in his town and turned lester into a parrot.  Fei saves him with amanda's tears, and they take revenge on davias together  His ASK commands changes the dungeon music.

Marcie: Marcie is a robot built by dr bowow to study the dime tower, but dr bowow has forgotten him and he's been living in there for 50 years. He's also the best ally in the entire game, since his ASK commands completely fills MP instantly.

Bonus Videos
The bonus videos are just me having fun with other games i like and recording it.

Super Ghouls And Ghosts 01 - Bonus vid 1. 17m50s


Q: What?
A: Frequently Asked Questions That Arent Really Frequently Asked Questions At All Because I Just Made These Up

Q: Palm Trees and 8 ? Why did you name the thread like that?
A: Oh you'll see in one of the later videos. Its a really annoying puzzle that hardly makes any sense, and that gets a lot of people stuck in the game

Q: What's up with the terrible graphics?
A: Read Up. This is a gameboy game from 1991, what do you expect

Q: This game totally is a rip of Sword of Mana
A: Read the post damn you, Sword of Mana is a remake of this game.

Q: Is this game hard?
A: It depends, if you take time to grind then its not that bad, but on some screens there are enemies which are from later areas and are much stronger than you, you can die really quickly with this. Also some enemies do some nasty tricks that can kill you quite fast.

Q: Whats with the accent?
A: If you heard the accent you watched the first video, and i told you there that im from the netherlands. Yup im Dutch

Q: Are you gonna do guest commentary?
A: I probably am in the later video's

Q: Whats with all the images in this thread? Where'd you get em?
A: I stole (and rehosted) them from some mana fansites. I got the manga from a german site. No idea where they got it

Q: Have you made any other LP's?
A: This was my first LP, but after this i started with an VLP of Super Ghouls and Ghosts. You can find that here.


01 - Start To kett's place. 24m33s Backup
02 - Kett's to marsch cave and back to kett's. 22m41s Backup
03 - Kett's to Gaia. 24m41s Backup
04 - Gaia's to Jadd. 20m43s Backup
05 - Jadd to Medusa's cave and back to jadd. 29m04s Backup
06 - Jadd to castle Glaive to Ishe. 37m37s Backup
07 - Ishe to Ice cave. 27m22s Backup
08 - Ice cave to Undersea Volcano. 29m54s Backup
09 - Underssea volcano to tower of gemma. 30m54s Backup
10 - Tower of Gemma till Ending. 35m36s Backup
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