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Part 7: Falling! I'm a mother?

Climbing up the chain on to Julius's air ship, it's got a rather nicely barrely-aesthetic. This dungeon is actually one of the larger ones we've dealt with.

Could you be a bit more specific perhaps?

We've got a new enemy introduced along with the sole new title that acts as a concession that we're in something other than a brick and mortar building. Seriously, what is up with the walls here? The enemy is vulnerable to silver and fire, but can't really move. Instead they fire rings at you if you cross their line of sight.

There are also ghosts. They tend to resist even direct hits with the silver sword at this point, so fire is the best thing to use to deal with them.

This cabin boy is rude, and pays the ultimate price for his arrogance. Yes, you can kill a number of NPCs. They have a lot of HP, though, so it's generally not worth it. When you finally kill one they will spout their dialogue one final time to the cold, uncaring universe.

The eye monsters can inflict the Moogle status on us, the first enemy capable of doing so. I didn't have any moogle potions to check and see if you can use them in this state, but it only lasts for about 5 seconds anyway.

In addition they can drop ethers which, as you'd expect, restore our mana.

There's a room with a bunch of werewolves here and a couple of triggers, but I'm going to see what I can find before activating them.

at the waterfalls near Glaive ... That's Julius.

Evidently Julius was an orphan and Dark Lord is the kind of guy who would adopt a lost child. Who knew?

We reach the end of our rope here. To the south there's a set of stairs that will lead us into that blocked area, but there's something off here. I think we've gone a bit too far. You can't hit those jars with a mattock, by the way.

While scrounging around we also find a Wisdom crystal. As you would imagine, this item gives us a temporary boost to wisdom in order to increase our spell power.

Now, we could hit the switch and fight those werewolves, but they take multiple hits and like to jump around a lot. It's much simpler to hang out in the safe area and cook them with fire spells.

The charge? Really now?

It's amazing how polite these people have become since you murdered one.

Hey, he was an evil cabin boy!

For some reason there's a pack of werewolves in this bedroom. Of note is the fact that once they're cleared out you can use the bed to rest and regain HP and MP.

South of the werewolf bedroom is the object of our search.

As soon as we talk to her the sound of the engine cuts in.

This door is locked!

How about the windows?

Be careful!

Wait, you're going to guard her? From what?

Well, the monsters or.. you know... things.

You mean the monsters that are filling this ship in order to keep people from getting to her? Who's locked behind a door that the two of us aren't able to open?

I could have sworn I had more pictures, but this is a good enough summary. We're coming out of the door and need to go down the ladder. Unfortunately, it's covered with werewolves.. or it would be unfortunate if they weren't so closely packed that you can hit all of them with a single swing.

I'll be honest, I can't imagine why you would have something like this on your airship. For maintenance? Or as a walkway when you're in the water?

... do you know something I don't?

I hate you so much.

Oh, not again!


Fall count: 3.

In all fairness, that's a pretty reasonable reaction to someone falling through the roof of your house.

At least he's among friends.

I came back from Glaive after you left there...

This is a setup for all kinds of lines, but it's unfortunately a real problem..

... I thought that it was Amanda talking to me...

There's no good to come of this. Let's explore the town.

I saw an egg in a forest up north.

This must be investigated!

Amanda left the village earlier this morning.

Well, she can't have been gone long.

The weapon shop has a new class of weapon, which provides a boost in attack over the silver sword as well as a good ranged option.

Just as a regular attack it has a much better range than our sword, but the ability to throw it across the screen is really useful. Meanwhile, back in Menos...

He's playing harp in a town called Jadd.

Hey lady, eggs first. I've been in prison for ages and I haven't had an omelette the entire time.

Jadd is at the north end of the desert.

And my egg is on the north end of the forest.

And a dirty thief.

That's an oddly specific bit of local knowledge.

We're actually just west of the lake. Evidently that airship hadn't had time to go very far.

Off to the side there's a sudden cliff for some reason. The terrain is a bit weird around here.

We can get a preview of some monsters from later in the game. The fish looks oddly in some weird way.

Eggs, at last!

My omelette!

... Hey! Don't follow me!

... Okay. ... Come with me!

This is probably one of my favorite moments.

Choco here can be ridden using the Ask command. When doing so we can travel faster and don't have to worry about enemy attacks. It's an easy way to get through areas more quickly, but can hinder your overall experience gain.

Next time: The Day the Music Stopped.