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Original Thread: Final Fantasy: We will grind for the first two hours of the game


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Squaresoft's saving grace, Final Fantasy got it's name in 1987 when Squaresoft was having a brush with bankruptcy. They wanted to create one final game, a game like no other on the console (they hadn't heard of Dragonquest, which predates it by a year), and so they called it their Final Fantasy. This game also single handedly saved the company from bankruptcy and has gone on to create the monumental franchise everyone knows today.

Of course, being the saving grace of a company as large as what is now Square-Enix, it has about 5,000,000 incarnations. Here are the major ones:

The original, produced in 1987. All famicon Final Fantasy games are white.

Remade for the MSX2 in 1989, it featured slightly updated graphics. Not much else, however.

The American release finally saw the light of day in 1990. However, there were numerous changes between the Japanese and American releases. We will be covering them in the LP.

Remade for the Wonderswan Color in 2000, this was the first (and only, so far) port that featured updated graphics and fixed bugs, and finally included a boss battle theme.

Remade for the Playstation in 2002 for Japan and 2003 for America and Europe, it featured the Wonderswan graphics and a new 'easy' mode which decreased the gold required for inns, spells, and equipment, and also drastically reduced the amount of experience required to level.

And finally, Dawn of Souls,released in 2004, is a GBA remake. Still featuring the Wonderswan graphics, it only uses the easy mode from the playstation version. However, 4 new optional dungeons were added that all feature bosses from future Final Fantasy games. I may or may not cover them during the LP.

This will be a co-op LP with Petoux bringing her artistic talent and myself donating my neckbeard to the cause. It will be in loose narrative format, with normal story text in normal font and neckbeard notes in neckbeard font.

We already have our party picked out, so without further ado, let us begin!

Fan Art

Hylje makes us a diorama:

Diagnosed makes this very flattering drawing of Petoux:

Melaneus's impression of NPC's:

Spelling Mitsake's rendition of the airship:

The White Dragon's rendition of the party:

Raar_Im_A_Dinosaur acapella's Don't Stop That Healin'

Melaneus brings Oyster's Gambit to the thread:

An RPG classic was abandoned exactly one year ago today. Two noble souls set out to correct that injustice.

Petoux and Oyster take on Squaresoft's Final Fantasy
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