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Part 22: GBA Bonus Run Part 4

Solid Snake a king is dying get the fuck out of here man.

Anyway, once all this happens, we're off to Deist/Dist. New party member time!

I just like this line.

The pirates are as much of a threat as they were in the original. Anyway, Leila!

Unfortunately Gordon stole Dee's old bow, and this shitty Dark Bow is all I had to give her. Not that it really matters, since Leila's not gonna damage anything with either one. Especially since I was stupid and put the bow in the wrong hand. I just had that bit of text about hand preference and then forgot Leila is a leftie

Despite that handicap, Leila's a bit of a step up from Gordon. She has a spell, Thunder 4, so she can do something if I need her to. I have a leftover berserk tome too, so she gets one. Also, a gold hairpin to steal! Charlie gets the hairpin and Mac gets the thief gloves. Now, Charlie could use both since the agility bonus stacks in this version, but I'd rather Charlie not have the magic penalty.

That all settled, it's time to head to Deist.

As my luck would have it I keep triggering MP increases for Charlie but not Dee. Okay so he has less so it's easier to trigger MP increases for him but I'm still mad okay?

Deist castle has a ton of stuff we want.

Believe it or not, the Curse tome is not really one of them. Curse was one of Vivian's go-to spells, but with berserk there really isn't a point to leveling it. Berserk cuts through defense just fine, and it doesn't have to roll against magic defense or contend with enemy resistances. I gave it to Charlie anyway, just for the hell of it.

But this is going to be extremely vital. There's also another antidote and eye drop, highly appreciated.

This goes to Mac, and it improves his attack by twenty points. Yeah he's been needing an upgrade.

I can't wait to hoard the shit out of this.

At this point, I have the choice whether to go on to Deist cave like the game wants, or to do the tropical cave.

I'm actually gonna choose Deist cave. Hi Wyvern! Deist cave is less MP intensive than the tropical cave, since it doesn't have slime enemies. I might just end up doing the tropical cave when you're supposed to. I'm not looking forward to it, to be honest.

The cave is designed to be done in three trips, and that's what I plan to do. Finished the first one, got the pendant, talked to the wyvern, and we're ready for the next trip. I go to Bafsk after each trip to heal up, so it's a bit tedious, but not infuriatingly so. Gives me an opportunity to practice magic and for Dee not to gain MP.

Oh, I noticed something odd. There was one ogre mage in this battle, but it never did anything. Yet Leila still got magic defense. Did they completely redo the magic defense formula? Hrm. I'll have to look into this.

There were two enemies in this cave that posed a challenge. One was the Hill Gigas; not so bad, but they're hard to kill and come in packs of two. That required breaking out the MP for berserk. The other was these yellow souls. No, they don't do much damage individually, but they are relentless and no one here has Vivian's HP.

Especially not Leila. Oh well, at least this enemy keeps triggering magic defense gains. And if you think I'm wasting my only phoenix down on her you are looney tunes.


Oh, and Ogre Chiefs start to show up. I don't show the enemy itself because it doesn't matter, the drop does. Very nice. Charlie gets himself a wing sword.

Urgh, this piece of shit requires you to fight some adamantoises.

Even single target blizzard level 4 doesn't kill them. Insane.

However, rather than ice them to death I can cast berserk and kill them that way, so at least I've got options. Hell, even without berserk Mac can damage them, just not much.

I never thought I'd be happy to get a bow, but I am.

This was overdue.

And that was trip number two. After warping, bringing Leila back (why not?), and staying at the inn, we run the final lap.

You know, my party only has two pieces of headgear, and they're vastly superior to this POS even in just raw defense. I really don't know why they give you a full set of mythril armor in this dungeon.

At least this is can be useful. I occurs to me that I said I was going to use this in the last run, but never did. I actually did plan on using it for the lamia fight, but that didn't really work out. Will I use it in this run? Let's see!

Already have one, but this requires us to fight a special monster.

Yay! Could you patch up Charlie for me?

Wait, their cure is single target now? How did I forget that? Erm, anyway, got healed up. Thanks green souls, I'd not kill you if the game let me.

Nothing else really happens on the way to the bottom. Thankfully everyone comes into this fight with a decent amount of MP, so let's rock!

Rolled the highest number of enemies, but I got a preemptive strike. It gives me a turn to set up my buffs. Once I've got all my front-liners blinked and berserked, this is in the bag.

Their blaze attack is a bit nasty, but my important characters aren't really in danger.

And my party demolishes them before they can do any real damage.

'bout damn time.

Once we sink the egg, time to warp out and head back to Altair.

Normally, I wouldn't care two shits about this spell, but considering that I already had an incident where Dee ran out of MP and couldn't teleport out, having Charlie learn Warp for emergencies isn't a bad idea. I could also use it as an insta-death spell, but I'd rather not bother. Gonna get some real insta-death spells soon anyway.

Charlie is such a ladies man.

So this fight has a million different ways for it to go wrong, and unlike Vivian there really isn't anything we can do to counter it.

Case in point. However, unlike Vivian getting hit with sleep isn't necessarily a death sentence, since there's a full party here.

I had Dee use the Mythril Mirror on herself to prevent being confused, but in retrospect that was a dumb idea. The one who'd do the most damage confused wasn't Dee.

It was someone like Mac. And Leila just berserked him, too.

Fortunately for me (well, as fortunate as one can be in this circumstance) Mac just took himself out. Charlie had broken out of sleep in the meantime and was able to cast blink on himself and get berserked. Obviously if the lamia queen chose to confuse Charlie this attempt is over, but he should be able to get a few hits in. Really, the best thing to do for this fight is just go in guns blazing and end it before it can go tits up.

And I did just that. Got it in one try, too. Not bad.

I also got a really great drop to boot! This goes to Dee. Death is pretty rare element, actually, but if I need resistance to death Dee's got it.

This translation just gives Leila all the good lines.

Sadly, though, we lose her for the time being. Stupid stinky Gordon. Gotta go do the stupid arena. Stupid.

But hey, a chance to get some items! C'mon eye drops!


At least the behemoth is still adorable.

And as pathetic. If you look at the party's HP you'll notice the behemoth didn't get a single hit in. I really don't get the logic of putting this boss after the lamia queen. If there's anyone here who ever had a problem with the behemoth please tell me.

Uh, thanks mystery voice?

Anyway, the emperor runs away Dennis puts us in jail because he's a jerk, we get out, and so on.

For once, an antidote is worth fighting some monsters for. Well, maybe. ...not really.

And another cottage, another ether, and an elixir!

Now we have the tense part; can we make it out without getting killed by teams of wizards or captains?

As it turns out, yes we can. I never even saw a single wizard or captain.

This was the scariest enemy encounter I ran into, since specters can cast stone, but they didn't. Go figure.

And Dee got some more MP! Yay!

But yeah, the team walked out with no incident. And I guess we'll stop here.