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Original Thread: Final Fantasy II - Engrish Edition



I think everyone knows the deal about Final Fantasy II. Crazy-ass leveling system and a dark depressing plot that made it the black sheep of the Final Fantasy series, which combined with the coming Super Nintendo caused the game not to be released outside Japan.

What most people don't know is that the game was planned to come over here at some point, and in fact there was enough progress on that front that a preliminary translation existed. In fact, that translation eventually leaked online and is floating around even today, though it's not nearly as prevalent as the NeoDemiforce translation. However, this was merely a rough draft done by Kauro Moriyama (who also translated FF4's initial English release), and as a result there's a ton of awkward dialogue, misspellings, and just confusing stuff that would've inevitably gotten ironed out if Square decided to actually give it a wider release. So naturally I'll be showing this version off.

To get an idea of just what we're in for, here's the intro crawl.

This runthrough will focus on showing off the beauty of this translation as well as a quick look at Square's first take on a serious story full of death, death, and death. I'll cover gameplay, but if you're more interested in that I highly recommend Gabriel Pope's run of the game, where he really does the game justice and shows off the way you actually play this game. Mine will inevitably be clunkier, though I'll probably let you guys decide things.

If you want to learn more about this translation, check out this article on Lost Levels about it. It's where I learned about it long ago, and I'd completely forgotten about it until yesterday when I went back there for the first time.

As usual, spoilers in tags.

I post when I update on Twitter. I don't usually post other stuff, so you don't have to worry about me filling your feeds with random shit.

Table of Contents

Fan Stuff

TurnipFritter drew a great depiction of the team we ended up with!

TurnipFritter posted:

Go Rebellions.

Shit, forgot someone:

#4 is Helping!

FeyerbrandX shows off the natural conclusion of Nathan Fillion's magical studies.

FeyerbrandX posted:

I felt this needed to be done, just in case Mega follows the same trend as the first LP.

TurnipFritter shows off the logistics of traversing a tornado.

TurnipFritter posted:

And of course, it's not a proper LP without some avatars courtesy of Explosionface.

Explosionface posted:

Alrighty, caught up with this thread now that it's over, too.

I just want to go on the record saying this translation is a goddamn national treasure.

I've never been able to play past the Warship/Dreadnought/whatever when I tried in the PSX version and lost all interest in it afterwards because it hates me.

And, of course, because I'm me:

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