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Part 17: Final Chapter - The Rise of Communism

Just one more room between us and the final boss.

So of course the developers couldn't resist having just one more room full of hidden paths with dead ends in a monster-infested area. I'm almost getting nostalgic for their bullshit.

Haven't seen this weakling. Thunder, really?

oh god don't remind me

Stalin: We will not allow that!
Cloud: Hahaha... This is the Dark World. You cannot defeat me with only the power of Light.

Dark Warriors: We will not allow you to destroy the world!
Cloud: Idiots!

So we unlocked the Dark Warriors just so they could kill themselves. At least they made the damn cloud vulnerable.

I didn't even bother fully healing for the final battle.

Say hello to Dark Cloud's only attack. At lower levels with a full party, you'll be having your Sages spam Cure4 every turn while your Ninjas toss all their Shurikens at it. With our high-level Stalin, he simply laughs off the damage.

So you know what this means, right?

The final battle is nothing more than a good old-fashioned Flare-off.

Definitely the Flaringest final battle of any game.

But good always triumphs over evil. And so begins the rise of Communism.

(The Ending Music, so listen to this)

But life created something else... Something to divide Light and Darkness. A star that shines on the world. A light called Hope...

When Light and Darkness would combine and return the world to nothing, warriors will appear to separate them once more. But it is the people's Hope that gives those warriors strength.

Dreams, despair, love... All is washed away by Time. But even among the nothingness something yet remains, illuminating a path forward...

Stalin: Let's go home!

Leader: Hey, everyone!
Others: You're back! Great!
Leader: What, worried? I was fine!

Old man: Feel free to stop by anytime! Ha-ha-ha! Farewell!

Deshu: I'm getting off here too!
Bukhrn: Why at Kanaan?
Deshu: Well... ......
Bukhrn: ???
Deshu: ...... Sarina.
Bukhrn: Oh, that girl...!
Deshu: Yeah, her...
Lenin: You're not getting shy on us, are you?
Deshu: ......

Cid: I'm back!
Cid's wife: Hey! Not in front of everyone!

Deshu: Sarina!
Sarina: Deshu! Don't go anywhere ever again!
Deshu: I won't. We'll stay together always!

Lenin: Hahaha, looks like you'll have plenty of adventure right here!
Deshu: Shut up, you!
Cid: Well, please stop by anytime. My wife can cook up some fabulous meals!

Stalin: Princess Sara... but...
Sara: Just how dense are you? I want to stay with you for a while longer!
Stalin: ......
Sara: Come on, let's go to Uru!

Stalin: Uru... We've I've returned at last.
Sara: Let's go! Everyone's waiting!

Welcome back!

Thank you for saving the world!

You really are the Light Warriors!

Dancer: Here, let me give you a kiss! Smack!

And that is Final Fantasy III.

One day, I was trying to decide what game I wanted to play and maybe try a challenge for, and I figured, "I love FF3, I know it well, and a solo challenge could be interesting." Then I wanted to discuss it, so I figured, why not do a Let's Play of it?

Of course, it kind of killed the Phoenix Wright LP, but let's face it, I was going to quit that eventually anyway.

Gotta give these guys credit. They were reliable at being dead. Good ol' Stalin, single-handedly taking on a world full of corrupt governments with no help whatsoever.

I did like how Sara was more assertive than most characters.

Pretty middle-of-the-road as far as Cids go. He has some cool moments, but he doesn't stick around long enough to be high in the Cid Pantheon of Awesomeness.

Deshu sticks around the longest of the companions, and he's probably the best one simply by default. He's the only one who really has something resembling a personality in the entire game. Ah, 8-bit jRPG stories.

I like her character design. A fragile, sickly woman with the determination and confidence to take on the world. Alright death scene, though it probably would be more effective if I weren't so used to FF games killing off major characters.

Alright comic relief. Got close to grating at times, but luckily we spent too little time with them for them to get annoying.

There's really nothing to say about Arus other than he has the most adorable companion sprite.

Fuck you, Doga. Things would be so much easier if you weren't the world's biggest dickhole.

Une, you're alright for leading us to the fucking Invincible.

Then each job pops up with names. I'll spare you 20-something screenshots of that.

It's been a fun and surprisingly quick one. Got this done under a month!

Anyway, thanks for watching, and a huge thanks for everyone that supplied the amazing fan art for this thread. It blows my mind that this got as much fan art as it did, and I really appreciate everyone who contributed in discussion or even simply read along without a comment. You guys make this stuff fun.

See you guys next LP!

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