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Part 5: That Spoony Bard

Damcyan's not looking so hot. Cecil, Rydia, and Tellah search for survivors.

There are a few people inside still alive, but they appear to be on their last legs. Up on the third floor...

...Tellah has a meltdown.

Anna? Is that you Anna!?

Then someone shows up that really pisses Tellah off.

You! You're that bard! Anna ran away because of your treachery!

He flings himself at the bard and goes berserk.

Anna's voice puts some sanity back in Tellah.

Father, Edward is the Prince of Damcyan. Forgive me, Father, for running away... but I love Edward. But still, I knew I couldn't find happiness... without your consent. I was on my way home when...

We were attacked by Baron's Red Wings, led by Golbez.

I've never heard of Golbez before. Who is he?

I don't know. His powers were beyond words...

Why did they attack Damcyan?

They wanted the Crystal, and they did not care who tried to stop them. My mother, father... even Anna protected me from their arrows.
You let your girlfriend take the hit for you? Wonderful.

Anna, you loved him enough to give up your own life?

Father... forgive me...

...I love you...


Anna!? Anna!

He came to Baron one day and became the new leader of the Red Wings. He... *sob* He leads them in their mission to obtain all the Crystals... *sniff*

Stop crying! That won't bring Anna back! Golbez... I shall take your life with my own two hands!

Tellah proceeds to mage-slap Cecil aside.

I don't need your help. I don't need anyone's help!

Tellah then takes off for good.

Ironically enough, Rydia goes over to Edward and tells him to start acting like an adult.

Stop crying! You're a grownup! You're not supposed to cry! I lost my mother, but I'm not crying anymore!


I'm staying here with Anna. I will never leave her!
I hate Edward so much.

Cecil decides the best course of action is punching Edward in the face. I can't disagree with this.

That's enough! You're now the ruler of Damcyan, so start acting like it! You owe it to your people, and you owe it to Anna. Your Majesty, my name is Cecil, and I need your help.


I have a friend that is suffering from Desert Fever. I need the Sand Ruby to save her.

...What is her name?


You can find the Sand Ruby in the Antlion Cave east of here. The ruby forms from secretions the antlion makes when it lays eggs. You'll need my hovercraft to reach the cave. The craft will let us reach Kaipo as well once we have the ruby. Let's be on our way.

Edward then joins the party. He's going to be about as useful as he appears to be.

Next time, we look for the Sand Ruby.