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Part 19: Underworld

The town of Agart is southwest of Baron on a secluded island.

Dwarves, eh? They seem fairly average height-wise.

But that may just be my imagination.

Reddish mass...? Could that be the Red Wings!? We have a Magma Rock, and that can't be a coincidence.

Cecil decides to make a wish and chucks the rock down the well.

Well if the Red Wings did pass through here the same way you'd think someone would have mentioned the volcanoquake.

That's a big hole. The airship should fit down it with ease...

Welcome to the Underworld. That red stuff is lava, if that makes anyone less comfortable.

The Red Wings!

They must have beaten us here.

Who are they fighting?

I'm gonna bust through the line! Hang on!

Wait why does Cid have to do this again? Couldn't he just go around?

Oh that can't be good.

She won't hold together!

We're going down!

Cecil jumps to his feet after getting knocked out (again).

Rosa! Is everyone alright?

Yeah... But my ship... We have to land. It's too risky to fly with it in this condition.

We have no choice. Let's take her down.

Fortunately enough, there may be help nearby.

Dwarves! Maybe they can help Cecil out...

...alright, maybe not. Perhaps the King can explain what is going on down here.


You are...?

I am King Giott, ruler of the Underworld. State your business.

We've come in search of the Dark Crystals.

I see. You are like the others. But from what I have witnessed, you are not on their side.

Where are the Dark Crystals? Have they been taken?

They have stolen two from us. Now only two remain.

We're one step too late.

The Castle's Crystal is safe. Our tanks fought them off.

Yes, we saw your tanks battling the airships on our way here.

"Airships," you call them? The Overworld boasts many incredible wonders. Our tanks have taken quite a beating. Can you help us with your airship?

Honestly, we need to repair her first. The attack really busted her up good.

Ahh, she won't last in the heat of this lava, anyway. I'll make temporary fixes for now, then fly up to the surface and gather me some Mythril to armor her better.

Just button up and relax. I'll be back before you know it!

Be careful, Cid.

Heh heh. No worries! I'm a tough old man!

Cid thens leaves the party to go repair his baby.

In the safest place in the castle... Hidden behind my throne.


Yang? What's wrong?

Someone is spying on us.


oh God what is that

I wish it were so... but I definitely sense a presence.

Open the door!

The dwarf retainer opens the door so that Cecil and his party can investigate.

aaah there's more of them




i hate dolls kill them they're as bad as clowns

Guess who? Calcobrenas!

We're cute!

And we're scary!

We love to kill!

Let's take their heads!


A gift for Golbez!

Yippy ho!

As long as you kill the little freaks as quickly as possible you should be fine. They can combine into some form of super-murder-doll if you take too long, though, and then once you beat it down you'll have to deal with these 6 again. I don't let it get that far though, thanks to Rosa Berserking Cecil and Yang.

As a side note, because of Rosa's higher Spirit Rosa's Cura is doing as much healing as Tellah's Curaja was. It's nice to have a real healer again.


But now Golbez knows about this place!

He's gonna getcha!

Sir Golbez!

Well at least he can't get here right a-

Our paths cross again...



I commend you for finding your way to the Underworld. To reward you for your effort, I shall tell you why I am collecting the Crystals. The eight Crystals of Light and Dark are the keys to reactivating the Tower of Babel, which leads to the moon. Legends say the moon possesses power beyond our comprehension. I now only need one more Crystal to fulfill my dream. You have been of great aid to my quest. Now prepare for your final reward!

Golbez was toying with Tellah and got burned. Now he's pissed and not messing around.

I think Golbez was still smarting a bit from the whooping Tellah gave him.

We did it! We defeated Golbez!

What happened to you?

Leviathan took me to the Land of Summons, a world of the summoned monsters. We became friends during my stay. I learned a lot there. I can't use White Magic anymore, but I've grown stronger as a Summoner. Time flows differently there, so I've aged quite a bit.

That explains why your appearance has changed.

Cecil, who is she?

She's the girl we found in Mist.

Fortune favors us indeed.

Rydia, we owe you our lives. Thank you.

You don't have to thank me. The Queen of the Land of Summons said to me... "A great force is secretly at work. We must confront it together."

Adult Rydia now joins Cecil's party. Things are shaping up nicely, but...

Golbez's hand starts crawling around. Ew.

Cecil tries to step on it, but to no avail.

It looks like Golbez is still kicking, and now has the seventh Crystal to boot.

One Crystal left... we must protect it at all costs.

Yes. Where can we find it?

In the Sealed Cavern to the southwest, where Golbez is heading. Do not worry. He cannot enter without the key.

You said not to worry about the last Crystal you lost. That didn't go so well.

I have a request.

We will do anything. It was our fault the Crystal was stolen...

I want you to retrieve the seven Crystals at the Tower of Babel.

I presume it is well fortified. Golbez's forces, yes. It won't be easy.

I have a plan. You will sneak in and seize the Crystals while our tanks distract them. The plan must be executed immediately before Golbez returns from the Sealed Cavern.

What do you think?

A large force might be waiting.

It's risky.

As they say, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

As His Majesty says, now might be our only chance.

Alright. We'll go to the tower and reclaim the Crystals.

Next time, Cecil heads to the Tower of Babel. Will they be successful?