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Part 21: Edge of Death

Now that Cecil is back in the Overworld, it's time to pay some respects.

Some are in denial...

...while others are in acceptance. Let's head back to Baron.

Yes, they're still here. No, no item can save them from their fate...

Cecil can go down the corridor that was sealed earlier and visit another dead person...

Your Majesty!?

Venture to the Land of Summons before you return. I shall help you then.

Yes, Your Majesty.

It will be some time before Cecil returns here.

The engineers spend some time tinkering with the Enterprise...

With both vehicles, you can go pretty much anywhere now, even the Cave of Eblan by the Tower of Babel.

Cid said there might be another way into the Tower there...

There's something I must tell you both. It's about Cid...

He's impossible. Yes, we know.

With all that crazy energy, I can't imagine he'll ever check out. Please babysit him a while longer.


With the new airship attachment there are a few more areas to explore.

This one is southeast of Mithril.

We might be back here later, but it's no guarantee.

This is the cave the engineers mentioned. Does it really lead to the Tower of Babel?

Bloody Bats are obnoxious. Vampire drains some health and sometimes causes Sap, and the little bastards will almost always go before the group.

Shurikens? Nobody in our group can use those. A bit deeper in the cave we find...


These people are from the ruined Eblan castle Cecil explored earlier.

The Black Robe is great armor for Rydia. It boosts her Intelligence by 5.

Prince, eh? It seems he's a bit more... combat-ready than Edward.

That doesn't mean he's not an idiot, though.

This area is full of hidden passages and treasure. Showing it all off would be obnoxious.

One person against an Elemental Lord sounds like a bad plan.

Oh good, he's a hothead too.

Cecil finally catches up to the Prince... and Rubicante.

Rubicante! At last...!

Am I supposed to know who you are?

I am Edge, Prince of Eblan!

Eblan? I don't believe I've heard that name before.

It doesn't matter, because you're about to meet your demise!

Edge then charges at Rubicante. This is about as good of a plan as it sounds like.

That went well.


I must say I'm impressed. Continue your training. I look forward to our next meeting.

Come back!

Are you all right?

I can't believe I lost...Who are you guys?

We're after Rubicante, too.

Stay out of this! He's mine!

Well, you obviously don't know who you're dealing with. He's one of the four Elemental Lords.

Hah, you take more for some sissy prince? I'm the rightful heir to the throne of Eblan, famed for its Ninjutsu for generations. Leave! I can take care of myself!

Sissy or no sissy, you're still bleeding and on the ground.

Stop it!

Tellah, Yang, Cid... They're all gone... Please, no more... *sob*



*sob sob*

Rubicante is the strongest of the four Lords. The odds might be against us, but somehow we must recover the Crystals.

Alright, I'll let you all in on this. I can't bear to see a pretty girl cry.

He's got quite a mouth... Rosa, give him a hand.


Thanks! Two charming girls! Maybe this won't be so bad after all. Alright, let's do this!

Gee, I don't know about him...

Edge and his ego join the party, but only Edge can actually fight.

Next time, more Babel, more Rubicante, and more reunions.