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Part 23: Not Dead Yet

Cecil's party returns from their attack on the Tower of Babel with nothing to show for it.

You've returned! Were you able to recover the Crystals?

No, I'm sorry.

I see. Golbez is very persistent. He is trying to open the Sealed Cavern by force. It will only be a matter of time before he succeeds. I want you to get the Crystal before he does. Luca, come here.


Your necklace.


This is the key to open the Sealed Cavern. Without this necklace, no one may enter. We must protect the last Crystal.

We'll do our best.

That's not exactly the sound of confidence, Cecil.

We will hold off the enemy. Head southwest to the Sealed Cavern.

This would be easy if there wasn't an ocean of lava in the way.

Jerk. Maybe someone else can help us out with our ship...

...WAIT. The hell...!?


How did you...?

Heh heh.

Who's this geezer?

This is pretty funny seeing as Cid was calling Tellah a geezer earlier.

Geezer!? Who's this snot-nosed kid!?

Watch your mouth, windbag! I'm Edge, Prince of Eblan!

It's hard to believe, but it's true.

Kain: still a dick.

I'm also handsome and really skilled!

Stop it! He's in no condition to argue!

Heh heh, Rydia's got you whipped, eh, kid?

Shut up! Geez!

He still holds all of the Crystals except one.

We can't go after the last Crystal, since we left the Enterprise in the Overworld.

We commandeered an enemy airship, but it can't fly over the magma in these parts.

I guess it's time for me to shine! You're all hopeless without me.

Cid quite literally leaps out of bed.

Ahh, can it and give me a hand!

Cid supervises the upgrades to the Falcon.

He also puts Edge to work. Heh.

Thank you!


Multiple ellipses are never good in an RPG.


He must be pooped.

He's overworked himself again.

Thanks, Cid.

The next required dungeon is the Sealed Cave, but there's a few other places to check out now that the Falcon is upgraded...